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The Teavangelist Movement

Updated on July 20, 2011

" At every crossroads on the path that leads to the future,

tradition has placed 10,000 men to guard the past. "

Maurice Polydore Marie Bernard Maeterlinck

A Teavangelist is the amalgamation of Tea Party members that share the passion of the Evangelical sect. Both elements are required to qualify as an evangelicalistic extreme fiscal conservative; the extreme fiscal conservative philosophy coupled with evangelistic ideology. My initial reaction of this convergence of beliefs was what a strange incarnation. As always, after some thought, it occurred to me that people tend to pray when all that remains is hope. “Waste not, want not” being the operative cliché, I begrudgingly conceded it was not such an outlandish permutation after all. Before you get the wrong impression, I am not an advocate for the Teavangelist movement. Although in the spirit of full disclosure, put me on the record as a fiscal conservative. Given the fact I’m not ‘well to do’ is likely the reason sustaining my viewpoint; the logic supporting it is “you can’t spend what you don’t have.”

Indeed, I do believe in a higher power, but I do my best to keep it as a personal matter. In other words, that’s between me and her. I don’t resent anyone whom makes piles of money. God bless them. I don’t covet anyone, whom embraces ‘the word of the Lord,’ God bless them as well. As for me, the two realities are universes apart, and I for one choose not to merge those two particular worlds.

That being said, I thereby wish to present a couple folks that personify today’s most interesting philosophical unification; the Teavangelist. It is not my intent to disparage or denounce exorcism of their constitutionally guaranteed rights. So without any further adieu, I present the Governor of the great state of Texas, Rick Perry and an esteemed member of the U.S. House Representative from the Great state of Minnesota, Michele Bachmann; Teavangelists of the year 2011.

James R. Perry (Rick) is the 47th Governor of Texas, holding this office since December of 2000, as President Bush resigned to prepare for his presidential inauguration. He is a proclaimed fiscal conservative whom has campaigned on a platform consisting of tax reform and job growth. With respect to the governor’s social policy, Mr. Perry is in opposition to any legal rights toward same sex marriage. He is on the record for his condemnation regarding the U.S. Supreme Court decision which declared the Texas state anti-sodomy law unconstitutional. He is Pro-Life and opposes government funding for elective abortions. Indeed in 2005, he signed into law, legislature restricting late term abortions, in addition to parental notification of woman under the age of 18 years, seeking such liberation. Finally, in 2011, The Governor signed the “Mandatory Ultrasound Bill” into law, making it compulsory for a sonogram to be performed prior to any course of action. It should be noted Rick Perry is planning a day of prayer and fasting. This event is scheduled for August 6th, 2011 at Reliant Stadium in Houston. All are invited to attend for prayer of God’s wisdom and guidance regarding the challenges presently facing the nation. It is widely held he will one day seek the Republican’s Party nomination for President of the United States.

Michele M. Bachman represents the Minnesota sixth in the Unites States House of Representatives. She has announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination for the presidency of the United States. The Representative from Minnesota is not only a Tea Party member but the spokesperson for the caucus. She delivered one of two Republican responses to President Obama’s State of the Union speech in2011. Michele Bachmann political platform includes opposition to minimum wage increases. In fact, she has proposed to eliminate it entirely; professing doing so, would resolve the unemployment problem. Representative Bachmann is strongly opposed to any deals regarding the debt ceiling. Furthermore, she favors phasing out the safety nets of Social Security as well as Medicare stating; “what you have to do, is keep faith with the people that are already in the system, that don’t have any other options, we have to keep faith with them. But basically what we have to do is wean everybody else off.”

Additionally she supports banning any form of same sex marriage on either a state or federal level. Representative Bachmann is a controversial figure under the constant scrutiny of the liberal media. The most recent criticism to date has focused on her husband’s “pray the gay away” procedure which suggests her strong evangelistic beliefs. Say what you will about Representative Michele M. Bachmann, provided one acknowledges, she sure has a lot of chutzpah.

