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This election is not about political parties but principles

Updated on October 17, 2012

This election year has seen more spending on political ads than others in recent years. The content from both sides is often negative but there are clear distinctions between the parties on the principles in which each believe. The decisions we as voters must make this year are critical to the future of our country and the path we will take. We as individuals have certain principles by which we live and our voting decisions should consider the principles of each candidate at all levels running for election this year.

Each political party has certain principles which they support and embody in their legislative agenda and the key this election year will be the principles of those we are being asked to support. Each candidate must be an individual while supporting the basic principles of the party they represent but they should decide for themselves where they stand on the issues. The problem today in some cases, not all, is that many of our elected officials have supported their party in voting the party position. This is not how it should be. We elect those to serve us not their political party and as such they should vote for what is in the best interest of those who they serve not their party.

Our country was a result of certain principles which are embodied within the Constitution. Such freedoms include freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Today we must ask ourselves whether the path we have been on is in agreement with the principles on which this country was found. This decision should not be based on political party but the decisions made by those who have been representing us in Congress and other government levels across the country. Those who are running for election to replace incumbents must project the principles in which they believe and those principles should be in line with the principles established at the beginning of our country.

We are a nation of many talents and expertise from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. We must also ask ourselves whether these talents and expertise are impacted by government decisions. It is true some decisions made by government at all levels are the right ones but many others impact the talents and expertise we have as individuals. The principles important to our county and the choices we make will be important to the rest of the world. The global economy is impacted by decisions each country makes and our country is no different.

The principle of free enterprise should be allowed to function without government interference. Many issues are on the table this election year and each of them will be impacted by the decisions we make when we vote. We must consider the position of each candidate running for office not just for President and their position on the major issues. Many issues have been discussed in the debates and presented in the political ads. With regards to political ads the information must or should be verified for reliability. The debates held thus far and the facts or statements made have been checked for accuracy through fact checkers. The results have been reported and as such we must look at how honest each candidate has been in the responses they have provided to questions asked.

In closing us as individuals must take personal responsibility for the decisions we make. Government is not the answer to all our problems it is the problem. The principle of free enterprise is not alive and well given the current economic environment our country and the world find themselves. The principles which our government should embody were evident when our country began such that states had certain responsibilities and the central government had certain responsibilities. The distinction between these responsibilities is specifically identified in the Constitution but the actions of Congress by our elected officials appear to misunderstand these important distinctions. The decisions we make this election year is an opportunity for voters to set the stage for how government will operate in the future through those we elect to represent us.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 5 years ago

      Thanks for the comments. Glad you like it.

    • profile image

      seo-packages 5 years ago

      I would agree!!

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 5 years ago

      Bravo! This is the most important election in our history. These past four years have weakened us in the eyes of the world and emboldened our enemies . We are in dire straits economically and it is time for a fresh approach and a new face. This kind of failure would never be tolerated in the private sector.