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There is NO Security from Biological Warfare!

Updated on March 13, 2016

Las Vegas Casino

The Biological Attacks Are Endless

While working as a cocktail waitress in one of the largest casino's on the Las Vegas Strip in 2006, I had learned more than what I really wanted to as I rode down the elevator to my shift. A dealer on the casino floor was headed down with me to start his shift. I stared at the cart loaded with thousands of colored chips and a strange question abruptly came into to my mind. Instead of just thinking the question, I asked him the question.

"How often do you guys sanitize these chips?"

His reply was "Never."

His answer flabbergasted me. It was bad enough to go into the ladies room and watch the endless amount of women looking extraordinarily beautiful come out of a stall and never wash their hands. They fluffed their hair, they put on their lipstick but they never gave it a moment of thought to wash their hands after urinating and defecating.

They proceeded to leave, pushing the door with their hand full of bacteria and placing their hand in the very same place that the last unclean women touched. From there they stepped out onto the vast casino floors to touch every slot machine button, poker card and casino chips without a care in the world to what they potentially infected others with.

Biological Poker Anyone?

The Case Scenario Book

After hearing this dealer's response, I had begun writing a rough draft for a book or a movie in regards to a biological attack on Las Vegas. The millions of poker chips were the theme scenario for this biological attack. All biological attacks can be easily performed, and I already know that the true trigger man of a biological attack will never be found.

These biological attacks can be clearly done in so many various ways that I acknowledge that there is no real safety from a biological attack. There is no real way to thwart these type of attacks. How could there be? The non-washing women in the bathroom answers that question.

A book was published recently in regards to the very same scenario suggestions and the long ago concerns that I had. The book is called "Failures of the Imagination:The Deadliest Threats to Our Homeland--and How to Thwart Them " and it is written by U.S. House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul.

I have not read the book but I did read through his Amazon 'peek inside' and it was quite detailed in specific scenarios as 'what-ifs.' Black Friday Mall Massacre, beheadings at the Capitol, Disneyland's biological mass killings and even a plane exploding over Los Angeles during the Oscars are just a few. The book seems to be filled with very interesting scenarios, especially the Oscars award.

I myself would never buy this book only because I am already aware that there are a million case scenarios that a person can imagine, and the majority of these biological terror attacks can not be thwarted. I already acknowledge that biological warfare has been used for a very long time against enemies here and abroad. I have also have accepted what the state of this world truly is in. It is a manifestation of darkness with an abundance of tools to destroy and kill the human race-all repercussions from great sin.


The Umbrella Assassin
The Umbrella Assassin
Pablo Neruda was Assassinated
Pablo Neruda was Assassinated

The Umbrella Assassin

It should be no surprise to anyone that biological Warfare has been happening for many years and it has now only been improved. Do you remember the Bulgarian writer and dissident who was stabbed in the knee with a tainted umbrella by a stranger at a bus stop in London? The assassin who used this biological weapon against him gave him a quick stab and then headed across the street and jumped a cab. Poof! The trigger man disappeared in plain sight in the middle of the day and has never been found.

What was in the end of this umbrella that was thrust into this man's leg? A Ricin pellet which the surgeons removed but not before the deadly agent had seeped into his bloodstream and killed him four days later. They identified the poisonous pellet but at the time they had no antidote to save him.


Biological warfare is often used today by many governments, mercenaries and assassin teams. There are a variety of arsenals and avenues of biological warfare today that most of the public is not privy to. They use poisonous jelly creams, undetectable pellets of various poisons or even biological strains of bacteria injected into an ill victim's stomach which can be used to kill quickly and effectively. Finding the trigger man is always null and void, especially if a victim has been assassinated and deceased for many years.

These deadly agents can even be placed into a victim's food items leaving no trace of the biological agent or the trigger man. Just as the umbrella Ricin pellet, they now use poisonous pellets which are injected high up into the nasal area of an unconscious victim who awakes later with no idea that it has been placed inside their body. Not until it dissolves and kills them square on the spot. Some deadly biological agents are even used anally or vaginally by an assassin. Once the pellet releases this deadly biological agent, it is then absorbed into the victims body and they die immediately. The trigger man is never found due to the time of the actual assault, the time of death and the inability to find the toxin that led up to the murder. Some autopsies can never even place it as a murder due to this. This is why biological warfare is used. They can easily hide the trigger man.

