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The veterans healtcare scandal

Updated on May 5, 2014

Healthcare for our veterans should not be the issue it is today. Millions of individuals have served our country and are serving our country today. Their health should be a priority of the federal government and regardless of the numbers involved seeking healthcare across the country in VA hospitals veterans should receive the best care the government can provide.

Reports have surfaced in the news of secret lists of patients who were put off for months to receive the medical attention they deserve. This kind of action is not only unforgiveable but a disgrace. Veterans waited for months to not only receive appointments if they ever did to get the medical care they deserve. Information reported in the news stated dozens of veterans died waiting for the care they were promised from the government. This should never happen in this country. We pride ourselves with the military structure we have but apparently the structure needs to be revamped to give veterans the attention they deserve. This not only includes those now serving but those who have served in the past including veterans that have injuries they must live with the rest of their lives.

Government it always seems to be about statistics but veterans should not be a statistic to receive healthcare. Statistics have their place but when the numbers do not have any reliability they are worthless. Hiding the number of veterans who need healthcare misrepresents the needs of our veterans. Congress cannot provide the proper funding if the information on which they are basing their decisions does not present an accurate picture. What kind of country have we become if we cannot or will not take care of our veterans who have put their lives on the line in foreign countries around the world? They have not only sacrificed their time away from family and friends but their families also have made sacrifices.

Decisions made by Congress are in many cases based on some kind of statistics and any errors or misrepresentations in the numbers affect the decisions being made.

Individuals who make the commitment to serve our country often come back injured their lives changed forever along with their families. An organization called Wounded Warriors is an example of how we should be treating those individuals who have served to protect the security of our country and the freedoms we enjoy.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has but one task and that is to take care of all our veterans. We need as individuals when we see a veteran to thank them for their service. Some individuals have made the ultimate sacrifice and never return to enjoy their families and friends. There are many hostile areas around the world where individuals serve and sometimes it is in support of our allies or the United Nations. In these situations

We have millions of veterans who have given of themselves and have put their lives on the line to protect the liberties we enjoy. Throughout our history individuals in all walks of life made sacrifices along with their families. If it were not for declaring our freedom from England and having individuals support this action our country would not be what it is today with the freedoms identified in the Constitution. Let us not only give our veterans the care they deserve but also the resources to keep them safe.


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