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Thinking of taking a Discount Cruise

Updated on February 26, 2013
Discounted Cruise Ships
Discounted Cruise Ships | Source

Taking a Discounted Cruise Ship

Taking a Discount Cruise Ship

I awoke this morning and had a dream about being on a cruise, I wonder if there is a discount cruise ship I can get hold of on my trip to Hawaii, and do I want to be on that cruise ship that long. I have taken Cruise Ships in the Bahamas and to Columbia ,about 6 times , and that was 15 years ago. I am single now and I have seen advertisements for singles Cruise ships specials ,so I am out to find a trip a discount cruise ship trip to another place, safe.

I started my find for these discounted trips ,first to Hawaii from Los Angeles , Ca, .there seem to be three cruise ships offering discount cruise ship rates and they are the Crystal Cruises-Crystal Symphony ship, for 14 days or 2 weeks in the sea, I have never cruised for that long, I will have to think about that, the length of all three are 14 and 28 days.I don't drink anymore and wonder if that is why my decision is sporadic in my thinking of the length. I remember when I use to cruise ,those tropical drinks on board the ship and big dinners ,I just may have to get over it. The Princess Cruises ,is one I am familiar with and it's 14 days also out of L.A. To Hilo, Honolulu, Nawiliwili , Lahaina, Ensenada, then back to Los Angeles , Ca. The Lowest price is of course the 14 day cruise at 1284 dollars which is for an inside berth , now that's pretty darn cheap. 2654 dollars for a suite on the Princess Cruise. Princess has a good reputation and I have never been let down and they have the most reasonable price to Hawaii. The 28 Day trip is just too long so I am not going there. A whole month on a cruise ship I better be almost married by the time this thing comes into Port or I would be bored.

I thought at first, it took 14 days to make the trip one way to Hawaii, yet I did nto read on , the Princess Cruise Sets Sail on the 13thof April and gets to Hilo on the 18that 8:00am , How beautiful that must be , yet 5 days at sea can I handle that, then the next day your in Honolulu ,then two more places in Hawaii , set sail back to Los Angeles , Ca on April 21 to the 26 th and end up in Ensenada , Mexico , I hate that idea, then the 27thyour in L.A.'s Port. I think I just talked myself out of this cruise. I don't go to Mexico, to many problems there, I had a family member go to Ensenada on a cruise from Los Angeles a couple of months ago, someone was in trouble out intheir Ship, and the Curise Ship sent a crew out and picked them up and they were close to Ensenada Mexico , no problems happened, but when do cruise lines pick up people in the Ocean and take them to another country. They were a bit bothered about it, with the trouble in Mexico.

I think the discounted cruise ship trips are out of the question for me now, I have talked my way out of it, the price though does not seem bad, maybe, there will be some rest in Mexico soon, yet it looks bleak , for Mexico, it use to be the place to travel to like Cozumel and such, the Drug lords have the country now and you never know what could happen. Well I hope someone out ther takes a discounted cruise ship to Hawaii and writes about their experiences I am interested in how it was.I will leave you with this thought, would you travel to Mexico right now?


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