Depending on the strength of the deadly biological agent which is used and the metabolism of the victim's body, this toxin will slowly dissolve usually within twenty four hours by crossing over the blood-brain barrier. Once that happens, the deadly mission is completed and lights are out for the victim.

Airplane & Suitcases

Airplane explosions and terrorists
Airplane explosions and terrorists
Suitcase explosions on Cruise liner and terrorists
Suitcase explosions on Cruise liner and terrorists


An unidentified man arrives to International gate 6 in San Francisco and steps off a United States based plane at 10:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon. His one piece of luggage is sitting in the belly of the plane along with the rest of the traveler's suitcases. His luggage is very different though. Inside this suitcase is a handful of trial size plastic containers filled with everyday hotel items, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, cologne and hair spray. They are the usual tiny bottles that the authorities are used to seeing.

Customs removes all of the bags from the plane including his and they are checked again before they are released and thrown on the conveyor belt to be retrieved by the travelers. As he moves through customs they ask him the usual questions. It is Friday morning and he is headed to Las Vegas for a quick weekend trip but stopping to visit a friend in San Francisco first. "Just a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas before heading home." His flight plan shows that he will be leaving out of the same airport on Sunday morning. They nod and send him forward in the lines. Nothing suspicious.

Biological Terrorism

The Tiny Bottle of Death

They search the abundance of suitcases and pass the luggage quickly through security. They had opened only a few of this man's tiny containers and found them to be legitimate. They were hurried and lazy and did not open all of them. One of those tiny containers has a deadly concentrated biological agent inside and it is potent enough to cause death to millions in less than forty-eight hours. It has now just passed easily through the security points.

He grabs his luggage from the conveyor belt, rents a vehicle and begins his drive to Las Vegas for a bit of gambling, cocktails and fun. He has no friend in San Francisco and he has no interest in using the return ticket to fly home because he has chosen to fly 'Martyrdom International' instead.

He looks like your everyday international guest who comes to Las Vegas for entertainment. Nothing about him looks out of place in Sin City, Nevada, absolutely nothing.

An Elephant in the Room that nobody Sees

The Biological Terrorist Has Arrived

He arrives to his hotel, the largest on the strip, grabbing his bag and letting valet park for him. He glances at his watch and walks up to the registration desk. He pulls out his forged passport and identification from his slacks and within minutes is given his room key.

He heads up to his room briefly and changes out of his suit. He is now wearing blue jeans and a relaxed shirt. Before leaving his room he pops open his suitcase and pulls out the tiny bottle of death. Taking a cotton swab he opens his door and dots this agent on the door handle and quickly closes it. He dots the inside door handle as well.

He steps into the bathroom and unwraps a small glass from the plastic. He proceeds to smear the glass heavily on the outside with this biological agent. It now looks like any other unclean, smudged glass that wasn't washed properly. He yanks a towel from the rack and spreads it out over the counter-top. He stuffs his hand into his pocket and pulls out endless amounts of bills of all denominations. He dots each and every one of the bills with the very same biological agent.

Quickly finishing his mission, he gathers and folds the bills together and snaps them tightly together with his money clip. He stuffs the money of death back inside his jeans pocket. After placing an extra drop on the towel, he throws it on the floor and wipes the bottom of his sneakers on it. Before closing the tiny bottle tightly and dropping it into his pocket with the swab, he smears a few drops of this invisible deadly agent on his hands.


Before heading down to the casino floor he picks up the phone and dials out. He begins to furiously scream at the front desk. He demands that they send a housekeeping maid to his room immediately! He demands a clean towel and a clean bathroom glass. He walks to the door and opens it as he pulls over the latch so that the door does not shut. The maid who is on her way up will knock and enter on her own. She must touch the handle to enter into the room which is filled with a ticking time-bomb of death within forty-eight hours.

She arrives and he yells to her to come inside. She takes the infected towel and glass back to her cart and hands him clean ones while apologizing profusely. She has now placed the towel in the bag of dirty towels on the cart which will go to laundry facility. She has placed the tainted glass into a bin of half filled dirty dishes which will go down to the large kitchen below but not before she continues to the other rooms to clean.

