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Things To Avoid When Being Stalked

Updated on February 10, 2011
Illustration of stalking
Illustration of stalking

Early Signs of Stalking

One of the first step towards stopping a stalker, is to know when you are being stalked. How can you stop a stalker when you don’t even know that you are being stalked? But how can you know that you are being followed when you are just free living your own life, and why must people stalk you anyway?

If you care to know why you are being stalked, don’t worry, people get stalked for several reasons best known to the stalker alone, and sometimes to the person being stalked too.

One may be stalked for several reasons including:

1.      Relationship breakup

2.      When someone is having a crush on you

3.      For evil intentions (e.g. rapists, assassins, local robbers, etc)

4.      For documentary purposes (most common to stars and celebrities)

Remember, majority of stalkers have once had a personal one on one encounter with their victim; it may be a past abusive lover, a casual friend who wants intimacy, a coworker, a neighbor, a schoolmate or someone you probably had a fling with at a club or party. Most cases whereby the stalker had no personal one on one encounter with the victim, is most attributed to stars and celebrities alone, which often comes from a fan, a secret admirer, etc.

Ladies are the most vulnerable to stalking
Ladies are the most vulnerable to stalking

Who are the most vulnerable victims of stalking?

Global research and release has shown that 99.5% of victims of stalking are majorly females, especially those in their early twenties, late twenties, thirties and early forties.

Stop phone calls if you are being stalked
Stop phone calls if you are being stalked

If you want to catch a stalker, don’t make an open phone call

If you want to catch a stalker, never make the mistake of involving a private security operative, sometimes, they work together. Remember, no other security operative can be more sincere than the government or state security service; at least they are not in to make profit but to offer you your right of being protected as a citizen of that nation which either you or your family paid for through tax.

Send text messages instead of phone calls
Send text messages instead of phone calls

Send SMS or IMs Instead of Open Phone Calls

If you are being stalked, do not report or contact any security agent or agency (the police) through a phone call, this may increase your chances of being killed by the stalker (most are low self esteem persons and are deadly), instead employ the use of E-mail or instant messaging system. Better still, alert a trusted family member or friend through IM or E-mail to make a call to the police on your behalf. Like this, the stalker himself will equally be stalked and followed till he is tracked down and caught.

Note: if you and your family and friends have not already synchronized your E-mails and may be facebook account with your mobile phone, do that now, so that you can receive alerts of new E-mail or facebook messages on your phone the moment they were sent. This has saved a lot of people from death and assassination.

If eventually the stalker gets caught by the police, do not hesitate to provide evidences and testimonies to prosecute him else, he might come back hunting you. Stay safe, say no to all forms of human violations.


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    • accofranco profile image

      accofranco 6 years ago from L Island

      @Dame, its been quite long, glad to hear from you, and thanks for reading and finding time to comment. you are really right, it is annoying...and so bad they sometimes wants to hunt the victim to death. it is better we take precautions than wait to learn the hard way...thanks Dame.

    • Dame Scribe profile image

      Dame Scribe 6 years ago from Canada

      They are annoying but worst when they also focus on the children of their victim especially cyber stalkers. :| Good info. :)