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Thoughts On Liberty & Contact Disclosure

Updated on June 14, 2011

CNN - Vatican investigating possibility of alien

One of the greatest issues in extraterrestrial contact disclosure is that the mentality and policies of secrecy are so entrenched in our society that any pro-disclosure faction in government, military, or corporations would be faced with opposing standing national security policy.  Among those who are anti-disclosure minded, they are more concerned with maintaining a semblence of control than they are with constitutional operation or the will of the people whom they are employed to serve.  

As a consequence a social facade has grown around the subject in which an unmoveably biased derision is attached to any journalistic approach and handling of the subject.  So, to what media or surface level governmental official would any pro-disclosure group go with proof or claims of contact activity?  I would ask you dear reader, which news media would you feel is trustworthy to the extent it is not so under the thumb of corporations or the three letter acronyms groups or other parties which benefit or fear changes in our planetary paradigm, that you could get more than a five second obscure blurb about it meant to do more than pacify but not reveal?

Any reporter proof or not would likely get dropped like a hot potato if it didn't take no or a rewrite of their submission for an answer.

The operative issue here is a mutual corruption and control of both the public and private sectares which make any attempt of public revelation which is in opposition of "policy" controlled by factions which despise true transparancy or public influence/control/command. To Disclose about Contact in a non-dislosure environment or where the current federal & state governments are puppets or face-plates for the real managers and the real controllers means being in the oppositions eyes, subversives.

The surface world is a chess game and there are those who travel and spray fire & fences ahead of the herd; who would keep the brilliance, adaptability, and spirit of humankind corralled.

Don't think this is not so....while humanity argues amongst themselves over petty issues and details, precidents are being set at every turn....

“Subversive Activities Registration Act”

I suggest to you that if you want Freedom, Truth, Disclosure, and your true human History then you will have to do what those in the past failed to will have to identify all other positive influences, movers, shakers, & leaders toward that end and you will have to come together despite all differences or lack of proof, as one power to make it open, truthful, transparent, honest, honorable, and just.

Or you can take your place along side the soviet era Russians, WWII Germany or Italy and call it quits before you've even started. This issue of Disclosure is bigger than Contact itself.  The embargo on the truth of UFOs & Contact is enmeshed in the deepest issues of failing liberty and corruption with our government, news media, and associated policy developers.

Here's an analogy - when a horseman works with a fearful green-broke horse, the horseman who clamps his legs tightly about the animal will experience the freedom desperate animal's contortions as it seeks release from that which it firmly believes will kill not only its body, but also its spirit. In contrast the experienced horseman does not clamp his legs tightly about the barrel of the young horse. Instead he sits lightly poised, perfectly balanced, supple with all movements irregardless of any extremes. He is light of hand on the rein and leans with the animal as it tears forward. The experienced rider partners the horse in spirit and deed. He does not demand, nor force, nor abuse. The results of such a riders workmanship is seen in the Grand Prix dance, or in the fiery duck and spin of the reining cow horse as he dogs down the steers in record time. Civilizations are not so different. They behave and respond the same given similar situations.

Our current leaders have not the bearing of the horse master....they clamp their legs and brandish the spur, the crop, and narrow bit behind hard hands. There is no horse that will suffer it long. Have you ever seen a horse so desperate to be rid of its tormentor that it will drop and roll for its freedom? I have.

I'm guessing that before we will see a human disclosure entailing truth and honor, that instead we will find ourselves wrestling toward a means to correct the fundamental roots of the problem which prevents it in the first place.  These roots are a lack of constitutional processes and open, honest representation of the will of the people.


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  • dasbiswajite profile image

    dasbiswajite 5 years ago

    I suggest to you that if you want Freedom, Truth, Disclosure, and your true human History then you will have to do what those in the past failed to will have to identify all other positive influences......