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Thoughts on Absolute Empowerment

Updated on June 7, 2010

Thoughts on Absolute Power

      There are things that each of us can do which are based on principles so important that nothing can stop us from carrying them out.  Each of us has the ability to look at the present-day situation and decide for themselves whether this is the sort of world that they want their children's children growing-up in. 

     Then, if your answer is: "No, I don't want them living like this!" , then you have to do something to interfere with this "Rule by Radiation".  I've thought this thing was The Antichrist and I've thought it was God.  The point at which YOU become Absolutely Empowered is the moment you say "I'm going to fight this because it is just plain wrong.  I don't care how bad they make me feel, I don't care if it kills me, I don't even care if I have to go to Hell for it when I die.  It is wrong, it won't go away until we at the very least speak up about it. 

     It is entirely possible to beat these bastards by collective thought.  This is a PSYCHIC society with psychic rulers, psychic bullies, psychic collectives and psychic mobs.  We need to ASSEMBLE and loudly think "To Hell with the assault on young minds with non-lethal weapons, to Hell with Brainwashing and Re-education of American Citizens through trauma to these people! " 

     Sure what they say is often "the right thing".  My point is that they are forcing us to think/act/be the right thing.  Everything has a very ARTIFICIAL FEEL to it.  These people really aren't big on the concept of mental freedom (understatement of the last three decades).  They assaulted me, my family and my very own child.  This mental "Slicing and Dicing of the Soul" is un-thinkable.  Nothing is more awful than invading the mind and breaking it by shocking/confusing/ projecting that person's worst nightmare into their dreams.  This Perfection was bought with Blood........the breaking/re-structuring of the human soul!  All this so our citizens will "be good". 

     With that said, we've all got to keep cool heads and not burn our minds out.  One good thing about the internet is that it preserves forever your opinions and beliefs.  What you say can change the World.  This is Web-based Activism.  The effect will be gradual.  People will open their eyes to the ugliness and slaughter behind this "Utopia":  a conspiracy based upon a RIGHTEOUS NOTION. 

     So, we start small and give ourselves breaks from the fight to keep going.  Then we hit the world again with the Truth.  Then we as individuals retreat.........just like our ancestors did in The American Revolution.  People these days aren't dumb, just brainwashed.  Deep down in each of these minds lies the ability to think for yourself.  It's like having torn a major ligament.  You must start small and move up to higher levels of willpower. 

     If you REMEMBER what happened to our world, if you can see what is wrong and how it is being accomplished - then you can escape it's clutches.  Try jamming out to something that makes you feel powerful for a couple hours and see if that doesn't shake something loose.  Look at my other tips:  change your thinking and behavior patterns , think of yourself as nothing with all the abilities/passions as you.  Somewhere along the line, you'll waske up and see that all this is wrong and you must practice remembering that. 

     When you write against the system, you are flexing your mental muscles.  You will know that no one else thought that for you.  By knowing that you committed a mental/physical/tangible act of rebellion, you know that it was ALL YOU and that is the ESSENCE of EXISTING:  MAKING CHOICES, NOT TAKING ORDERS.  We aren't "Monkies", Dinosaurs, Snakes, Spiders, Sharks or whatever else they call us.........we are PEOPLE.  All the crap you see on TV, the radio, the ear-ringing is designed to RE-EDUCATE/BRAINWASH/CASTRATE you so that you'll listen to the ringing in your ears instead your own mind.  Stop listening and start THINKING.........any way you can, be careful, do it intermittently.......we're a small group with millions against us.  Any and everything is justified in destroying this overly-tidy, soul-less, programmed world! 


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