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Thinkers vs. non-thinkers- The end game

Updated on April 4, 2012

It had been coming for a while. The thinkers vs. the non-thinkers. The non-thinkers had effectively closed out the thinkers from any possibility of leading normal lives, excluding them and for want of a better word, stealing the ideas they could understand. This process, obviously, couldn’t go on forever. The non-thinkers got into progressively more trouble with the new technologies and not being the sources of the ideas, were trying to manage things they essentially didn’t understand.

This fact hadn’t exactly passed unnoticed by the thinkers. The world was, literally, falling to bits. Plagues, pandemics and massive environmental changes, including the rapid evolution of totally new species including large predators, were sending humanity back to the Stone Age.

One particularly unfriendly, aggressive thinker, who used the name 2100 Ape Death, (ape referred to non-thinkers) had instructed all the other thinkers, about 500 million of them, to go on strike:

“The apes can’t get out of this without our help. Either they die, or we start getting treated with some respect. Don’t tell them anything, don’t cooperate or contribute in any way.”

The reader may get some idea of the relationship between the thinkers and non-thinkers at this point. All 500 million thinkers agreed with 2100 Ape Death. They’d had more than enough of being treated like freaks. They hated the society to its stinking, corrupt and futile core. They were only too happy not to help.

2100 Ape Death received a message from the United Earth Government. (This was an interesting development, because generally even the idea that the thinkers existed wasn’t admitted. They were weird, and that was it. Archaeologists searching through the ruins of North America found references to “nerds” which apparently defined thinkers in the past.) A government minister wanted to talk to 2100 Ape Death.

2100 Ape Death said “No”.

At about this time South America produced a few billion tons of new viral matter which formed a land bridge to Africa and wiped out most of the life on both continents in a few days. The UEG called it a technical problem, but even the non-thinkers were looking worried, partly because the Sahara had turned blue since.

The request from the government was repeated. 2100 Ape Death again declined to meet with the UEG. Quite the opposite, he went on the Cloud Matrix and issued a statement:

"Twice now the UEG has asked to speak to me. The apes seem to think there’s something to talk about. There isn’t, until we are acknowledged.

Why should we work for animals?

Why should we live in their pig sty world?

Why should we tolerate abuse from cockroaches?

Why should we be expected to conform to moron level behaviour?”

The Cloud Matrix was a public global channel. 2100 Ape Death was famous, although he loathed it. Being a public channel, however, it was open to questions.

A journalist asked, innocently as it happened-

“Are you saying you thinkers will simply watch humanity die rather than help deal with all these disasters?”

It was the wrong question. 2100 Ape Death answered, simply enough-

“Yes. What you call “humanity” I call “the enemy”.

If you’re wondering at this point whether the thinkers could have been coerced into helping, the answer is no. That was tried, and the attempt was known as World War 4, although it only took 3 hours. The continent of Asia was almost entirely depopulated. The relationship between the thinkers and non-thinkers hadn’t exactly improved since.

The President of the UEG came on to the Cloud Matrix. The expression of disgust on 2100 Ape Death’s face was unmistakable. He not only didn’t like the “apes”, he didn’t like looking at them.

The President asked 2100 Ape Death directly.

“OK, 2100 Ape Death. We admit it. We’ve been trying for centuries to control you with these social exclusion methods. If you’d noticed sooner, things might be very different now. But you need us, too. We have the resources and the money. Are you sure we can’t do a deal?”

2100 Ape Death smiled. It wasn’t a pleasant smile.

“What did you have in mind?”

"We’ll give you what you want, just name it. But we must have the giant virus under control”

“Very well, this is what we want- Interstellar flight. Let’s end this ridiculous association. We know how to achieve it. Any of us who wants will be allowed to leave the planet.”


“…And to make sure you don’t renege, we build the spacecraft first. We’ll neutralize the virus, but we won’t kill it until we’re safely off the planet and out of the system.”

“Done.” There was no choice, really. The thinkers could do in days what took decades for the non-thinkers.

The thinkers were as good as their word. They neutralized the virus as it engulfed the Mediterranean, stopping it in its tracks. The virus now covered about a third of the land mass of the Earth, South America, Africa and the Middle East. Meanwhile the space fleet, thousands of huge ships, was built in orbit.

When the fleet was complete, 2100 Ape Death spoke to Earth:

“Goodbye. The virus will cease to exist in 12 days, by which time we’ll be at Alpha Centauri. I hope we never have to look at you apes again.”

The ships departed. The virus, however, covered the whole Earth, wiping out all human life before self-destructing.

2100 Ape Death was philosophical.

“The idiots. A virus like that emerges out of thin air, and they think it’s normal. You’d think World War 4 would have been a bit of a hint, but no.”

His friend asked with a slight but real smile-

“Are we going back?”

“Not yet. The Earth will heal, and should be pretty interesting with all those new species. Let’s take a stroll around the galaxy. Looks like fun.”


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    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Very different, very interesting. I will be thinking about this for awhile. SHARING