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The Current Reality of Evolved Human Civilization

Updated on January 16, 2011

The Current Reality of Evolved Human Civilization


The Current Reality of Evolved Human Civilization


 Take your mind back to early man. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in God and the bible, and subsequently Adam and Eve, or if you believe we evolved directly from apes. I want you to envision early man in your mind. It doesn’t matter whether you see a cave man or just simple humans trying to survive outside of the Garden of Eden.

 Imagine these primitive people and how they managed to sustain their survival. Be it hunter / gatherers or farmers. We early humans did what was necessary to survive and the basic needs of human survival never changes – air, water, food and shelter.


 Through the centuries, we have industrialized and modernized to incorporate machines to make work and play less “basic.” Our need, or desire, to be lazier and make life easier and to be entertained has allowed us to become extremely wasteful. We all know this, but we are not compelled to change our personal lives to become better, more conservative beings. The modern free world is the most wasteful composite of beings our planet has ever supported, and the free world is “spreading” this modern way of life throughout humanity – world wide.

 Everyone deserves to be safe, healthy and able to pursue happiness. However, is there not a limit to how far the excess indulgences should be allowed to go?

 I guess it’s not fair for any government to deny anyone the right to do as they wish – as long as their actions do not break the law. With these “laws” I am referring to the basic laws that prevent a person, or entities, from injuring or damaging the livelihood of other human beings by pursuing their own business ventures or personal happiness.

 However, with modernization in machines and actions – comes modernization in ways of thinking. In other words, as we modernize and evolve our surroundings and actions, such as with machines and ways of doing business and living – our individual ways of thinking become more and more selfishly personalized, and thusly, we each desire to “keep up with the Jones’s.”

 Its human nature to “covet” others and their ways of life and their material things, but it’s the “trend setters” and leaders of the Capitalist world that “set the bar.”

 We all want enough excess money to enjoy a summer home in Aspen and a winter home in the Bahamas, and to enjoy vacations around the world with the rest of our free time - but everyone in the world can not have this luxurious way of life! Actually, it is a miniscule percentage of the world’s population that actually get’s to enjoy this excess lifestyle.

 In other words, most of the world’s human population struggles to simply obtain the basic needs of survival. Ah, the Capitalist world at its current, and ever growing crescendo!

 However, there is a way of viewing our current “social” norm in a way that seems justified. Very few people would be satisfied if a sociopath were in control of the free world, like Charles Manson, or Jack the Ripper, for examples.

 Then again, the current “system” and it’s “leaders” are also sociopaths, if viewed from another perspective. The current free world’s leaders live their excessive lifestyles from the fruits of the “working man’s” labors. There is no real compassion or feeling of debt from the “leaders” toward their slaves for the backbreaking labors endured to support and sustain these same leaders.

 Allow me to indulge a bit further. Bill Gates may give substantial sums of money, assets and other forms of assistance to those less fortunate than he, but his personal net worth still remains above what the combined worth of regular working people is in any country in the world. The Walton’s of Wal-Mart are similar. There are thousands of these “entrepreneurs” throughout the world.

 Why do I consider them to be sociopaths? Because they can sleep at night knowing that their wealth was directly obtained from hard working citizens that will be lucky to enjoy a single week long vacation to a desired destination in their entire lifetimes!

 I guess its Capitalism at its best. I personally couldn’t sleep at night knowing that a family was going through financial hardships by them purchasing an item I sold to them. Especially if I were richer than God and trying to get a good night’s sleep in my multi million dollar home while millions of people were struggling to survive, partly from buying my products.

 It is also true that consumers buy things they do not need for basic survival, and if a family wants to buy a computer instead of making a mortgage payment, well, it’s their own fault for making such a bad financial decision.

 So, the golden rule still applies today as it has throughout human history, and that is, he who has the gold – make the rules.

 With all of this in mind, allow me to relate this to how and why our free world wastefulness has evolved, and keeps evolving.

 Since we all want the “life of luxury” but are unable to obtain it – the system and the lucky, intelligent or selfish entrepreneurs get rich from designing and selling products that temporarily “satisfy” this desire for the masses of “working” people. No matter whether it’s a computer, a video game, a new car, or any other item that is not necessary - a few will profit and millions will go in debt and suffer.

 The problem is that as more and more “wasteful” items and “wasteful” past time activities are thrown into “general society” to make a few designers, owners and retailers rich, to simply entertain the masses – the “wasteful” cycle continues to grow.

 Let me use a quick metaphor to explain how I see our Capitalist system. Imagine you are sitting on top one wall of a deep concrete pit full of hungry dogs. There are several bowls full of regular dog food down in the pit. However, you’re watching the dogs watch you - as you eat a plate of bar-b-queue ribs. As you finish eating the meat off a rib, you throw the bone down into the pit. The dogs scramble and fight to get the bone and completely ignore the bowls of dog food. Once the bone is eaten by a dog, the dogs watch you and wait to see if another bone will be thrown into the pit. By this time, you simply pick up another meaty rib and repeat the process.

 In case you haven’t figured out my metaphor – the hard working people are the dogs and the rich entrepreneurs are eating the ribs. The bowls of dog food are the basic necessities for life available to all of us people. We all know that even with dog food readily available, a hungry dog will still hold out for a bite of a rib – or at least the bone, before relenting to the regular dog food.

 Many successful people were once in the dog pit too, but they managed to somehow climb out and eat ribs.

 What’s my point? Besides the fact that our Capitalist system is similar to sociopath behavior - it’s the accepted mentality that we dogs must to continue to destroy our planet and it’s natural resources to be entertained and temporarily satisfy our selfish desires to live a “life of luxury” which we know is out there because the “Jones’s” are enjoying such a life.

