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The Kony 2012 Alternative

Updated on March 18, 2012

As the Kony 2012 movement has gained speed many have begun to question the facts and credibility in Invisible Children the organization behind the campaign. No one is questioning wether or not Joseph Kony is evil (he is), and no one disputed that he must be stopped (he must). The question is wether or not to support Invisible Children with either time or monetarily. While they have done a good thing by bringing the world’s attention to Kony some people may not wish to support them but still want to do something to help the children that are forced to live lives where they must kill or be killed. Fortunately Invisible Children is not the only organization working to provide aid, freedom and a bright future for these children.

(Links to all of the organizations at the end of the article)

Child Soldiers International

Child Soldiers International is a non-governmental world wide organization that monitors Child Soldiers. They work to research the use of child soldiers all over the world and publish reports to keep the UN aware of what is going on with the situation.

They campaign for the end the use of children as soldiers both in government armies as well as militant groups. They pressure members of the UN to use their power to pressure nations that harbor and utilize Child Soldiers to bring it to an end in there country.

Ways you can help this organization:

  • organize a fund raiser
  • buy their CD
  • write your members of Congress or Parliament
  • spread the word

SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages prime goal is education. They run a website full of information about child soldiers from all over including Sudan, Palestine and Uganda. On their site you can find lesson plans, quizzes, and fact sheets that can be used to teach teens and adults about the life of a child soldier.

Ways you can help the organization:

  • Sponsor an ex-child soldier

SOS Children's Villages has links to other organizations through which you can sponsor a child as well as a way to sponsor a child through them.

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee or IRC was founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein, who himself, was a Jewish man who escaped from Germany. They respond to the worst humanitarian crises all over the world. They offer care and assistance to those fleeing from war and disaster. Among those that they help are child soldiers. The IRC also advocates for change by bringing attention to neglected humanitarian issues such as Kony and his LRC.

Ways you can help the organization:

  • Follow on Facebook and Twitter for updates about issues around the world
  • Donate (once or monthly)
  • Volunteer to teach refugees English
  • Donate furniture and clothing for refugee homes

Instead of Kony 2012


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    • adriankhy90 profile image

      adriankhy90 6 years ago from Georgetown

      #Joseph Kony

    • SMD2012 profile image

      Sally Hayes 6 years ago

      Good follow-up to yesterday's Hub. As I started to read more about Invisible Children, I started to think, "Wait a minute. Where are all the other organizations that help children: the UN, SOS, Amnesty International, the Red Cross and the others that you mentioned? Those organizations have been doing this type of work for years and they probably have much more potent strategies, not to mention political clout, for dealing with the crisis, on the ground, not out in cyberspace. Human rights issues, war and conflict resolution aren't things that can be wished away with a rubber bracelet. Thanks for keeping this discussion going. - Sarah