Fresh Towels for Dirty Work

The Biological Agent Will Move Swiftly

In just this one specific scenario this biological agent will be taken to each room where the maid enters to clean because it is on her hands. Ten rooms or more are now infected with a deadly biological agent, as well as the people who are in those rooms. They do not stay in their rooms because it is Las Vegas and they move about the many casino on the strip freely spreading this biological agent of warfare. The exposure does not include the maid stopping to use the bathroom, break room, employee telephones, or going to the front desk on a call and placing her hands on the lobby desk while receiving another assignment. How many people do you believe can be tainted by just the lobby desk area alone? This specific biological agent is not only capable to kill by touching it but by breathing its vapors. Aerosol would be just as potent.


Before the glass is taken to the kitchen dish-pit, she will continue to move this glass around in the plastic bin filling it with other dirty dishes and glasses. She will then take this deadly agent unknowingly to the huge kitchen facility where others will touch it and sort it before it goes through the clean cycle machine. Do you understand that the biological terrorist has not even gone down to the casino floor yet?

She has put her infected hand to her mouth and nose and now is breathing in and out this deadly biological agent. How many people in an eight hour shift will she infect through close proximity of speaking, coughing or sneezing?

The infected towel will proceed to go to the large laundry facility where others will touch it and sort it before placing it in the cycle to clean it. Anyone who has touched it will freely move this biological agent around the casino for their eight hour shift. They will proceed to the bus, their cars, the grocery stores and then head home spreading this biological agent to a larger radius of areas.

Las Vegas Casino

The Terrorist on the Casino Floor

The unidentified terrorist heads down to the cashier's booths. Yes all of them and purposely. He pulls out some of the tainted bills and exchanges his hundred dollar bills for black chips and tosses them into his pocket where the tiny bottle and swab are. He has now infected the chips.

He does this at ever cashier's booth in the casino in less than an hour. The biological terrorist has now completed his mission of exchanging the deadly cash bills which are now being sent out throughout the casino via those who came for change or to cash out their winning large chips.

Each teller who has touched this money will finish their eight hour shift. The process and the deadly biological agent continues to move quickly as it dashes across every casino on the strip in less then an eight hour period. The great movement of people has transported this deadly weapon.

Intermittently this unidentified man uses the men's bathroom and leaves the deadly agent on the stall door, the restroom door handles, the faucets and even the toilets handles contaminating even more people.

Las Vegas Attack

The Biological Terrorist's Mission Completed

The biological terrorist then proceeds to sit down at roulette tables, poker tables, slot machines and gaming tables throughout the various areas of the casino. He throw his special money out on the table and the dealers pick it up and give him his chips in return. The process of infecting with this biological agent is repeated over and over and over by the second and the unaware people continue to spread this deadly toxin for miles and miles and miles. It begins to spread like leprosy.

Once his mission is fulfilled with that casino, he heads to the casino next door and continues the process over and over until this deadly biological agent is gone. He breaks the swab into pieces and flushes it down the toilet and heads to the next casino. As he is outside he stops and shoves his hand deep inside an already overstuffed garbage bin on Las Vegas Blvd and drops the tiny killer inside. His mission is completed in full and he now heads to a new casino to have a few drinks. In a matter of twenty-four to forty-eight hours millions of people will become very sick, overload the hospitals and die before the cause is identified and of course, the trigger man will never be found.

Blackness & Darkness

Imagine If You Can

Imagine that you can see with your naked eye each and ever area that this deadly biological agent has touched. Imagine if you can... that it gives off a black puff of a shimmery cloud on everything that has been infected from that Saturday afternoon attack. By what you have just read of this hypothetical biological terrorist act, what do you think you would see and how far do you think it would have swiftly moved before anyone knew that an attack had already come to the United States?

Did you consider that on Sunday it would have only reached the twenty-four hour period and that there were multitudes of people who had already caught their flights out of Las Vegas and were headed back home to another state?

That alone should inform the readers of the inability to thwart any type of these biological attacks. For those who worry incessantly and have willingly given up liberties with the illusion of receiving some type of protection by the government from the 'boogie-man' it is to no avail. These type of martyrdom terrorists who are insistent and determined on killing Americans will still be lurking among us long after you have given up your liberties.

Shalom, JG


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