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How To Overcome Oil Depenence: The Remedy; Frack You OPEC

Updated on April 11, 2013
To Frack Or Nor To Frack
To Frack Or Nor To Frack

No one can deny the environment is extremely important. We all want clean rivers, oceans and air. That being said, I also would like to have a few dollars in my pocket at the end of the week. I live in Northern California where gas for unleaded ‘89” is $4.27 a gallon. I do not drive a gas guzzler, but I do live in the country 12 miles from town. I am really, really tired of popping $70 into my gas tank every 5-6 days. Yes, I combine trips, keep proper air pressure, and all the other things to get maximum mileage. Still, I am forced to consider my gas cost whenever I decide to go anywhere or do anything that requires driving. I am sick and tired of it.

When George Bush was president and gas hit $3.00 a gallon, Nancy Pelosi demanded investigations into price manipulation and gauging. She went around with a big drum demanding answers and telling the American people that $3.00 gas was unacceptable. Where the hell is she now? What really bothers me; is that I and everyone else in this country know we are being ripped off and manipulated. Oil companies conveniently close refineries at the same time so supply drops and prices go up. Government sends negative messages to the speculators and they bet on the ‘come’. Our great friends in OPEC laugh in our faces and environmentalists do not give a damn if my kids eat as long as they can propagate their agendas.

I have read the arguments on fracking. There are areas that maybe we should not frack. Okay, I will agree to that, but there are plenty of areas where we should get the frack going. In addition, Canada wants to run the Keystone pipeline to Texas. Let them do it. They are going to build a pipeline and frack whether we buy it or not. The Chinese will buy it and probably help pay for the pipeline to go to British Columbia. The other day, even the State Department said they could not come up with any environmental concerns with the pipeline. They even declared the pipeline would create less pollution than any other transportation method. So environmentalists; Frack You, and get out of the way!

If we let Keystone proceed it will immediately cause oil prices to drop, even before a single bit is shipped. If we let the world know we are telling OPEC to go Frack themselves, and that we are going to increase production, this will further cause the price of oil to drop. You and I can stop throwing that extra $20-40 a week in our tank and start putting our money into the economy, or heaven forbid, we might even save some money and put it in the bank.

As far as the oil companies go, I have no solution on how to get them to stop killing us with their games. However, if fracking is increased, they may not have the power to screw us to the same extent in the future.

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