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Things To Remember When Life Doesn't Go Your Way

Updated on August 7, 2015

Hold out for the great times. "you have no idea what could be waiting for you right around the bend, on the other side of the place when you get stuck," encourages Wieder. It's never too late to start over and get it right. Choose cutes some late but great bloomers, including Coco Chanel, who introduced her signature womans suit at 71, and Col. Harland Sanders, aka Mr. KFC himself (yes, he's real), who put up his famous fastfood chain, at 61. We've got nothing but time, and it's on your side. This is why we continue to be provided with the opportunity to repeat and re-create in our lives," says Iyanla Vanzant in One Day My Soul Just Opened Up. Get up and start working on that next, better chapter in your life.


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