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Updated on December 16, 2014

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus
Christmas Cactus

It's that time of year.

During the winter holidays we think of giving to others, more than any other time of year.

Why do we give?

We give out of a sense of gratitude.
We give to add meaning to our lives.
We like to help people.
We give to people we trust.
We give when we believe in the mission.
We give to people who ask.

What can we do?

Let's form a nation of giving individuals based on the book by Edward Bellamy "Looking Backwards".

In his book, he says, the problem today is excessive individualism...Is the little wealth we as a nation have, lavished on private luxury?

Mondragon (Spain's giant cooperative) suggests a different alternative. Read about it here by looking up the link in the guardian here:

No business is so essentially the public business as the industry and commerce on which the people's livelihood depends.

To entrust the business on which the people's livelihood depends is a folly similar to that of giving the functions of government to kings and nobles to be conducted for their personal glorification. When we allow large monopolies and corporations to take over this kind of business we are just as stupid as the peasants of the past.

What is the answer?

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One of the methods Edward Bellamy suggested in the late 1800's was to consolidate the industries of the country under national control; and then underworld control.

Get rid of parties and politicians. Organize the government and have the government assume the responsibilities of capital. Once we form a nation like that. lets go one step further and form a world like that. Where no one goes hungry or has to fight for the basic necessities of life. Get rid of borders and flags and become One World, undivided.

Can we create One World? Let's start locally and think globally.

Buying and selling is essentially anti-social in all its tendencies. It is an education in self-seeking at the expense of others, and no society whose citizens are trained in such a school can possibly rise above a very low grade of civilization.

I for one, want a high grade of civilization. Are we barbarians or can we learn to work together?

Form a nation and then a world, that guarantees the nurture, education, and comfortable maintenance of every citizen from the cradle to the grave.

Develop a passion for humanity. Lets create a nation and then a world, that is really by the people, for the people and of the people.

Can we continue buying and selling in a Capitalist society and create a democracy? Should capitalism be stopped? That is issue x on the poll below. Answer it and comment.


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