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How To Destroy The Republican Party: Send In The Clowns!

Updated on April 11, 2013
Happy Days For All!!
Happy Days For All!! | Source

Before democrats read this article, they need to know I am a Republican, a fiscal conservative, and a strong supporter of the Constitution. Socially, I believe in minding my own business. This means I really don’t give a damn if gay people marry, or if adults smoke pot. And although I would not abort a child myself, I do not feel I have the right to tell someone what to do with their own body. Obviously, I would prefer an alternative to abortion, but who am I tell a woman what to do and how to live her life?

This being said, I wish to express an opinion I believe many Republicans share but will not voice. I am really disappointed in the direction of this country. America is slowly working its way into the same mess some of our European cousins are currently suffering. Any student of history can see the obvious parallels between our civilization and the civilizations of the past. All civilizations start with an idea and men and women who share a vision. The successful ideas grow and become nations. Nations become empires and empires dominate the earth. They do so until someone stronger wipes them out or until they implode. We are on the road to a disaster of our own making and I blame the Republican Party for our demise.

Any idiot knows that if you give people a fish and do not teach them how to fish, they will keep expecting fish to be given to them. Stop giving them fish, and they will quickly forget how many fish you have already given and they will tear you apart for your cruelty. Our society is comprised of many people who are used to receiving free fish and now have become dependent. Anyone who will continue to supply free fish will be loved and any fool who tells them they are going to lose their free fish and will have to learn to fish for themselves, will be crucified.

The Republican Party and its leaders want to stop giving free fish and want you to go fend for yourselves. The problem arises when people realize they will probably starve to death before they find enough fish on their own to survive. Why would any of these people vote Republican and vote for the loss of free fish?

Republicans are often business people, educated and savvy. Our Republican leaders are supposed to be the brightest, and the best of us. If this is the case then we are in deep trouble. Romney is a bright guy, with a background of success. Why is it he does not understand basic marketing? Even if he believes 47% of the population are users, why would he be so unwise to voice it? With the need for the Latino vote, could he not have found a Latino running mate? I watched his campaign to the end and still did not know what his message was about.

Newt, also very smart, long standing in the political arena does not inspire. Herman was the great white hope until we found out the truth of his past romances. I can go on, but you get the picture. The Republican Party offered up their best, and their best were sorely lacking. How can you convince Americans who are receiving free fish to go with people who cannot convince their own fishermen that they know how to fish? Do you thing democrats are stupid? They did not believe Republicans have the answers because the answers the Republicans give change daily. I did not believe our candidates and I really wanted too!

Last week I received an email from the California Republican Party. It included a survey mostly asking questions about the fiscal cliff and whether I wanted to go over it. It came after the vote and with a plea to send money to rebuild the Republican Party. It had to be the worst political survey I have ever seen and convinced me not to send money to the idiots that put this marketing piece together. If you cannot produce a decent request for money, why would you think I would trust you to rebuild the party?

The country is falling going down the tubes, not because of the Democarats and Obama. They were honest and told the American people what they plan. No, the fault is with us Republicans because we are living in the America of the past. Republicans can hold on to the past and sadly smile for the old American spirit. This will only bring them unhappiness. The only way to bring back America is to teach people how to fish and show them why it is better to catch your own fish than to have fish given to you. Until the Republican Party realizes this, we might as well enjoy the free fish while it lasts. Bon appétit!

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