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This Presidential Election is Between Two Democrats

Updated on May 14, 2016

A year ago, I was going to vote for Donald Trump. Six months ago, I still was with reservations, today, my choice is not to vote. Trump is acting more and more like a Democrat not that different from Hillary Clinton. Bernie is included into the mix.

Trump is arrogant and rich. He refuses to release the tax records based upon a bogus excuse of being audit. We all see the same signs of deception and a character issue. What is he worried about? What is he hiding? Offshore accounts that are not taxed, paying no income tax, using tax loopholes to get a tax break? Granted, he was a private citizen then but he has chosen to enter a U.S. Presidential race. Even his positions on many issues are really closer to Democratic values than conservative Republicans, which is why Republics want to derail his progress.

Then, there is the John Miller recording that anyone can see is a younger Trump. The speech patterns, the words used, the sound, all Donald Trump. Like a teen getting caught doing wrong, he is trying to wiggle out of it. He knows he is busted and admitted in a court of law in 1991 that he did this kind of thing to self-promote. Anyone who claims it is not Trump is blinded with denial and his false sales pitch. He has a lot of buyers of this sales pitch.

So, now what?

Not vote in protest of having such a shitty choice in presidential election candidates? Vote for Bernie in protest? Vote for Hillary because you hate Trump or vice versa? This election is about selecting the better of the worse, which is pathetic. For all Americans not blinded by Hillary or Donald or Bernie, this is a horrible election that will just end badly for America in the long run.

Hey, maybe , just maybe, Trump IS the Antichrist mentioned in the Book of Revelations. Just saying...


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