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Those Selfish Sonsabeeches in Washington!

Updated on March 23, 2020
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I tell the truth as I see it, holding nothing back. I have no agendas whatsoever.

This is now, and it will continue to get even worse until Washington does something to help America
This is now, and it will continue to get even worse until Washington does something to help America | Source

Well, they did it again. Those idiots in Washington fight along party lines and refuse to see the writing on the wall for America. While we in the trenches of everyday life hide in our homes, trying to decide if we should wander out to the store to see if any toilet paper has been received and run the gauntlet of germs we know (or at least are told) are out there, they sit in their mansions bickering like a bunch of old hens to decide the fate of our no longer great country.

That's right; they bitch about who gets what, who they will help and how much Big Business will get. All while we are scared to death because of this Pandora's Box of a virus China opened and let escape everywhere.

Thanks a lot, China. And thanks a lot to you too Washington.

While they worry over paying for the businesses who are foundering, they fail to understand that America is going down. America is made up of people, not businesses. Businesses are made up of people too. People make up everything there is and these people are without income, without a true destination in this storm. We are without a sail or a rudder, cast about on the stormy sea, adrift.

No leader, no one to step up and give us a direction. Every person in Washington has an agenda, and they will not put aside their own agenda for the good of the country; can't, won't, refuse to.

They have to protect their stockholders, donations for reelections, whatever.

What the Hell are we supposed to do!?

Yet they continue to get paid, have their superlative healthcare plan, be tested while the rest of us suffer without. We are not being paid, we cannot get tested, we cannot even get a straight answer when it comes to what we are going to do next. We are told to hunker down, so we hunker. We are told one thing, then another to contradict what we were just told. One day the death rate is 10%, the next it is 1%. One day we will be out of work until the end of the month, the next until Fall.

Some analysts are predicting another depression, with 20% unemployment extending for perhaps a year and a half, while another says we will recover by the end of the year.

Someone needs to grab the bull by the horns and make a decision. President Trump, I'm looking at you here.

Unfortunately, Trump cannot do this alone, he needs Congress and the Senate to get along. But they refuse, citing one excuse or another all while running to protect their interests. Use whatever analogy you choose: A flood of Biblical proportions is coming; a fire out of control sweeping across the nation; an earthquake rocking the very bedrock of our country, whatever. It all boils down to one very simple thing:

Washington doesn't give a shit about us; never has, never will. With all that is taking place, and it doesn't matter if you believe this is a bio-weapon out of control, Nature getting back at Mankind for the damage it has done to her, a Left leaning plot to overthrow Trump, a cold on steroids or merely bad luck, Washington will fight to protect their own at our expense. We are left to deal with the ramifications of their decisions all alone.

So, where does that leave us?

Smack in the middle of quicksand which is pulling us down whether we struggle or not. We cannot earn any money to pay our bills, yet they quibble over paying those we would otherwise be paying, like utilities and landlords, house payments, food and sundry. They want to pay them first to keep them solvent before giving us what would keep them solvent! Makes a helluva lot of sense, doesn't it?

Shore up the airline companies who have made record profits so they won't lose their shareholders money in the stock market. Yeah,that makes sense. Forget about the small businesses that are the lifeblood of America, forget about the ones who supplied those record profits. What was it Marie Antoinette said?

"Let them it cake"?

Is that what Congress and the Senate think, that we can just survive on nothing while they play footsie with Big Business and their supporters?

To those in Washington. Specifically, I am speaking to President Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Steny Hoyer, Jim Clyburn, Kevin McCarthy and Steve Calise. You better get your wagons in line and help the people who put you there! Forget about playing footsie under the table and helping your bullshit friends and help America! Take off the gloves (we all know you can't fight worth a damn anyway) and stop all the infighting! If you do not stop the bleeding going on right now, and find a way to give America some kind of triage we will bleed out and businesses across the country and the world will die. The economy will not, cannot survive in the state it is right now and the direction it is moving. And if you think it can, then you are far too stupid to be in any office beyond dog catcher!

People, I'm calling on you right now. All of the registered voters in America right now, and all of the unregistered who need to register before the next election. If our representatives in local, county, state, Congressional, Senate and Presidential do not do what they need to do to help us in our greatest hour of need...


Find someone, ANYONE else to vote for! Joe the butcher, John the policeman, Bill the Greatest Hubber Of Them All!! Vote for someone who gives a damn about you and me! Do not waste a single vote moving forward on any one of these idiots currently in office if they do not instantly, like RIGHT NOW get off their collective asses and come to an agreement that will help us! Are they so stupid that they don't realize that by helping us first they will help the economy survive? The airlines can spend some of the money they have made off our backs by paying for extra bags!

To Every Politician In Washington

If you want to help us and stay elected, you need to do this now
If you want to help us and stay elected, you need to do this now | Source

Washington, pull your head out of the sand, your ass, Big Business's ass wherever it currently is and MAKE IT HAPPEN! I'm not saying this as a threat, but I promise you, it could happen.

How many of you have seen The Hunger Games? How many remember the run on Panem? That will be what happens if Washington does not figure it out right quick fast and in a hurry. I am not saying it will be blood in the street, but it will be a run on the Capital to remove those living there right now and replace them with someone else, someone who will think about America and its citizens first, not their own pockets (like some Senators), or their friends (same group) and the big business group who are trying to dominate the money being looked at right now to hel p them first last and always.

Anyone would be better than who we have in office now if they cannot find their way to a decision that helps America and its citizens in this crisis. Not just healthcare, but their livelihoods.

Make it happen Washington. Our eyes are on you and our fingers are on the polling buttons.


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