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Top Ten Things Wrong With People Today

Updated on June 6, 2017

In the world today we have tons of books and videos to show how humans once reacted to one another in days past. Violence is still a big thing today as well as abuse, here are some things wrong with people today.

#10, No Respect. I have noticed this more in the younger generation. These people think that they can just straight up insult people or be rude for no reason, a good example. I have met a few women who ignore me on social media sites, they say I am not entitled to an answer, it has nothing to do with entitlement. If you are on a site and see a message it is rude to ignore them, if you don't want to talk just say so. They act like they can do whatever they want without consequences, one day they are gonna disrespect the wrong person and pay for it.

#9, Tough Guys. They're everywhere now, guys who go and act all Macho and Manly like they are trying to impress people. Honestly if you are that tough you shouldn't need to try and brag about it, then it just makes you look cocky and arrogant. Body builders, wannabe thugs, people like these tend to do this. I mean if you're tough you are tough but there should be no reason to try and pick a fight with everybody.

#8, Supposed Queens. These are one of the more annoying things. Ever had one of those women who say that if you don't buy them junk or whatever that they will leave? Yeah one of them. These types want to be pampered with gifts and money, most likely they don't give a damn about the relationship as long as you are spending cash on them. Golddiggers, money grubbers, whatever you want to call them. These women want to be treated like queens, even if you have just met them ten seconds ago.

#7, Supposed Good Women. Now let me start this one off by saying not all women are like this, just the ones I seem to meet. These women act all goody two shoes and try to say they want a decent relationship and a guy who doesn't want them just for their goods. But then they go off and post a whole lot of sexually explicit or revealing photos, yeah. These women will ignore any good guy unless they just want to bang or are willing to buy them things, for a guy like me who is single and just trying to find a good woman this stuff annoys the hell out of me.

#6, Hypocrites. This one has been out for while but I feel like it is more relate-able then ever. These groups are annoying just because of this one simple thing, they can be doing the exact same thing I am doing but they will ridicule me for it. Christians I have seen be the big center of this, many of these folks will demean other people for doing things yet they will be doing the exact same thing behind closed doors. It is annoying to be yelled at for doing something but it is even worse when getting yelled at by a person who does the same thing.

#5, Fake Friends. We have all had one of these in are lives at some point, some people who will act friendly but either want something from you or just use you. Maybe you have a car and they don't, they could go off for hours and never say a word to you but once they do they will ask for something like gas or to borrow something of yours. They are just there for the time, they don't care about you all they want is to use you. There is a saying I like. Only when the sun disappears behind the clouds and the storm begins to rage do you see who your real friends are.

#4, Supposedly Entitled. This one makes me a little mad, see I grew up by myself for most of my life and I never really had anyone there to teach me stuff, I learned what most I know by myself. So to be called entitled annoys me. These people think they should get what they want when they want just because they were born, they think everything should be handed to them since they came out of their mothers coochie. If there is one thing I have learned in life is that you need to work for the things you want, you may get a gift or two along the way but you always have to keep your nose to the grindstone in order to be able to live how you wanna live.

#3,Fake Bad Life. Around the world there are people who are suffering from diseases or being in fear due to a local power, I can guarantee half of the people on the planet probably have a worse life then you. Example, there is a recording of a woman begging for change and once she leaves she enters a pretty expensive and nice car. Now while true she may not have a house we don't know that but if you can afford to keep an expensive car in such good condition I doubt you need to be begging on the streets. There are some folks who don't have a home, who can't eat or sleep in a warm room, their families might have left them or they are all alone in the world. There are people in this world who have lives made from the dreams of the darkest demons, stop acting like your life is so terrible if it isn't.

#2, Haters. This can kinda go in both directions, either the people who hate everything you do or the people who hate everything. Other colors of skin, other sexuality or religions seem to be hated on. Me personally I don't disrespect anyone unless I have been disrespected first, golden rule people. In any case alot of people curse out, call names or some other stuff to these people just cause they are a little different or how they were raised but still. You are going to be around these people for maybe around a hundred years, depending how long you live. It is better to just get used to them and try to get along, the only time I think you should cuss some random stranger out is if he or she messed with you first.

#1, Everyone Else. I do not know what it is with people in the world today but so many of them just seem to want to lash out at anyone they can get their hands on, I have been randomly cussed out and attacked for no reason alot of the times. I ended up adding one guy on facebook once and he began to say he banged my mom and what not, could have been a troll or some junk but I just find it ridiculous that you can't even take a walk down the street without having some people make a joke about you or flip you off. Like I don't know you the hell did I do? It's a stupid thing yes but think of it this way, maybe in the next ten years or so everyone will be cursing the other out just because they want to, they won't care who you are or what kind of good things you have done. Long as they get to insult you that is all that matters to them.


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