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Theresa May: The Brexit PM

Updated on April 11, 2017

Theresa May shows new MP around

Prime Minister Theresa May:  Her legacy at stake?
Prime Minister Theresa May: Her legacy at stake? | Source

The cold hard facts

Poor old Theresa May a remainer who now faces the task of taking the UK out of the European Union. Sometimes she must wonder how did she and the country find itself and herself where they are.

Well, we all know the answer to that conundrum don't we people it all started when the UK voted for leave last summer in June 2016. This saw the downfall of David Cameron and the rising to power unelected of Theresa May and now her government has the biggest task of their lives as they negotiate our way out of the European Union.

It would seem, Donald Tusk, the EU President who represents all member countries, as well as Jean-Claude Juncker, has promised to be fair to the UK in talks but not nieve either.

While Theresa May and her regime are focussed on Brexit it would seem this country may be going to wrack and ruin. Of course, if you happen to have a bob or two like the super rich you will largely be unaffected by what is happening in the UK but for the rest of us "Just about managing" as May likes to call us it's a different story.

Today's headlines make for troubling reading for the NHS for example which is having to delay operations for service users to save money which in certain circumstances could put their lives at risk. The NHS once a place where everything was free is now facing the distinct possibility of having to charge people for treatment even though the government is claiming they have invested money in the system.

Social care too is going to hell in a handcart due to cut backs and this is forcing councils the length and breadth of the country to put up Council Tax.

Even amongst some people who voted for leave, there is a fear where being outside of the EU will find the UK.

Many pundits are wondering will Theresa May be remembered as the Brexit Prime Minister who floated or sank the good ship the UK because she was diverted by Brexit.

Pro Brexit group on Facebook
Pro Brexit group on Facebook | Source

Other EU and non EU nations thoughts about Brexit

Needless to say, the European Union nations were shocked, not surprised and some probably could not care less about the fact the UK is leaving the EU. The French it seems have been rather blase' about the whole thing well no surprise there really.

Whereas the Swedes it seems were shocked at the results with the Belgians thinking the EU should negotiate hard with the UK.

Non-EU nations were also asked their opinions about the UK going like Russia and the US

Here is a list of nations sad to see the UK go:

UK 49%

Sweden 48%

Belgium 41%

Spain 40%

Poland 38%

Italy 36%

Germany 34%

France 25%

The United States 20%

Russia 06%

Poll was conducted by IPSOS - MORI


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