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There Is No Affirmative Action For The Presidency...

Updated on October 27, 2011

There Is No Affirmative Action For The Presidency…

There is nothing more condescending than the media’s ‘hands off’ treatment of President Obama, though, he himself and his followers may see said preference and deference as warranted, because to them President Obama is entitled. This kind of thinking is like Affirmative Action for the Presidency. Yes, it is true that President Obama is the first African American to get to the pinnacle of America’s power, but we do him a disservice when criticism afforded others for ineffective governmental policies are non-existent for President Obama when his policies are woefully falling short. No more is this deference more evident when we hear President Obama’s supporters say that the Republicans do not want him to succeed. Why should the Republicans want President Obama to succeed – isn’t that the norm with competing sides and ideology?

During the Reagan Presidency, the country was ‘Midasly’ humming along economically; the same can be said about the Clinton Presidency, yet in both those Presidencies, both respective parties fielded someone to run - did the Democrats say that during the end of Reagan’s Presidential first term that because American was doing well economically that the Democrats should skip the elections? And even though the Clinton Presidency was as successful, at least domestically, as President Reagan’s, there are partisans from the Republican side that begged to differ... that is why they fielded and ran Senator Bob Dole in a losing cause. This is so because it is the nature of competitors; perhaps, it is unseemly to say out loud that you want President Obama to fail or any President to fail, but that is the objective no matter who is residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The implication, nay, the outright charge by President Obama’s supporters is… that if you oppose his policies, you are ‘racist’ and want to see the first African American President fail. I must noise again for the umpteenth time that many Whites must have voted for Obama in light of the population make up… and, also, the salient fact is that when President Obama took office, he had all three branches of government under his authority, yet was only able to pass his Health Care legislation. You will always hear the mantra that the Republicans prevented President Obama from passing needed legislation, notwithstanding the truth that the Democrats controlled both houses during Obama’s first two years - and even now that the President’s recent ‘Jobs Bill’ failed, the media and his supporters will not tell you that Democrats, from President Obama’s own party, voted against that same Jobs’ Bill.

As I write this blog, on this Friday, there are various sports teams that are competing – the respective players have wished their fellow players well, but come game time, one team wants to win over the other – so is politics, even when a there is an African American living in the White House. I dare say if reliable polls showed that President Obama would win a second term by a landslide, the Republicans would still field a candidate. And yes, there are a few who oppose President Obama because of his race, but we must not forget that there are Democrats not walking in lockstep with the President policies because these Democrats are looking out for their own political interests, void of racism. Note too that some of these Democrats voted with President Obama on many of his early legislative agenda - when the all the branches of the government were controlled by the Democrats - but because of the failures of many of these policies, some of these Democrats no longer assent to the President’s political vision for the country.


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