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In Life, Are You as the Sheepdog? (Aware, Ever Vigilant, on Guard, Protector Against Life's Wolves?)

Updated on January 20, 2018
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Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

Calling all sheepdogs!

The Sheepdog; Aware, ever vigilant, always on Guard!
The Sheepdog; Aware, ever vigilant, always on Guard!

Don't be a follower, don't be as Sheep

It does all go hand in hand, it does all tie together:

When we allow ourselves to be dumbed down, to be so easily convinced of things which are not true...

When we expect someone else to always be looking out for us, rather than looking out for ourselves...

When we no longer think for ourselves...

We are done!

Wolves, sheep, sheepdogs and their roles

In the movie, 'American Sniper', a valuable Life Lesson is given by a Father to his sons, with the explanation of wolves, sheep, sheepdogs and the roles they play.

The Lesson, leaves all who hear it with a better understanding of the crucial role of the sheepdog and a better understanding that there isn't much of a choice, we must all be as the sheepdog!

Sadly, this world is witnessing evil run rampant, by way of dangerous, misguided, sick individuals intent on destroying ALL in their path or packs of the dangerously misguided, intent on destroying ALL they cross paths with.

Deranged, sick individuals cannot grasp a Life lived with love or a life lived in peace and so they act out, the only way they know taking it away from others.

If the bloodthirsty packs do not recognize ALL to be just as them; because they do not think as they do, pray as they do, worship as they do, dress as they do, look as they do, etc., they are devoured!

They are simply existing in life, far removed from God, removed from love, removed from all that is good and sadly, there are a lot of them.

Those whom wish to be left alone to simply live their lives in Peace, are not left alone and they are not safe...not anywhere...not any longer!

There seem to be more wolves than ever!

Some obvious and some not so obvious, but equally as dangerous.

Unfortunately and sadly, there also seem to be more sheep than ever!

Some recognize what we are up against, but far too many are in denial, heads always down, always disengaged, blaming anything and everything, but the wolves.

Sheep graze, oblivious to their surroundings, never on guard, but not the Sheepdog!

The sheepdog; aware of their surroundings.

The sheepdog; ever vigilant.

The sheepdog; always on guard.

The sheepdog rarely must take action against a predator, a nudge or a warning is often enough.

The Sheepdog is fearless and saves lives and the Shepherd counts on their acute senses.

All of us, each unique to the other, are "fearfully and wonderfully made." - Psalm 139:14

  • Many are vocal
  • Many are involved and engaged
  • Many are prepared for Life's wolves

and unfortunately, many:

  • never recognize their true potential
  • fail to speak out
  • fail to act
  • fail to get involved
  • fail to ever even look up, rarely distracted from anything not directly involving them (or their appetite)

Whether it is in every day life experiences or in politics, some will be engaged, while others will remain silent or worse, completely tune out, completely ignore, which is never in their best interest!

There comes a time, when ALL must be as the Sheepdog; keeping watch, vigilantly on guard and aware.

We are in those times, those times are here!

A simple nudge is usually all that is required:

  • If you see something, say something
  • Stop with the hand out and start being a lookout
  • If there is to be any revising of History, let us start with 'Political Correctness' and pretend that it never existed. P.C. is dangerous and it has only done great harm, by placing wedges between us
  • Be aware, don't just take up space, look out for your fellow man, after all, we are all in this together


America changed by leaps and bounds over the past few years and not in a good way.

We've allowed, even encouraged, Government to intrude further into our Lives.

We've not stood our ground and we've let our guard down.

Many of our citizens have become completely dependent upon the government. As a result, it has dampened spirit, weakened self-worth and self-reliance and it has weakened resolve.

It has left many, without any sense of real Purpose!


As a result of lax security at our borders and a lapse in common sense, over the past few years, we are all less secure!

- Open borders which will allow for an innocent Father, just wanting to feed his family to enter in, leave borders open for dangerous individuals to enter in. Borders, wide open for a young woman, seeking safety from a crime-riddled town to enter in, are wide open to the very criminals she has sought to distance herself from.

- Many individuals with serious mental issues have fallen through the cracks, we must recognize that this has been allowed to happen and we can no longer be in denial of it.

We must be aware of these individuals and not be afraid to seek the help for them, that is required.

- We have many Laws that are not enforced, we must enforce the Laws that are already on our books, before we even think of adding more laws, just to be adding more laws!

All while understanding that no matter how many Laws there are, evil doers will not recognize a single one of them.

We must always utilize our God-given Common Sense!

I'll not blame all of the bad that has been happening on the Politics of the Day or Political Correctness or the dumbed down-anything goes mindset or the turning away from God. I'll never put all of the blame on one man.

But, I am convinced that the combination of all of these things left us needing a better approach and a different direction in this Country!

Many Americans can't get past the lost Election and as a result, they've used it (are using it) to place all blame on, for all that is wrong in their lives. It's to blame for all that may have been taken from them, all that may now not be given to them, for they are owed.

As they wallow in self pity, it has left them oblivious to the world around them, more than at any other time that I can ever recall!

We are living in dangerous times and we must always be paying attention.

Wallowing doesn't accomplish a thing and self-pity only leads to nowhere, fast.

These things only blindside one to the world that is around them!

Be a Leader, be the Sheepdog

We must ALL be as the Sheepdog, always on guard, always engaged!

We can no longer afford to be oblivious. Not present day.

  • Look up
  • Be involved
  • Get engaged
  • Be vigilant

Be the Sheepdog!


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