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Theresa May: Easter message

Updated on April 16, 2017
Theresa May
Theresa May | Source
Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn | Source
Tim Farron
Tim Farron | Source

Theresa May has come a long way since being voted in by her party as the replacement for the hapless David Cameron. As you may recall Cameron resigned as Prime Minister after losing a referendum he to put the country as to whether we should stay in the UK or not. June 23 came round and 53% of the British population voted to leave the EU as opposed to 48%.

Article 50 has been launched and the UK though still a member of the EU with all the rights that grants us will be leaving the EU come 2019 it is reckoned. Bitter division still separates the country between the remainers and leavers and will probably will do so for some time to come.

Like it or not the Theresa May who has never been elected by the British people in a general election will be leading our nation the UK out of the EU.

Of course the negotiating will be tough and probably uncompromising from both the EU and UK negotiators and what our relationship will be with the European Union once we are out is a matter of speculation.

The political leaders of our nation as is custom have produced their Easter messages emphasising a very strong Christian ethic as you would expect at this time of the year. Theresa May spoke of divisions in the country whether that be remainers or leavers or the rich and poor will be overcome and that Christians should have the right of free speech in this country. May herself claims to be a born again Christian and is the daughter of a vicar and in her message she said other faiths in the UK should be respected too.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn talked about a key plank of Christ's teachings that is the poor, homeless and refugees. Meanwhile Lib Dem leader Tim Farron also gave an overtly Christian message in his Easter broadcast.

Theresa May is by far more popular than Jeremy Corbyn if polls are to be believed and even some Labour voters according to sources prefer May to Corbyn. At the end of the day whether May, Corbyn or Farron are genuine Christians as politicians they are trying to sell their own brand of politics and if they can use the Easter message of Jesus whether genuinely or not it is to be expected.

Brief Bio of Tim Farron

1) Born 27 May 1970

2) Born in Preston, Lancs, England

3) Married in 2000 to Rosemary Cantley

4) Has 2 sons and 2 daughters

5) Educated at Lostock High School, Runshaw College in Leyland and received a B A in Politics at Newcastle University

6) Is an Evangelical Christian

7) Has been a member of the Liberal party since 16

8) Became Liberal Democrat leader in 2015 after Nick Clegg

9) Was President of the Lib Dems before that

10) Is pro LGBT

11) Favours the legalisation of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes

12) Thinks the UK's Trident system of submarine nuclear defence should be replaced by a similar system

Tim Farron running for Lib Dem leadership complete with emblem
Tim Farron running for Lib Dem leadership complete with emblem | Source


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