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This Place is About to Blow: The Middle East

Updated on October 2, 2011

Stay tuned. Don't attempt to adjust your TV set. We are in control. We can adjust the horizontal, the vertical. We can blur the image or make it crystal clear.

Things are simmering in the Middle East. Boil is approaching. Take the latest with Turkey and Israel in the economic zone south of Cyprus. Cyprus, is divided into a Turkish and Greek sections. The discovery of the major natural gas and oil in the Eastern Med and around Cyprus has former friends the big FU in each other's face. Both friends of the USA, NATO members, yet both are virtually trying to get the other to blink. And of course, we know this posturing causes war. One slip and the region could ignite. And as we know, it has happened many times before. Turkish warships have been harassing Israeli merchant vessels in waters off Cyprus. The Turks are ordering them to change course in a bid to assert Turkish mastery in the eastern Mediterranean. In response, Israel has sent warplanes to fly over the areas of the incidents and Israeli missile ships sailed close to Cyprus's Exclusive Economic Zone waters, where the US Houston-based Noble Energy began drilling in the face of Turkish threats. The rig is situated 160 kilometers south of Cyprus adjacent to Israel's Leviathan gas field. Turkey responded by basing F-16s on their section of Cyprus and sent submarines to conduct exploration. Response and counter-response.

If you are selling them, it is a boom time for Russian made portable surface to air missiles in Libya. The desert areas around Sirte is literally loaded with boxes of them for the taking, strewn out for miles from ransacked arms depots. Just bring your Toyota truck and load it. Then, sell each for $1000, the going rate to anyone willing to buy it-customers, like, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Haqqani are most eager to obtain them and already have some. If you don't have a truck, some have come in large buses and dump trucks to load up free! Maybe you might want chemical weapons from the former Libyan army, well, ditto. Just go to Ruwagha with your truck and take what you want, it might be too late, the storage facilities has been unguarded for many days already. There is enough bombs to create a roadside bomb every 10 miles of the 1100 mile coastline of Libya. Thousands of unused artillery shells sit in crates and boxes in the many unguarded warehouses inside Libya. Those opposing groups to the US, to Israel are rearming.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iran's president, has been stripped of many powers and cannot run for re-election in Iran's coming election. Some may think this will be a good thing and ease the tensions in the region especially between Israel. Think again. Ahmadinejad was actually a moderate of sorts for Iran and allowed many customs to be relaxed. He was hardline on some issues. Those who will be running for President are the TRUE hardliners and thought as being much more to the right of moderate. This only means worse is to come for the the region and world.


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    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 

      7 years ago from Singapore

      The USA will find it hard to control Iran, who ever comes to power. So get ready for some more fire crackers


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