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They're Not Saints

Updated on June 11, 2011
Moral or Illegal
Moral or Illegal

Not a Political Issue

Weiner gate: I don’t get the problem and all the hype.

Whatever he did, was it illegal?

If so he should be prosecuted and if incarcerated [no, I did not mean castrated] he should not be allowed to represent his people from inside walls.

If it wasn’t illegal, then what is all the fuss about?

Politicians are elected to be that, politicians. They are not required to have performed three miracles and be elected as Saints.

All politicians and others that make money from being in public view should have high moral standards. They should be an example for young people to follow.

Should, that is the point; it is a moral not a legal issue.

If one of these public figures breaks the law, then the legal system should act swift and hard. Not to say they shouldn’t in all circumstances but should reflect that the laws are there to help maintain the morals of a country.

If a public figure acts immorally but not illegally, that is a different matter. That is then up to the general public to decide if this is a person to be followed. They vote accordingly.

The point I am trying to make is that, this has been in the media for days now and will probably be there for several weeks yet. Why?

Those that support him will say he should be given a chance to defend his actions. Those that oppose him say they should be given a chance to rebuke his defense.

As I said, if it is only a moral issue it is not a legal issue, meaning nothing has to be proved or not.

No Media Hype
No Media Hype

Not a Media Issue

If when you first hear or see something, you either feel it to be immoral or not, no words can change that feeling, you personally find it immoral. If you didn’t find it immoral, then you didn’t.

For those of you who oppose him, remember what they say, “To a politician any publicity is good publicity”. So, be quite or you’re probably helping him.

For those of you who support him. Would you do it? If not, why? Is it immoral? If you do it though, be careful it must at the very least, be bordering on the illegal.

This whole matter is nothing to do with politics, it is personal moral fiber.

To those of you that say. “It is whether he lied or not” Yes, but that too is a moral issue and no amount of talking can change a lie to the truth, nor can it change the truth to a lie.

People are dying daily in wars or from starvation. Millions are living in poverty. Breakthroughs are being made in the fields of space and archeology. Yet political indiscretions bombard our senses. The moral of our media should be judged by their headlines, remembering they too are in public view and should be setting examples for the young to follow.


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    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Thanks, rafken. I don't believe that what Weiner did was against the law, as long as he was not soliciting such material to minors. He probably needs to go see someone regarding his problem.

      But I will always say that those who are to lead among us must set the example. They all know that in the public's service they are going to be held to a higher standard. Their actions reflect on the credibility of a national institution that we are supposed to look upon with respect and reverence.

      Thanks for allowing me to weigh in.... Cred2

    • profile image

      gogogo 6 years ago

      Whether Weiner did something illegal or not he should not be tried by the Press and on TV. What he did should be investigated and if found that he broke any laws, prosecuted. Until that happens, the Press is just mudding the story and next we will hear, he cannot get a fair trial. Reporting the news is one thing, what the Press is doing to Weiner is another. They need to stop.

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Out of over 300,000,000 citizens, there are just 435 House members, 100 Senators, and 1 president elected to represent out country.

      They are supposed to be the cream of the American crop, but far too often, they are the most corrupt, immoral, and criminal 536 people to be found anywhere!

      Whether Weiner has done anything illegal remains to be seen. If he used taxpayer funded internet to contact these women, that's illegal. If he sent anything lewd to a minor, that too is illegal.

      We shall see, but Americans are right to be outraged.

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      I do get tired of the endless coverage.You are right:if it is illegal,prosecute it. Otherwise it is up to the voters,although I do not always agree with the voter, that is the way the system works.

    • Mandrake_1975 profile image

      Mandrake_1975 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I agree. The last thing we need is our public servants believing they live by a different set of rules and standards. Hmm...wait a minute..

    • rafken profile image

      rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      I agree with you, our leaders should be ethical but you can not make laws that just apply to them because next they will say, they live by a different set of laws. That would open a Pandoras box. We can only hope that neither he or any more like he get elected again. This should be kept quite now but raised again loudly before elections. Thanks for dropping by.

    • Mandrake_1975 profile image

      Mandrake_1975 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      You stated: "If a public figure acts immorally but not illegally, that is a different matter. That is then up to the general public to decide if this is a person to be followed. They vote accordingly."

      You also stated: "People are dying daily in wars or from starvation. Millions are living in poverty."

      Are you suggesting that there is no connection between politicians and policies? If you are not (and I don't think you would make such a suggestion given that the two words go together) then how could you think this is not a big deal?

      Wouldn't you agree that immoral people are most likely the cause of war and poverty? People who sacrifice lives for power and money?

      Sure, what he did is not illegal, but who he is and what he does not only effects his local constituents, but the entire world! If he is an immoral scumbag his immorality will effect the rest of society, especially in a high position such as he has. I think, given that fact, we all have a right to complain about him and his moral character as much as we desire.