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Things Will Fall Apart but Make Sure You Don’t...

Updated on July 3, 2017

The most successful people were not known for using the most expensive products, your happiness should not be determined by what others think

Elizabeth Gilbert once said "We live in danger of becoming paralyzed by indecision, terrified that every choice might be the wrong choice."

Before you think I'm trying to bore you with art let me make your decision making simple, know that life is a strange place where the rich aren't satisfied and the poor desire to get rich.

Somewhere in Nigeria, It is midday on Monday afternoon, I can see you sitting in the corridor of your family house, trying to keep yourself busy with laundry, no power supply, so you are wallowed in deep thoughts about your life.

worried! Yes I know, you want to quit trying, you’ve lost faith but remember, successful stories were all at a point like this, it’s probably the only thing between your victory and failure, so you need to keep trying.

You think I don’t know what I’m saying because I am not in your shoes, yes I agree but what I know is that sometimes it’s hard to pray, sometimes it’s hard to stay grateful, its painful, it hurts so bad, sometimes it’s hard keep going but we need to keep hoping to keep moving, I know sometimes it’s hard to be patient, circumstances are always in the plans, this we may not understand, sometimes you feel your world is down like nothing is working, never give up instead look up and smile because you believe He’s just testing you.

Most times we Know all this things but knowing is not just enough we need to apply it and Wishing for your dreams won't be enough either you need to go after it, don't let your worries steal away your focus.

Just because I’m cheering you up doesn’t mean I’m happy as well, I’m also fighting my own battles but I have taken those painful days as lessons and its like that with everybody you see that are happy.

In times like this, it is difficult to control our thoughts, our faith flunctuates. It can weigh us down Yes as human but never let it weigh you down like a heavy burden.

Every happy person you know has a burden they are dealing with but are smiling through it, especially when people let you down, don’t be disappointed, the Almighty is simply telling you, humans are not error free and cannot make anything possible without His approval so depend on Him.

The pressure from family can make you feel like you becoming a burden after several years of investing on your education, they want your success in return, you also trying to impress some people and not being able fulfill your duty can be very depressing, you never know how much you have till you go without it.

Mum screams and dad complaining doesn’t mean they don’t love you again; they want you to put more efforts, use the pressure to your own advantage, don’t be afraid of failing and when you make attempts and you fall let your bounce back be special because the scars doesn’t matter, only the strong will survive.

Peers can bring a whole lot of pressure don't be influenced negatively, think of the end not the start and for the insecure people on social media who try to glamorize their unhealthy lifestyle don't be deceived, it's fake platform for most of them.

Sadness weakens the heart, so avoid it, just because others are doing better doesn’t mean you are not getting it right, comparing yourself with others will make you see yourself as a flaw that prevents you from seeing the beauty in you.

Not every day will be good starter,
starter, not every journey starts on a bright note, some of those with worst starts have made a great future. One of the attributes of success is determined by how much of the bad days you can take and well you handled those days, if you quit now, it means you have failed so fail to quit and keep trying because he who say he can and he who says he can't are both right, it's just a matter of choice.

However with these ruthless leaders at the helm of affairs in your country, the temptation to do something ugly might be lingering somewhere inside you, don’t do what you will regret for the rest of your life, that will be, if there’s a life left for you to regret.

You think you have nothing to lose well a lot of people don’t want to lose you which is enough, they look up to you, you are their hope, they believe in you, pray for you.

There’s someone out there praying for what you have, I know that seems awkward to you because you think you have nothing but that’s not true, you probably standing too tall to see what’s happening around you. Imagine the life of people who loved you without you.

Always show compassion, things happen for a reason never doubt that, so shine a light in your darkest moments because things will fall apart but make sure you don’t.

© 2017 Issa Babatunde Ahmed


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