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The woes of Asian makeup

Updated on September 30, 2012
No lashes, no crease... I must be Asian.
No lashes, no crease... I must be Asian.

It's part of the routines of many women: brush on some eyeshadow over the crease of your eyelid, comb your eyelashes with mascara, and maybe even try some bright colors for a change.

However, this just won't work for me... I don't have the crease, like half of Asian women. My eyelashes are almost invisible (even compared to my brother). And if I try bright colors, like a light blue or purple, then I just look like a prostitute.

It's difficult for women to put on makeup the traditional way, the way magazines will offer tips for. I was left to develop my own way to apply makeup, and it's the only way I feel comfortable with. I know that colors like a dark green can look nice with Asian eyes, and we look best with satin-like finishes on our eye makeup instead of glitter. A lot of Asian women are just more comfortable with black and browns. I just use black or other dark eyeshadows around the top of my eye, about as high above my eye as if I had a crease, and a little around the outer corners of my eyes. And I don't want glittery shadow, anyway.

Makeup artists will suggest adding a darker color next to the eye, then blending it into a lighter color above, like a gradient, so you don't just have a dark color on the eye pretending like there's a crease there... like how I do my makeup. Sigh.

They also suggest that we curl our lashes to try to give them a look of more definition. However, it just doesn't seem like I have enough lash to curl.

I am ok with wearing more neutral colors, like coral on my lips or a natural pink on my cheeks. However, the only makeup I ever really do is eyeshadow to darken my eyes a bit. I might put on some mascara just to make me feel like it's a special occasion, but it really doesn't do a lot for me.

Lip liner is just something I don't like to mess with. I will use foundation for the purposes of skin protection, but I don't use blush; It just seems unnecessary when we have such beautiful, tan skin anyway.

On any woman, too much makeup is just a turn-off. Asian women have to remember that less is more, or else we might take a walk through a big city and get an offer we didn't mean to ask for.

Beautiful Asian Makeup

Asian Eye Makeup


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    • profile image

      Shannon  7 years ago

      A way to make your lashes seem fuller is to take a bit of eyeliner and brush it in between your lashes. Then curl them and add mascara :) Sometimes just an eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and a lip gloss is really enough. There's a site with lots of great videos with Asian Makeup tips which can help monolid and double lid asians:

    • crinkle profile image

      crinkle 8 years ago from Philippines

      it's easy for me to apply makeup on other women but not on myself. it's really difficult. i tried going to a party once and stayed there for like an hour 'mingling' and went to the washroom discovering that my left eye had darker makeup than the one on the right! it was so embarrassing. i would've looked better with simpler hues.

    • jacobworld profile image

      Jakub Wawrzyniak 9 years ago from Ireland

      I have to say most asians despise make up because of culture reasons

    • desert blondie profile image

      desert blondie 9 years ago from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen

      Informative! Many caucasion women have such deep set eyes (think actress Helen Hunt) that these tips good for as well! Best!