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Things That (I'm sure) Do Not Happen Inside The Pentagon

Updated on June 1, 2015
The Pentagon from the air.
The Pentagon from the air.

The Pentagon: High-security.

If you like mystery, suspense, high-security and power all wrapped in a five-corner building, then you will love The Pentagon.

Besides the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and The White House, The Pentagon is the prestigious-headquarters of the United States Dept. of Defense, located in Arlington County, Virginia. "the Pentagon" is often used to refer to the U.S. Dept. of Defense.

A glimpse inside The Pentagon.
A glimpse inside The Pentagon.

Gaining access to The Pentagon not a 'walk in the park'

And if you think it's tough to hack your way inside Fort Knox, then you haven't known true failure until you have tried and failed to gain access to the nation's most-powerful building. Inside the Pentagon, numerous life-changing decisions are made on a daily basis and all for our security.

The security is so tight at the Pentagon, you have to be cleared on several security levels just to get to ask if you can make an appointment with whomever you need to meet.

Tough? You bet. And after 9-1-1, the security has been upgraded more than a few times to make it even tougher for criminals to hack the highly-complex computer system as well as the security system that surrounds this famous building.

Among these important men are Adm. Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations.
Among these important men are Adm. Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations.
David Petraus,  Commander, Multi-National Force.
David Petraus, Commander, Multi-National Force.
 Carrie Fisher, star of film classic: "Star Wars."
Carrie Fisher, star of film classic: "Star Wars."
Super-funny comedian, Brian Regan.
Super-funny comedian, Brian Regan.
Chuck Hagel, Sec. of Defense.
Chuck Hagel, Sec. of Defense.
One view of the damage did to  The Pentagon on 9-1-1.
One view of the damage did to The Pentagon on 9-1-1.

Are you ready?

Like to know what goes on inside The Pentagon? I would. But until "that" information is made public, here are some . . .

Things That (I'm sure) Do Not Happen Inside The Pentagon

  • There are no livestock auctions ever conducted inside this ultra-important facility.
  • No rock concerts are ever promoted in The Pentagon.
  • No secret meetings are ever held to watch re-runs of "Amos and Andy."
  • There are absolutely no footraces held in the hallways of The Pentagon.
  • Actors, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher do not give light saber seminars in The Pentagon.
  • There have never been or will be any dart competitions held in The Pentagon.
  • American Idol does not hold secret auditions in The Pentagon.
  • Bill Gates, even with this billions, cannot buy his way inside The Pentagon.
  • Lazy slackers such as "Jim Halpert," the role played by actor, John Kresinski on The Office will never be employed at The Pentagon.
  • In the spacious-meeting rooms, you will never find "Farm League" baseball try-out's.
  • Although he could if he wanted, the President of The United States does not show-up to just hang-out to be free of reporters and crucial decisions.
  • Personnel who work in The Pentagon do not dress-up as Civil War soldiers and have re-enactments every day.
  • Famous comedians such as Brian Regan do not give concerts in The Pentagon.
  • The New York Kennel Club does not hold important dog shows in The Pentagon.

Finally . . ."I" cannot have access to The Pentagon to use one of their numerous computers to get my hubs written.


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