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There is a Silver Lining in Trumpism

Updated on February 14, 2017

How do you feel about America.

Do you think Trump will make America more respect around the World?

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Looking for a Silver Lining

Trumpism is the new euphemism for white supremacy. It breeds on the fear white America has about losing white privilege and who is responsible. It believes people of color have been empowered to take away white America's livelihood. Even worse, their belief, people of color benefits more from entitlements and the resources of America.

However, most of white Americans are neither Trumpist nor racist. Many who voted for Trump voted for Obama in 2012. But fear of America's rapid changing economic and demographic environment has led confused Americans to flawed alliances, poor decisions, and Trump's anti-humane propaganda.

Akin to Hitler's Germany, Trump has surrounded himself with skilled propagandists who have cunningly blamed the voiceless minorities for America's problems.

What's to blame is the inherent contradiction in representative democracy. Which has failed America and created a class of professional politicians. The thievery of our human and natural resources aren't by some folks walking over our southern border. Instead, it's the systematic rape of America, by capitalists who are protected by professional Politicians and lobbyists.

In pre-capitalist America, the founding fathers created a self-governing political structure (a Republic) called Representative democracy. It was revolutionary, since humankind only knew of Monarchs and Aristocracies as a way to govern. This new form of self-governing included a constitution and a bill of rights. The Constitution's preamble made clear that the new government derived its powers from the whole people rather than individuals, states or multi-national corporations.

We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

A bitter struggle to ratify the Constitution took several years from 1788 to 1790. Once done, most of the founders returned to their normal lives as farmers, slave owners, and businessmen. Leaving the wonderful creation of self-government to their duly elected representatives. The founders failed to see need for continuous vigilance and commitment to revolutionary struggle. Consequently, their Representatives were quickly compromised by money and power of an emerging capitalist class. That same capitalist class would use Racism and white supremacy to divide Americans. Thus keeping, "The People," from reclaiming revolutionary self-government. Not since the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's has Americans tried to develop a common bond against the division, exportation, and manipulation. Not until Black Lives Matter Movement, did young Americans' see the need to develop a common bond. And even then, the slogan, "All Lives Matter," came as a rebuttal to a common bond against racism. The leaders of "Black Lives Matter" never suggested that all lives didn't matter. Only that, there's a clear and immediate need to bond over the unjustified killing of African American youth. With the introduction of Trumpism and its present danger to all Americans, Black Lives Matter must evolve to a higher form of struggle.

The street protest and student demonstrations since Election Day are the initial steps in an "All Lives Matter Coalition." Which puts human beings first, rejecting tribalism, nationalism, and economics as determinist for treating others?

Muslim Americans lives matter. African Americans lives matter and should have a right to walk, drive or sit without fear of being killed. Undocumented workers should be afforded the right to remain in America until the causes for leaving their homeland can be validated. Homeless people are human beings, have a right to shelter and a place to call home. Women and girls have the right to say no; no to unwanted advances by men and no to government making decisions about what to do with their bodies.

LGBTQ folks should have right to live in peace without condemnation from ultra-conservative, evangelical hypocrites. Unemployed workers, whom capitalism has failed, in places like West Virginia, Detroit, Pittsburgh, deserve to rekindle their pride as Americans with meaningful work. An All Lives Matter Coalition must demand respect for Native Americans ancestral land and support Mexico-Americans right of return to the land of their ancestors.

An "All Lives Matter Coalition" must use participatory democracy to create a new self-governing political structure. Street protest, marches, and demonstrations are the initial tactics of Participatory Democracy. The people's method of a self-governing must develop through a process of theory, practice, self-valuation and practice.

The All Lives Matter Coalition must solicit and embrace Baby Boomers. Trumpism is an affront to the Baby Boomers legacy of progressive struggle. From civil rights, anti-imperialism to women's movement, baby boomers started the modern day Participatory Democracy movement. Baby Boomers, who have the skill set for progressive struggle, must be encouraged to get off the sidelines. All Lives Matter needs a United Front of youth, student, workers, unionist and seniors to offer their experiences in the struggle to develop a new America. Trump's silver lining is the motivation to collectively come together and struggle for a New America.

So what do you think about Trumpism?

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