I do believe our forefathers; Thomas Jefferson in particular, stumbled onto something tangible. Tangible with respect to my perspective and that is the concept of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. No guarantees of happiness, just the pursuit of it, based on each individual’s point of view. As for me, if you prefer to live and let live, so be it, that’s your prerogative. As for me, being a fiscal conservative and a man whom believes in God doesn’t grant me the powers of imposition of my beliefs upon others. As for me, the words of Oliver Wendell Holmes are apropos. “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.”


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    • junko profile image

      junko 4 years ago

      The elements has been exposed,gfi. Watch what they do.

    • gjfalcone profile image

      gjfalcone 4 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona


      That is quite a well articulated comment you have delivered. I thank you for taking the time and energy to comment on the Teavangelist Movement.

    • profile image

      Norman 4 years ago

      When 'church' and state get too close to each other, you end up with a (psuedo) theocracy, i.e., what some folks think is 'God's will' or 'goodness', imposed by law. Europe has recognised for several centuries now, that imposing religious values or 'moral' values by law, simply doesn't work.

      The US will remember the Volsted Act (prohibition) as probably the most recent example of that kind of thinking, which only produces the two sets of people Jesus encountered while on earth...the righteous, and the unrighteous.

      You see it in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and currently emerging within a clutch of Mid-East countries today, a ruling elite (the Taliban) who see themselves as 'righteous' and thereby, placed (by God, of course) in a position of power over their 'unrighteous' countrymen, in order to function as 'moral police' over the lives of their 'sinful', and often poorer, brethren.

      If you truly want to be good, you will never impose your idea of what is right by law, nor seek to impose 'righteousness' from a rich, comfortable, state-protected position of power onto deprived, wounded and poor people. If you truly want to be good you will make yourself vulnerable to the reaction of those to whom you preach this brand of righteousness, as Jesus did.

      If you oppose gay marriage, you will go out there and say that with love, service and humility and you will not seek police protection from those to whom you have put that view, nor will you seek to violate them in any way whatsoever. Jesus set the ground-rules.

      Follow them and we'll believe you.

    • gjfalcone profile image

      gjfalcone 5 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona

      A Teavangelist is the amalgamation of Tea Party members that share the passion of the Evangelical sect. So, if thats a reasonable assessment of the truth, two truths come into play.

      One: "those in power tend to be 'reluctant' to relinquish such power"


      Two: "Politics do indeed make strange bedfellows."

      Money is Power

      Money is Speech

      Money is God

      therefore now in America; as always in America...

      "In God we Trust."

      thank you Robert, for your input to the long overdue rhetoric.

    • profile image

      Robert 5 years ago

      I just explained the term TEAVANGELIST to a friend who asked for examples. I decided to Google the word for further insight and can't thank you enough for your articulate and soberly definitive rhetoric. I am forwarding this to my friend. Saves me a lot of writing!

    • gjfalcone profile image

      gjfalcone 6 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona


      I'm speechless.


    • junko profile image

      junko 6 years ago

      I heard it said: "Iron Sharpens Iron", you're a sharp man,gjf. God gives wisdom,if asked.

    • gjfalcone profile image

      gjfalcone 6 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona

      Thx. H,

      Although I can't take credit for the naming of the convergence, I share your opinion of the danger they pose. As Junko pointed out to me, as a nation, this is nothing we haven't seen before. Sadly, I didn't recognize that fact. Freedom and Democracy are at the very core of this Far Right Fringe movement threatening the good name of WE The People.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      I really like your combination of the two movements into the Teavangelist Movement. Bravo on that. These far right candidates you outlined so well are excellent examples of these strictly doctrinaire and dangerous people. They are seeking to take this country into a dark far right place and they must be stood up to. Our freedom and democracy is at stake. Excellent Hub GJF.

    • gjfalcone profile image

      gjfalcone 6 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona

      Thx. Junko

      I can't say I wish to debate your point. A rose by any other name, eh? I hadn't considered the historical perspective. Once again, feedback and comments are invaluable toward individual growth.


    • junko profile image

      junko 6 years ago

      The two elements and those there in are the same. In American history they have come under many names, but always together. Vote up & useful.