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Those Who Refuse to Issue Marriage Licenses to Same-Sex Couples Should Remember This: You're Not Entitled to a Job

Updated on July 10, 2015
In the South, some county clerks are refusing a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that same-sex couples must be allowed marriage licenses.
In the South, some county clerks are refusing a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that same-sex couples must be allowed marriage licenses. | Source

Apparently, Religious Conservatives Think They Are Employed in a Socialist Paradise...

For a political subgroup that allegedly holds the principles of free market capitalism above all else, religious conservatives certainly do seem to think that they live in a socialist paradise where you are entitled to your job. This great irony is being played out in various counties across the southern United States as county clerks are refusing to abide by a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision to guarantee marriage rights to same-sex couples. While most county clerks are readily complying with the Court decision, scattered holdouts are insisting that their "religious freedom" cannot be infringed. Since giving same-sex couples marriage licenses would violate their religious beliefs, they say, they cannot be compelled to do so.

While you do have an inalienable right to your religious beliefs, guaranteed by the United States Constitution, you do not have an inalienable right to a job. This is not North Korea. If you are unable or unwilling to perform your stated job duties, it is your employer's right to terminate your employment. While you cannot be terminated because of your religious beliefs, you can be terminated for refusing to perform your stated job duties.

Those county clerks who view same-sex marriage as an abomination are completely entitled to those religious views. They are also completely seek employment in another field. Do your job, or get a different job. America allows you the freedom to seek different employment, which is a freedom communist nations like North Korea and Cuba do not allow.

As a public school teacher, I have to do many things that violate my sincere beliefs. It is my sincere belief that students be expected to bring their own school supplies, be held to high academic and disciplinary standards, and be allowed to fail. Legally, I must compromise on many of these issues. In today's public school environment, we are expected to provide school supplies, overlook much negative behavior, inflate grades, and automatically promote students to the next grade. Most fellow teachers, in my experience, complain about this sad state of affairs.

Yet, we know we must follow these job expectations or seek new employment. I could easily come up with religious reasoning for my strict education views and argue that, by having to offer make-up assignments, test retakes, and extra credit opportunities, the school district is infringing on my religious freedom. This, obviously, is a slippery slope. Soon, all public sector employees could refuse to do unpleasant parts of their respective jobs by claiming that those tasks violate their religious beliefs.

Allow late work? Since God did not allow the cup to pass Jesus by, I cannot allow the test or assignment to pass students by.

Very quickly, parents would rise up en masse and demand that teachers who ascribe to this hard line be terminated immediately. Ironically, these parents would include many religious conservatives who are today applauding the country clerks who are refusing to do their jobs! These parents, without a doubt, would use the same arguments I am using here: You may have a right to your religious beliefs, but you do not have a right to a job.

County clerks, do your jobs. If your religious beliefs say you cannot fulfill your job duties, quit. Seeketh new employment. In America, ye are blessed in this ability!


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      Then someone should explain that to President Obama when he refused to enforce the current immigration laws.

    • profile image

      Mike Mitchell 

      3 years ago

      Why would you want to remain at your job except for money? Sounds awful and I know you're speaking the truth. If you stood for principle, like the county clerk who resigned from her post, do you think you might be able to begin teaching my grand kids as they should be taught? Talented people with passion can change things. Look at what already has happened due to passionate people.


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