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Things you need to know about recycling your phone

Updated on September 8, 2010

Maybe you've read O2's research which graded Nokia one of the most important companies when we talk about recycling. What you probably don't know is that the same study found that folks these days are influenced by sustainability when they decide to purchase a new cell phone device. That is heavy news since 3% of cell phone users bother recycling their devices.

Can you count the number of old cell phone devices you have around the house?? What about that N95 cell phone that is not working well? How about that broken iPhone? The global consumer survey ascertained that 44% of the world’s cell phones devides are not used by their owners. Now it's the time for you to make an actual difference to the surroundings. If every cell phone user around the world is recycling one of their mobile phones, almost 240,000 ts of raw materials will be put in good use. That will save energy, and it's the equivalent of 4 million cars off the road gases! And if this reason is not enough for you, remember that you can also get some money for your old phone.

People are afraid to recycle their old phones. Why? One of the reasons is losing cotent: photos, messages and phone numbers. That's not a problem anymore, because almost every cell phone has a software that allows you to backup all your data. There are many ways you can get rid of your phone. Compare and Recycle websites helps you ascertain the place that will give you the best price for your old device.

Almost 80% of a Nokia cell phones can be recycled, and I'm sure this applies to many other manufacturers. These devices contains gold, aluminum, copper and platinum. Plastic is melted down and used to make other stuff. Old devices that are in good shape can also be refurbished and re-sold at a lower price

The time is now, what are you waiting for? Get recycling today!


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