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The Unethical Use of Technology!

Updated on October 14, 2017

Let Go quotes!

Let go; Don't cling!

Let go; don’t cling. This is what Sathya Saibaba told to a devotee who complained about ‘restlessness’. Restlessness is not bad. Only the reaction to restlessness is bad, Waves are inseparable from ocean. The waves exist because of the ocean. But the depth of the ocean is calm. Focus on the ocean beneath. In advaita point of view, we are all the ocean and the waves are the result of desires and ego. The wave think itself as separate from the ocean and hence all this agitations. When you feel yourself as a separate entity identical with the body, you won’t have peace! When you realize that you are one with the Atma, there is no pain or grief. Nowadays in the world scenario we watch clash of egos between world leaders. If a big leader flaunts his ego, the leader of a small country retaliates and threatens the big power! The reason is Ego! Clash of ego is a worldwide phenomenon. It is seen within a family, within a street, within a village and within a country. It is there between countries and nations. It is there between religious sects. Even within the same religion, there are many sub sects who don’t see eye to eye. The reason for this problem is that no one realizes the underlying unity behind the perceived diversity! Hence there is a poem emphasizing the unity behind the diversity.

Cows are many but the milk is one!

Beings are many but humanity is one

Bodies are many but the blood is one

Birds are many but the sky is one

Just let go and see what happens!

We all relish variety and hence there is no unity anywhere!

Strangely our vision is focused on the variety. We desire for variety. If there is only one color white, we will lose interest. Because of the seven colors, we enjoy nature with varied hues and colors. The creation is unimaginable by the human mind. We might have noticed colorful fishes in the aquariums of the different countries. We cannot imagine such a beautiful combination of colors in the body of different varieties of fish! Look at the butterflies. How many colors are on the wings? Today, textile designers mostly copy the combination of colors found on the wings of the butterflies and on the bodies of fishes!. God has blessed humanity with varieties of nature. Man must realize the glory of god and sing his praise. No scientist can create a single leaf. They may clone animals but they cannot create even a single cell. Enjoy and appreciate nature instead of gathering artificial things around you. People nowadays use plastic flowers. Of course they look exactly like the real plant. But they lack life, they lack growth and the flowers lack the nice smells of original flowers like jasmine or rose! Most of our life is artificial and we attach more to the artificial than the real. Our interactions with others are mostly lip service and the feelings never emanate from the heart. In fact, after the invention of Information technology, internet and computer software, we treat each other as robots. The E mail, we use lack empathy or courtesy. We believe instant messaging has many advantages. In good olden days, before the arrival of courier services, the Postal department flexed their muscle to deliver letters, money or telegrams to individual homes in India. Yes, the postal network was vast. Sometimes, the postman used to walk more than fifteen miles in hills and valleys to deliver letters etc to individual homes which are located in remote places of hills. There was sincerity in their duties. Go to any bank now and the bank employees sitting in AC halls take lot of time to cater to the needs of the bank customers. They use the computer yet they don’t dispose the needs of the customers quickly. The computers have made us very lazy and easy going. We are not bothered about our legitimate duties and timely service. This is the biggest drawback of the current system of administration anywhere. People use smart phones but they are not smart. For hours, they chitchat with their friends or lovers. It has become addiction everywhere. There are social platforms which engage everyone, even within their office without any use. This is the reason for slump everywhere. People want quick money. They use unethical ways to earn. Corruption is the password everywhere from politicians to bureaucrats, from academicians to university teachers, there is no place devoid of corrupt practices. Cyber criminals have become a group within fraudsters. They have become smarter than the cyber police. Sadly they are very intelligent in codes and software, they easily hack even the most guarded web sites of the world like the financial institutions and stock market. They hack the defense headquarters of some of the powerful countries. Prior to the invention of internet, there were physical thefts, robberies and pickpockets. Consequent to the use of net by wide varieties of people who find it difficult to move away from the comfort of their homes due to age or inability, depend sadly on the net for most of their financial transactions.

Cyber criminals!

Many users of net are careless during surfing; social platforms let others use our personal data!

Sometimes social platforms let others know about our personal details and data. It is easier for the criminals to retrace other connected details from the net and they snoop around our system and cause heavy losses to the individuals who surf on the net. Sometimes we become careless and forget to log out from our accounts. We use the debit or credit card when people are around. Some people write their pin on the cover of their debit or credit card. This facilitates easy swindling of money from our accounts. Let us be more cautious while transacting in the net. Use virtual key board which is safer than directly entering our ID and passwords in bank websites. Of course, most of the banks send periodic warning to customers not to believe hoax or bogus calls especially from people who identify themselves as bank staff! We should not reply to emails from fictitious webzines. Even the most vigilant techie may become a victim at some moments. For criminals it is easier to snoop through anybody’s system and track our actions!

Cut the root of desires which is the mind and escape from this mundane illusory world. When we are content with what we have, we won’t be bothered about acquiring more and more things and wealth! Sharing, sacrificing and shedding the ego can take us to the realm of god!

How social media helps the criminals?


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