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Theresa May Beset With Danger Every Where

Updated on October 3, 2017

Rogues gallery

Poor old Theresa May what will become of her?
Poor old Theresa May what will become of her? | Source
Boris Johnson:  The teflon Foreign Minister
Boris Johnson: The teflon Foreign Minister | Source

Problems and yet more problems!

Theresa May as I outlined in my article yesterday is beset with problems left, right, and centre. She is a lame duck Prime Minister and the country, Labour and her own MP's know it.

The biggest thorn in her side is without doubt Boris Johnson her Foreign Minister making derogatory statements about her plans on Brexit and on public sector pay. Sky News has continually asked why she does not sack the wanna be Winston Churchill but apparently, May avoided the question when put to her.

One idea put forward by some is that if Boris was sacked he would be seen as a Brexit martyr and be a danger in the wilderness of the Conservative backbenches. So it seems May's supporters within the cabinet and without are advising her to keep Boris in the post. At least there he is perhaps less danger to her rather than him becoming a sacked loose cannon.

However keeping him in the post could pose a danger for May as his carping from the sidelines on the issues mentioned in this article is gnawing away at May's already damaged power as Prime Minister. Even the DUP who May had to bribe to go into government with her (though not like the Lib-Dems in 2010) with a billion Pounds do not always agree with everything she does or says.

The question has to be asked why does Theresa May stay as Prime Minister? She must know in her heart of hearts that all respect for her (if there was any all) has gone. She was painted as the next Iron Lady when she became the leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister. She is more like the Tin Man in 'The Wizard of Oz' all creaky and needing oil after her battering at the general election.

Theresa May is supposed to be on a charm offensive with her party and the public but is it working? The answer to that is probably not especially with the public who are sick of seeing her face on our screens. Her party is obviously split between Theresa May supporters and those who would rather see her go.

Whatever is spoken about in speeches to the main auditorium at the Conservative party conference or in fringe meetings Theresa May's situation is unlikely to improve. According to a recent poll, the Conservatives are not worried about Jeremy Corbyn and his attack on capitalism but if truth be told they know now they have a battle on their hands with him for the political direction of the UK.

The danger lurking from Boris Johnson will not go away either so Theresa May can hang on to being Prime Minister as long as she wants but her situation is unlikely to improve short of a miracle.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd

Amber Rudd:  An eye on the future
Amber Rudd: An eye on the future | Source

Amber Rudd: Short bio

Amber Rudd is the present Home Secretary a job Theresa May held for many years and at present in the latest headlines seems to be at odds with May over a more lenient view of immigration.

It would appear if reports from inside the Conservative party are true she has eyes on the leadership of the Conservative party and possibly being Prime Minister. Her take on the EU seems to be softer than her erstwhile rival for the leadership of the Conservative party Boris Johnson.

She was born in London in 1963 and married her spouse AA Gill in 1990 but split from him in 1995 and they are now divorced. She has two children by Gill and currently, Amber is involved with fellow Tory MP Kwasi Kwarteng.

She is the MP for Hastings and Rye and has campaigned on issues important to people in her constituency.

She was educated at Edinburgh University and did several high-profile jobs before becoming an MP.

She currently lives in Hastings with her two children.


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