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The Real George Zimmerman website: What do you think of it?

Updated on April 9, 2012
From the website
From the website

George Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin

What do you make of it? The website,, has been up and down all day. Judging from the numerous comments on blogs about it, I find many are true disgusting hypocrites. The hypocrisy is the fact Trayvon's parents had copyrighted their sons image and for all we know, are using it to pay their own legal bills. Now, we have George Zimmerman, a 28 yr. old Latino (BTW, where are Hispanics supporting their own race?), who has his own website asking for donations via Paypal for the same, yet, judging from the blogs, he has no right to do this because he is guilty. Even the guilty have to pay legal expenses.

Typical of the comments is like Debbie Downing, " Well, he promised "the real George Zimmerman" - he's only publicly owning what we already knew - he's a racist pig that followed a child and murdered him because of the color of his skin. Bam." Also, from Rachel Ford, "Seriously, though, this is disgusting. Trying to profit from a kid's murder and complaining that life is hard after you shoot an unarmed kid. Not that it's surprising, but it is disgusting." Finally, there is Ron Murray's, "Well, there was never any question that he was a sewer-dwelling subhuman pig, but this seals that."

George Zimmeran has every right to help defray legal expenses, but what is wrong is the KKK mentality, not that these people would lynch him (they might shoot him), but like the KKK back in the day, they hated the blacks for no other reason than because of skin color. They hated them so much they stalked them and murdered them. If Zimmerman were to walk out in public do you think this would NOT happen? Don't you think he would not be stalked? maybe beaten? Killed, because the same way of thinking exists-he killed a black teen and Zimmerman is not. If you truly think George would be able to carry on normally, you are mental case. So many have already convicted him and sentenced him. They just have not carried out the sentence because if they did, they would then be arrested.

And, those bloggers who try to be fair and not convict because the evidence is still not 100% clear and still may acquit Zimmerman, get harassed or are targeted as if they are Zimmerman. There is so much hate towards Zimmerman and most of it is unjustified. It is a mob mentality and the media stirs it, spins it. The mob mentality was the KKK trademark. If Trayvon was alive and Zimmerman were dead, there would be none of this circus. It would be the same tragic story to a one time chance event. An accidental murder stemming from a result of a minor confrontation that spun out of control as they usually do.

And, what do the blacks say about the white man in Baltimore, would was beat, stripped and robbed? No one stepped in, in fact, they enjoyed it, they even put it on YouTube as if it was a payback for Trayon. The white man was just standing when someone stole his watch off him. A confrontation triggered by racial hate from blacks seeking revenge for Trayvon. This sort of thing feeds on itself.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      @ruby, oh my, I can see you are a fair and unbiased person ;(

      Black, white green or red, if you have a license to carry a gun and it was not showing until revealed in the scuffle, Mr. Z did nothing wrong but observe a suspicious person. The result would be the same if some white racist in a hoody challenged Z, and asked if there was a fucking problem followed by a punch.

    • profile image

      Ruby 6 years ago

      To get your ass out of your truck when you are not authorize to do that is a fool! That is unless you feel like a MAN because you have a Gun! Zimmerman had no Rights or Athhority to Question! I want even tell a STRANGER where i am going!!

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      @sophia- I agree with much of what said. If true, you are right. AS to common sence,they need to execute some non-emotional common sense of the case.

    • profile image

      SophiaH 6 years ago

      He should not get any criminal charge.

      He thought martin was gone from the scene as he no longer saw him.

      He was back at his vehicle when martin came up on him

      asked him if he wanted something or such and when George said 'no' martin sucker punched him in the face knocking him down then mounted him with several inches in height and weight advantage and grabbed his head and smashed it into the sidewalk.

      This is just cause to use any force available to defend ones life and limb.

      What sort knows how to skulk out of sight and sneak back to reappear by surprise ? ?

      Tried TWO browsers and the zimmerman site will NOT open

      corrupt msm blocking his words?

      its in the interests of the corrupt msm to keep fanning the claims of the martin family who are branding the name trevon and asking for support

      and get their tale out in every possible venu,

      but it has been hard to find any site that told TRUTH

      as the police have stated it and writers for the martins laid down the lies of the martin knee jerk reactionaries who make up lies and scream everyone MUST accept their story as truth and no even be allowed to know the other side.

      this is the media promoting HATE and preventing an honest man from telling his story

      try to open the zimmerman site !

      see how all our access to truth is controlled by those whith an agenda !


    • profile image

      Common sence 6 years ago

      To be stalked from a distance is one thing. To be attacked from behind another!

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      @carterchas- I agree, but I think using the word stalk it totally wrong, followed yes. Stalking is repeated. This was first time. Had Trayvon not turned and challenged, the scuffle would not occur, he would be alive. The worse Z will ever get is manslaughter, doesn't reach 1st or 2nd degree level.

    • profile image

      Gusser 6 years ago

      What goes around, comes around. The race baiters need to beware.

    • carterchas profile image

      carterchas 6 years ago from Texas

      From what I heard, Zimmerman is not a racist. What I find racist is the way the POLICE there handled the case.

      The officer wanted to charge Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder. I think that is reasonable. I think Martin attacked Zimmerman because he was being stalked, a natural reaction.

      It is ashame that Zimmerman didn't follow the police directions. We wouldn't be having this conversation now.