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The War on Terror Killed My Sister’s Son in Law!

Updated on July 5, 2019
Salma Hassaballa profile image

Salma Hassaballa has produced two documentaries and written books in multiple genres. She is a member of the Arab Writers Union.



Two years have passed now, nothing eased the pain, and it did not get any better. We are still infuriated and in a great deal of pain. The so-called ‘Global War on Terror’ has taken many innocent lives, lives of people we know and love. We lost a son, father, brother, husband and a very good man for no justifiable reason. We need an answer for why Ahmed El Fikki was blown-up on his job site without warning or pretext. It is no longer possible to try and make any logic of the actions taken in our region to supposedly protect this country and its people.

The First Reaction of Ahmed's Children

Farida, a 10-year-old girl: I don’t want to live, let me die perhaps I would see my father

Mohamed, a 13-year-old boy: Liars, my father is still alive!

Youssef, an 8 years old boy: Can I see my father one last time?

Ali, a 6 years old boy, slept in his father’s place silently.

The Sad Story Unfolds

This is the story of an Egyptian family, who had its share of agony and pain. It started on the fifth of July, 2017, when the two Fekky brothers were busy at work in a location licensed by the government for their father’s company (Mohamed El Fekki and associates), in the Marine oases. Through the past twenty-three years, this site has been crowded with the movement of loaders, dredgers, trucks, and locomotives to carry out work for the Egyptian government. Hundreds of workers and employees make a living by working like beehives for the wealth, growth and prosperity of this country. But they were rewarded with an unprecedented prize!

The Brother's Testimony

Engineer Ali al-Fikki, the eldest brother of the deceased and my brother-in-law, said the following: “At around 4 pm in this dreadful day, my beloved brother and I were working when one of our employees interrupted, to inform us that the water pump machine that is located in the iron and steel mines, next to us, had stopped functioning. My brother got ready to inspect the disordered machine. Before leaving, he asked me to join him; I told him that I will follow him as soon as I am done with my paperwork. He left with two of our workers and the driver, heading to the malfunctioning machine. This was done with the approval of the Department of the mines and under the supervision of its security department, which recorded the arrival time of my brother and his companions and the reason for their visit.

Twenty minutes later, I was distracted and annoyed by a horrible noise, I could not grasp its source or cause, consequently, one of our employees rushed in and shouted with muttering words, I only noticed that my beloved brother was in danger. I found myself hurrying to the crime scene where my brother and two of his companions were absent and only the smashed car remained. I couldn’t fathom or even imagine what had happened until the only witness who survived the four told me all about it. He was lucky to survive because he was away from the car during the accident. The sole witness said, in a state of lamentation and shock, that a plane approached the car and fired a missile, ending their lives, without a warning or even an explanation!”

Moments of fear and distress, that will stay in my memory as long as I live, had passed, while I was trying to collect the remains of my brother and his companions from the bank.”

The Rest of the Story

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get more of the story from Ali El Fekky, the brother of the deceased Engineer, as he lost his consciousness at the entrance of the Zhenhom morgue waiting to receive what had been left of his brother’s body and he spent that night in the intensive care unit.

I knew the rest of the story from my family members who were assigned to receive the corps from the morgue. One of them told me: “Men in black suits and dreadful masks were surrounding the morgue. when we received the burial permit, it conveyed that the cause of death is still in question!”

The Fabricated Story

Fabricated stories were spread, this is usual with similar cases. The forged tale reached us in the night of the assault. We have been told by one of our relatives who work for the government that the deceased drove his car in a place where it is prohibited to travel.

The fabricated story regarding our beloved deceased’s status was widely circulated and the comments agreeing with the accident are saddening and surprising; most finding the killing of innocent people excusable.

People's Reaction

Some said: “He (the deceased) shouldn’t have passed in a forbidden road, he should have obeyed the instructions of the government”.. And it is as though the victim is being blamed for his death, I replied: “your account is false, because our deceased did not pass in a prohibited place as you assert; he was killed while doing his job. But let us assume that he has passed through this forbidden path that you claim; is it possible that the penalty of traveling in a wrong or prohibited road in any cultured country that respects human rights and freedoms – would be deliberately blown-up by an armed aircraft?

Some even argue that our state is not like any other, as it is facing a war on terror, so in this critical situation we have to excuse some mistakes that may occur by the regime as they are protecting us from terrorism. As we see, this argument has overlooked the basic right of a man to live, on the other hand it also ignored the basic measures of professionalism, for if we assume that the deceased was a real suspect, then arresting him and interrogating him to find out what the true agenda is and who else is involved, would be their priority; not to blow him up with a missile.


Regrettably, this is how many people react and pass judgments regarding any accident related to the so-called war on terror in recent years. Fear shapes their opinion and gives license to accept actions that they would normally refuse in a common situation. Is it right to kill whoever is a “suspect” in their view, even if it is inexplicable and has no basis, only because the country is waging what is called “war on terror"?!

The deceased Ahmed El Fekky is my sister’s son in law and my other sister’s brother in law. He was a young man full of life and wisdom, his heart encompassed everyone, helped the poor and the devastated, a father of 4 children, but he was killed suddenly and for no reason!! His father, who was a very decent, respectable and very successful business man, couldn’t live after his son’s accident, he spent the rest of his life in a hospital and eventually passed away a couple of months ago.

Ahmed El Fekki Playing with his Daughter 'Magic'


Is this the real purpose of war on terror? To kill the good? To support brutal actions? Well, I believe this is a strong awakening for anyone who possesses a heart of gold to listen to the voice of the voiceless and go and explore the real cause behind the war on terror.

Ahmed El Fekki Singing the Feel Love Song with his Big Family


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