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They Were Hungry So We Sent Them Guns

Updated on December 14, 2012

They needed Food we sent them guns.

For as long as I can remember, the U.S. has sent Billions of Dollars to other countries----to buy peace, influence, popularity and a clear conscience. Included in that foreign aid were billions in cash that enriched corrupt tyrants and billions that purchased military weapons to support their regimes. Since 2007, we have spent more (of our Foreign Aid dollars) for military assistance than we have spent for economic development.

At the same time, we were spending more billions of dollars to subsidize American farmers because overproduction of FOOD had caused its price to fall below the cost of producing it. There were years when dairy farmers were pouring milk down the drain in a desperate attempt to get a fair price for their product.

Elsewhere in the world, while people were starving or struggling to feed their children, we were making sure they were well armed. During the cold war, we competed with the Russians to see who could export more military influence by sending weapons to countries that couldn’t manufacture their own. Afghanistan is the perfect example. So now we live in a world full of military weapons, many of which are ready to be used to kill young Americans.

Even now, there is no shortage of ammunition. When Arabs celebrate a wedding (or a funeral) by raising their automatic weapons and shooting wildly into the air, it is clear there is plenty of ammo. I doubt that most of them have reloading equipment, supplies and expertise. Somebody is still providing rounds for their AK47s, M14s, or their weapons of choice. Someone, probably from our own defense industry, must still be providing ammunition.

I’m not against guns. I love them for sportsmen. I love them in the hands of the law and our military AND for personal security.

But moral issues aside, or immorality aside, what happened to common sense? We let potential friends starve while we armed them with weapons that could eventually be used against us! And we still allow ammunition to be shipped from the United States and its allies. Do we have any leaders who can stop the madness?


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    • MrBecher profile image

      MrBecher 5 years ago from CNY

      One thing worth mentioning is that when food aid has been sent overseas, there have been instances of price drops in communities that receive free food, which put farmers out of business, hurting communities in the long-run by helping them in the short-run (that's how most things work unfortunately). Now, I totally agree with you, but it is something to think about.