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The Biggest Contributor To Society's Decline

Updated on March 27, 2012
Drugs and Alcohol began the downward spiral we call life
Drugs and Alcohol began the downward spiral we call life | Source

I don't feel there is one particular reason our society has declined, I believe that a combination of changes over the past 30 years have created a domino affect.

Initially the state and federal government allowed one women, with a warped sense of self worth, Madalyn Murray O'Hair decided that prayer in school was unconstitutional and should be removed, this one court case sparked many court cases since this began in 1963. I think this event was the beginning of the end to what I feel was the foundation of our country. Not only have they gone so far as to remove prayer from school, they no longer recite the Pledge of Allegiance, any reference to Christmas have been removed, Easter is ignored, basically anything except for Birthday's, Valentines Day & Halloween. And from what I've heard there are some school that don't allow any kind of celebrating. That is pretty sad.

The reasoning now is the fact that there are so many different ethnic groups in the school system now. I feel that if they choose to come live in our country they should adjust to our way of life. Our ancestors did just fine and I am sure they would as well. This politically correct jargon has gone way overboard.

In the shadow of Madalyn Murray O'Hair comes the 1973 Supreme Court decision that justified the right to murder innocent unborn children, Roe Vs Wade. The devil had a hand in this one. This decision changed the very essence of life and the value life once had has been tainted. This is an ongoing issue that our politicians can't seem to take a stand for or against until they see where the popular votes lies. For once, I would like to hear a politician take a stand prior to starting a campaign and have them stick by that decision all the way through and not change it half way through because they will get more votes. But then they have always said that politician's go to bed with the devil. Those two situations began the crumbling of the American foundation and as each passing year the morals and values of our country diminished more and more. Where there was once a strong hold on our society to hold true to what America was built on lies a very thin line.

Removing mother's from home was the straw that broke the camel's back. The fact that they didn't have a choice but to work instead of raising their children with love, tenderness and care, they weren't there when the children came home from school, homework was ignored, housework, home cooked meals, family meals, talking to your children about their day, these all fell to the way side. The older children in our family were fortunate that our mother was able to be home with us and our sense of family, of love and support is stronger to a degree than that our the younger children.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our mom had to find a job and help support the family. The younger children suffered, not by our parent's choice as I am sure not by any families choice. The economy made that choice for them as it has for many families since. It's my opinion that those three issues are the key factor, prayer removed from school, legalized abortion and the mother's being removed from the home have played key roles the decline of our society. They are not the only factors but they got the ball rolling.


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