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There are still good people out there.

Updated on June 28, 2013
Homeless man, Tokyo.
Homeless man, Tokyo. | Source

It is not always the norm to receive a good gesture from a homeless man. In fact, it is not expected that the homeless person actually has anything to offer to anyone. They are always associated practicing the use illicit drugs, crime, laziness, carelessness etc. It does not even cross our minds that a homeless person sometimes can have something great at all to offer other than rush to our car windows and beg for money or shuffle the "I am angry, I need something to eat" poster signs on the intercession! One interesting experience with a homeless guy completely changed my perspective on how to approach those challenged by circumstances and have no place to call home.

Something was amiss.

It was about a few days ago after work, and everybody seem to be rushing home for a restful evening. It happened in a small street here in North Texas, where we enjoy the services of both the passenger trains and the cargo trains. That evening, I noticed a long line of traffic that was not usually the case. I sat there in traffic hoping the situation will be resolved in a few minutes. After ten minutes of no action, I put my transmission into parking and repositioned my seat to a comfortable position in an effort to make the best out of the situation. Then my mind got busy calculating the next move. My house was only five minutes away, and I did not want to be stuck in traffic after a hard day’s work. I was reminded of what the pastor said the previous Sunday that we should not let anything small steal our joy. So I was not about to welcome any form of stress at all. I looked far beyond, and notice the cargo train which seems to have stalled. It was blocking several interstates. That was indeed our nightmare. The engineers seemed to be trying to solve the problem. I could not tell exactly what they were doing from my location in the traffic.

At the junction also, was a man seated at the side of the road. He had t-shirt pulled up to cover his head from the scorching Texas heat. He looked homeless. I hoped he was not. He was also observing keenly what seemed unusual in a quiet small neighborhood. I wondered what went wrong with his life. Why was he there, what was he going to eat that tonight, where was he going to sleep? Was he going to survive the heat? I knew I could not help much since my job barely pays for my rent and food. I just prayed for him. While I was still in my wonderland, I realize that the stalled trained seemed to have moved, and the cars blocking our small street were now at motion. The problem now is that, those cars at the main street, both from our left and right are the only ones who have the right of way. They were lucky since about a quarter of a mile from our small street; the traffic was being regulated by traffic lights. For us in the small country street, we were jammed because the train had block vehicles stretching to almost five miles long. There were no traffic lights or police officers at our junction to ensure we get our chance. Only the cars on the main interstate were alternating their turns. Our only option was, to get into the interstate when all was cleared. That looked like thousand years away!

Then the unexpected happened.

The homeless brother, who was has been ardently observing as well, realizes that there was no way the cars from the neighborhood street could get a chance to go to the interstate. It did not take him minutes to think fast and act. Then he walk towards the junction ---a three way junction and stopped all the vehicles from both sides. At first, everybody stopped. I guess nobody was certain what this man was about to do in the middle of the road. When he signaled us to take our turn, to my surprise, everybody obeyed his instructions and commands. He was like a police officer directing traffic in a congested interstate. He did this until all of us got our chance to get in to the interstate, which was mainly turning to the left. I thought this was a very interesting action of service. This man wanted to ensure some justice. We were comfortable in our cars with air conditioners while he was getting roasted out there; making sure that justice was served! I was indeed touched beyond my imagination. As I passed him, I yelled ‘thank you’. I seriously wished I could have show more of my appreciation but I did not know how to do it in a congested road full of frustrated drivers. This man risked being hit by careless and offended drivers. He cared to ensure that we to reach our destination, yet he would turn around and go back to his small corner of the street, and prays that he makes it through the night, and see the bright morning sunshine, then face the same hustle, bustles and cruelties of the day. What made him do that? I wondered. A great lesson learned that even though people may be homeless and wearing tattered clothes, they have a heart and are willing to jump in at a blink of an eye to help others in need.

Facts about good people.

  1. They will always go out of their way to meet the needs of somebody else whether they are acquaintance or strangers.
  2. Good people help others without expecting to be rewarded, refunded or paid either directly or indirectly.
  3. They will do it over and over again and never get tired helping others. They take pleasure and gratification in helping someone who is in need.
  4. They do not brag about the ‘goods’ they have done and how the person whom they helped, would not have been where he/she is, if they had not come to his/her rescue.
  5. Good people will always have means and ways of sharing with others. They will not run short of resources to share with others. I guess the good Lord keeps refilling their vineyards when they go rest at night.
  6. The world would be a rotten hell if we did not have good people. May they be blessed with abundance to continue sharing with others.
  7. The condition “homelessness” itself is a bad situation and not the person experiencing the condition. We may not know what send them to the streets in the first place. It may have been some unavoidable circumstance. Just do not be quick to pass judgment on them. They are also human beings who have feelings and would want to experience a normal life like anybody else.
  8. We need to have a Happy Good People’s day, week, or month, but I think every day, week or month is always a Happy Good people’s day, week and month.

Resources on Homelessness and Good People.


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    • chepkoluumugulel profile image

      chepkoluumugulel 5 years ago from Texas

      Thanks Support Med for reading this article. You are so right, no matter the situation a person is in; a good person is always a good person. Thanks for taking your time to read.

    • Support Med. profile image

      Support Med. 5 years ago from Michigan

      Very inspirational. Good people and good deeds help the world go round, whether we are homeless or live in abundance. Nice read. voted and rated.