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Theresa May calls snap election!

Updated on April 18, 2017
Tim Farron Lib - Dem leader
Tim Farron Lib - Dem leader | Source
Jeremy Corbyn Labour leader
Jeremy Corbyn Labour leader | Source
Prime Minister Theresa May
Prime Minister Theresa May | Source
Emblem of UKIP and their leader Paul Nuttall
Emblem of UKIP and their leader Paul Nuttall | Source

Party leaders ready

Theresa May was compared to Gordon Brown in the fact that he became Prime Minister following Tony Blair. He did not seek a mandate from the people right away and when 2010 came round he lost and there followed the Lib-Dem/Conservative coalition government led by David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

We all know how Theresa May came to power following the humiliating defeat of David Cameron in the Brexit yes/no campaign. The reason why people have compared her to Gordon Brown is because when she became Cameron's replacement she did not seek a mandate from the people to confirm her as the next British Prime Minister.

Many were calling for May to go to the country and seek the peoples endorsement in a general election. She said she did not want to and would continue her term until 2020 when she would have to call a general election then.

However, since going on a walking holiday with her husband it seems May has thought long and hard about calling a general election and I can now reveal she will be calling one in June this year.

While she may have taken some parts of the populace and the media by surprise some have obviously suspected for a while now that if conditions were right she would chance a general election. With Labour and other opposition parties like the Lib-Dems and UKIP not exactly flying high in the polls and with Article 50 enacted it seems May has chosen to go now possibly with the political wind in her sails.

Jeremy Corbyn trailing the Conservatives by some way according to polls has said he welcomes a general election and will campaign to win he said. Many of his MP's however have different thoughts and fear Labour could get a real bashing politically in a general election. Polls can be wrong and although it looks unlikely Corbyn could win elections can throw up surprises like Trump winning in America so watch this space.

No doubt UKIP with its new leader Paul Nuttall will be girding their loins ready for this election as will Tim Farron and the Lib Dems.

What a Corbyn government might be like!

Many see a physical and wise resemblance between Jeremy Corbyn and Alec Guinness who played Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi
Many see a physical and wise resemblance between Jeremy Corbyn and Alec Guinness who played Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi | Source

If by some fluke of the polls being wrong which as we know can happen and throw up surprises as mentioned in this article what if Jeremy Corbyn won?

Politicians of all hues promise the earth and then when they get into power they don't deliver on what they promised or find they cannot get their policy through because of opposition. However Jeremy Corbyn does seem to be a genuinely nice man and has held steadfastly to his beliefs for the years he was a backbench Labour MP and a thorn in the side of Tony Blair.

He rebelled many times on many issues for example the Iraq War and has been a life long supporter of CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) and issues on social justice and the environment.

Never did he expect to become leader of the Labour party and since becoming leader he has been challenged by his MP's both in and out of his shadow cabinet and stood for Labour leader a second time and won with an overwhelming majority. He has been attacked for supporting the Palestinian cause and accused of being anti - Jewish but never the less he has stuck to his guns. The right wing press have demonised this man as a left wing nutter but he has come through this torrent of verbal abuse that has been levelled at him and everything else he has had to put up with since becoming Labour leader.

Now with May calling a general election Corbyn as unlikely as it sounds could win come June. If he did win he has promised to reverse the cuts and austerity of May's government and to have a more humanitarian foreign policy.

He has never said he is a pacifist and would not rule out military action if there was no other way but he would probably go through the UN to deal with Syria or North Korea as opposed to Trump. His relationship with the Trump administration would be friendly but not as close as say the May government is to him right now.

He would nationalise the British railway system currently in private hands and would undo many of the vicious cuts to public services and welfare. This analysis is based on what I have read and studied and could be what a Corbyn government would be like and of course all this is speculation. However it is nice to imagine a fairer and nicer government if it were possible than the current May administration we have.

Where the parties stand in the polls

Conservative 43% (up 2)

Labour 23% (Down 2)

Lib Dems 12 (Up 1)

UKIP 10 (Down 1)

Figures based on a UK YouGov Poll


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    • Nathanville profile image

      Arthur Russ 6 months ago from England

      Nice article; will you be updating it with yesterday surprise results?