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Life & Lessons:Wolves, Sheep and...the Sheepdog; aware, ever vigilant, on guard, protecting against...the wolves!

Updated on September 19, 2017
abwilliams profile image

God Bless America, Land that I Love, Stand beside her and guide her, thru the night, with a Light from above...

The Sheepdog; Aware, ever vigilant, always on Guard!
The Sheepdog; Aware, ever vigilant, always on Guard!

Is the wolf often in sheep's clothing?

In the movie, 'American Sniper', an important Life Lesson is given from a Father to his sons, with the explanation of wolves, sheep, sheepdogs and their roles.....

Sadly, this world is witnessing evil run rampant!

Dangerous, misguided individuals and large packs of the dangerously misguided are intent on destroying ALL they cross paths with. If the bloodthirsty wolves do not recognize ALL to be just as them; because they do not think as they do, pray as they do, worship as they do, dress as they do, look as they do, etc., they are devoured!

Those whom wish to be left alone to simply live their lives in Peace, are not left alone and they are not safe.

There seem to be more wolves than ever!

Some obvious and some not so obvious, but equally as dangerous.

Unfortunately and sadly, there also seem to be more sheep than ever!

Some recognize what we are up against, but far too many are in denial, heads always down, always disengaged.

Sheep graze, oblivious to their surroundings, never on guard, but not the sheepdog!

The sheepdog; aware of their surroundings.

The sheepdog; ever vigilant.

The sheepdog; always on guard.

The sheepdog rarely must take action against a predator, a nudge or a warning is often enough to save a life!

The sheepdog is fearless and the Shepherd counts on their acute senses.

All of us, each unique to the other, are "fearfully and wonderfully made"

- Psalm 139:14

  • Many of us are vocal
  • Many of us are involved and engaged
  • Many of us post and publish our thoughts
  • Many of us are Prayer Warriors

and unfortunately, many of us:

  • never recognize our true potential
  • fail to speak out
  • fail to act
  • fail at being involved
  • fail to ever even look up, rarely distracted

Whether it is in every day life experiences or in politics, some will be engaged, while others will remain silent or worse...completely tune out, completely ignore, which is never in their best interest.

There comes a time, when ALL must be as the sheepdog; keeping watch, vigilantly on guard.

At times, a simple nudge will suffice, but action must be taken when necessary.

I believe that we are in those times, those times are here!

America has changed by leaps and bounds over the past few years.

This doesn't surprise those that have been involved and engaged, for they'll always remember vividly the promise made by the charismatic Senator from Illinois, "We are just days away from Fundamentally Transforming the United States of America".

As a result of the charismatic Senator's vision:

Government has intruded further into our Lives.

More of our citizens are dependent upon the government and it has dampened their spirit, weakened their self-worth and their self-reliance.

It has left many without a sense of real Purpose.

There is civil unrest!

Is it just me or does President Obama seem to be putting more time and effort into dividing US, placing walls between US, while no time and effort goes into walls that will secure our borders, secure this Nation, secure US?

Our borders are less secure!

- Open borders which allow an innocent Father just wanting to feed his family to come in, leave borders open for dangerous, misguided individuals to come in, as well.

- Open borders which allow a young woman, seeking safety from a crime-riddled town to enter in, leave borders open for the very criminals she seeks to distance herself enter in, as well.

Guantanamo Bay, A high security Facility has seen one dangerous individual after another released on Barack Obama's authority, only to have these individuals unaccounted for or back fighting with some warped sense of martyrdom.

Wars that Obama vowed to end, were not given the appropriate time or measures required to properly exit, it was all about the hasty exit. As a result, battles already won are being fought all over again in the same cities/the same towns, in many cases against men that were at one time safely tucked away in a high security facility!

It is as if common sense is never recognized nor utilized, not within his Administration...

...It seems to be contagious and spreading throughout the Land!

Far too many Americans seem oblivious to the world around them more than at any other time that I can recall!

Man on the street, girl at University, dude on the not know what we are celebrating on the 4th day of July, but they do know where the fireworks show will be.

They do not know who we fought (or that there was even a fight) for America's Independence, but they understand another day in which to play.

They do not recognize George Washington's photo, but they do recognize a photo of any celebrity and in doing so, become giddy and so proud of themselves!

They do not recognize Ronald Reagan's photo, but they do recognize Hillary Clinton's photo as they exuberantly say "girl power" or "let's make history".

To that I say, Argh and Hello McFly!

I could not CARE less about "making history", I only CARE about America's future.

Hillary has said that she wishes to follow Obama's lead...continue his policies...finish what he started, that is more than enough for me to say, no thank you!

It was enough for me to say, "no thank you", when Barack Obama insulted Americans and tore down this Country at home and abroad. It was enough for me to say "no thank you", when he repeated the words, "We're just days away from Fundamentally Transforming America." It was enough for me to say, "no thank you", when he began to place wedges between Americans.

No thanks...our recent History-making has left us in dire straits, don't wish to stay here!

We must ALL be as the Sheepdog, always on guard, always engaged!

We cannot afford to be oblivious, not present day.

  • Look up!
  • Be engaged
  • Be vigilant

Be the Sheepdog!


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