 This is not a new mentality or behavior for us humans, however, by the sheer number of people on the planet - it is destroying the possible future of our existence on this planet. I suppose that in the event that we run out of enough natural resources to support the current population’s lifestyles – some humans will survive the aftermath of the chaos that will arise when the resources are depleted – but most of the survivors will not be “dogs.” No, the dogs that survive will be thrown into a world less habitable than that of our ancestor cavemen – but the highest social rib eaters will have the last obtainable remnants of life as we know it today.

 Again, what’s my point? With modernization comes waste. We all expect a certain level of living and our Capitalist system is moving the scale up. In other words, as the basic standard at the bottom of the scale rises to a better life – so does the top of the scale.

 Let me put it this way. We dogs drive to Wal-Mart to buy the latest DVD to entertain ourselves because we know we are not going to spend a couple of weeks in Jamaica then go on to the Mediterranean for a month or two. However, the millions and millions of current trips by us dogs to Wal-Mart for the latest DVD is doing more damage to the planet and depleting natural resources than the thousands of rich rib eater families vacationing in Jamaica and the Mediterranean!

 Unfortunately, the downfall to my point is the simple fact that our trips to Wal-Mart (and all of our other un-necessary spending / activities) are the backbone of our economy. In other words, if we dogs were to save our money and only purchase what we absolutely need and not engage in costly activities – the country’s economy would fail!

 This cycle of modern economic progression is dangerous because it is almost entirely dependant on natural resources. Unless a new, cheap, clean energy source is discovered (or publicly released) soon, it may be too late!

 It leaves us between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, we may deplete our natural resources by continuing with “business as usual” – and on the other hand, we may destroy the economy by becoming extremely conservative!

 It’s kind of interesting how we “dogs” actually have the destiny of the free world’s future, and the longevity of our natural resources, riding on our daily decisions.

 However, either path without a new energy source leads to extremely difficult and possibly catastrophic results.


 I believe that the free world’s strategic military placement around the planet is not merely for assisting the less fortunate and battling terrorism. The strategic placement of free world military bases in countries around the globe is for the selfish assurance of oil and other natural resources. In other words, to continue with “business as usual’ and not have any economic failure – the free world governments are securing natural resource reserves to support our future economies! This is for the inevitable time when currently obtainable oil reserves are depleted.

 This type of free world government “diplomatic policy” has been going on for more than a century. There has always been slight to total deceit in the public announced reasons for certain government activities. Most of the time we, the “dogs”, don’t take too deep of an interest even when there is proof of government deceit, because we turn a blind eye when facing the possibility that our general wasteful lifestyles are the actual cause for the covered up activity in the first place!

 In the past many wars and other known international “incidents” were either a less than honest act that was covered up, or the known incident was the cover up. Plus there are numerous acts that are so covert that they are never known by anyone other than the entities directly (or indirectly) involved. Most of these “incidents” are directly related to insuring the free world is able to continue with “business as usual.”


 Here’s another way to view the entire mess from a “socialist” angle. Let’s say I somehow become enabled to get the entire American “consumer” population to heed to my advice. My first order of “business” is to place embargoes on certain businesses and particular items or products until my demands are met. As I order the consumers to refrain from buying these “items”, I can force these companies to meet my demands or they will go bankrupt from my embargoes.

 (Allow me interject here that I would have to be able to do this without our own government criminally charging me with “extortion” and placing me in prison. Plus I would have to keep either my identity or my location completely unknown, or I would be assassinated by either the company or the government.)

 Now, my demands are simple from a socialist standpoint. I would demand that all companies and entities “share their profit wealth” back to the consumers that made them rich in the first place. This sounds good, but the only thing it actually does is get the cost of goods and services lowered to the minimum possible. In other words, it would be the exact same result if either the profit cash were to be spread equally through all consumer people – or, the prices for the goods and services were lowered to the minimum cost of production, distribution and retail. In a nut shell – the cost of everything would drop until the profit beyond production, distribution and retail was only enough to make everyone involved in the product or service able to live a comparable life to the consumers buying these things.

 So, if were able to force all companies and persons to equally share their profits beyond allowing everyone involved in making, transporting and selling these items to live no more extravagant lives than the consumers that buy the items – one of two things would happen.

 First, once the profits were equally dispersed – all consumers may enjoy a little more cash – but there is not enough profit to ensure each individual a “jet set” lifestyle.

 Secondly, most companies or entities would either file for bankruptcy or simply find a new line of profitable business.

 Furthermore, let’s say that I somehow get every single business in the country to completely share their profits with the consumers and every single person in the country has no choice but to live a similar modest lifestyle. Then let’s also hypothetically say that there is enough extra money spread equally throughout all consumers for each family to quit their jobs and “live a life of luxury.”

 Now, if we “dogs” suddenly received so much free time and extra money – will we then become more conservative and refrain from being wasteful and deplete our natural resources? I think probably not. Most regular working people would instantly go “fun” crazy and actually become even more wasteful than before.

 So, even if the wealth was spread to give every citizen an equal share of the American dream – our overall problems will not be solved.  The products and “transactions” must continue for the economic machine to function, which means, the free world’s “hungry economic machine” can not dramatically change into a conservative one, or the system will still fail!

 The only possible long term answer is some new “miracle” energy that will allow us to remain somewhat as we are economically, but yet allows us to conserve the planet for our very ability to exist.

 Like I said, it’s a situation of humanity being between a rock and a hard place. Even if we as a species can change our ways of thinking and doing commerce – and even with some new miracle energy - we still have to find a “happy” or “plausible” “medium economic standard” to sustain our modern ways of living while at the same time we refrain from destroying our mother earth.






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