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Those Assisting President Obama In The Betrayal Of Israel...

Updated on July 10, 2012

Those Assisting President Obama In Israel’s Betrayal…

Over the weekend, those who follow the news have seen the calculated efforts on the part of the elite, Left Wing media and the present Obama Administration, working in tandem, to undermine Israel in its Herculean efforts to protect itself from Iran. We saw military personnel of note from across the pond to Washington, D.C., speaking out about how difficult it is going be for Israel were she to attack Iran’s fortified nuclear facilities in the city of Qom and elsewhere. These efforts to undermine the Israeli efforts and to dampen her resolve to defend her territory and her people are not coincidences - it is what the Obama administration wants, especially using its surrogates in the media and elsewhere… hoping not to be too obvious because our President would like access to the coffers of the Jews for the upcoming Presidential election. Let me remind those who read this blog again that President Obama has yet to visit Israel almost four years into his administration - this is unprecedented and it is a testament how our current President feels about the Jewish state.

It is true that those speaking out against the Israeli pending attack of Iran’s nuclear facilities do so by highlighting that there are tough economic sanctions in place; but it seems comical to hear the usual suspects in the media, who traditionally and historically, at odds with the Jewish state, telling her how to defend her very existence. I will repeat what I have written in the past blogs that under no circumstances must Israel trust President Obama with any aspect of its security. I am not here to sugarcoat and tell the Israelis that mounting an attack on Iran will be a cake walk because, I am certain that the seasoned Israeli generals are privy to this reality - but what else is new for the Jewish state who has been on the brink of destruction since its inception, be it from the demonic forces in the Bible to the modern day hordes of Saracens.

Years ago, America established a posture of Mutually Assured Destruction, by pointing nuclear warheads at the Soviet Union, to combat the latter countries having countless nuclear weapons pointing at us… in the Middle East, the dictatorial Mullahs in Iran have said over and over again that it is their divine right to destroy Israel, even it meant sacrificing the entire region or world. I will use the same analogy I have used in the past by opining that Israel is no different from those of us who go to the doctor for our physicals or exercise or take certain vitamins as a form of preemption - this is what President Obama and his cohorts do not understand because… in their hearts of hearts, they believe that the Jewish state is an illegitimate entity - it is one of the ideological, specious hallmark of the far left Democratic movement… this specious truism for the Far Left Democrats is right up there with Abortion and the distribution of wealth by fiat.

I say again to Israel that the Traditional Christians are your only genuine friends in America and that you must remember and not forget that almost two years ago, former National-Security- Adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, under President Jimmy Carter, actually floated the idea that were Israel to attack Iran… noting and underscoring that since the Jewish air-crafts would have to fly over Iraqi air-space, on the way to attack Iran Nuclear arsenal, and since the air space was controlled then by the United States, Zbigniew Brzezinski said that the United States should prevent such a crossing, even engaging in actual combat against Israel. I am not surprise that those who make up the secular media do not understand the Divine danger they place themselves in by going against Israel, notwithstanding President Obama professed Christianity....


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    • Brupie profile image

      Brupie 6 years ago

      "Obama has yet to visit Israel almost four years into his administration - this is unprecedented and a testament to how our current President feels about the Jewish state."

      Many Presidents didn't make trips to Israel at all, e.g. George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, and Lyndon Johnson. George W. Bush didn't make a trip to Israel until late into his second term (Jan '08).