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Living in a Controlled Society

Updated on June 15, 2014


If you want to know the value of a society's morality then look to its entertainment. If you want to know the value of its freedom then look to its permissiveness. If you want to know its level of greed and corruption then look to its government and corporate structure and if you want to know it's expectation of the futureā€¦ then look to yourself.

All Things Whither and Die

All things on this earth degrade, that is, all things whither and die within their span of existence. Life decays until it returns to nothingness; that which is created by another living entity is destined to follow suit with that which created it.

Ideas are not living they are abstractions of an imaginative process that remains in existence only as long as the implementation of its concepts are practiced. But, all the great ideas of mankind sooner or later make their journey down to the depths of decay for there are always those who distort their meaning to suit their own selfish needs.

Those that are consumed by their hunger for power and money wallow in their own egos. They are willing to employ any lengths to acquire what they must have. They are ruthless human beings who corrupt all they come in contact with fulfilling their dreams through lies, deception, greed, hypocrisy, and exploitation of others.

What They Do

To accomplish their goals some seek high positions in government and corporate structure, others, exact their dominance by seeking their control at the more direct lower levels of human necessity. The higher their positions the more corrupt they will become and the larger their sphere of influence. Ah, but they "feel your pain," and assure you that their benevolence is only to benefit the recipient. They exist only to serve, but make no mistake about it, the only thing they serve is themselves. Whatever they do, is to further their status, their pockets, and their own ends.

Their most effective form of influence is illusion. Using all forms of media: television, newspapers, radio, magazines, direct mailing, computer phone calls, mobile devices, email, and internet, they relentlessly regurgitate their message with a never ending deluge of deception, and emotional and psychological manipulation creating a reality that does not exist.

Corporations use advertisements to peddle their inferior quality products with retouched and edited photographs and videos. "Food Artists" attend schools learning how to prepare visions of oversized and overstuffed sandwiches, burgers, and soups. They promise culinary delight, but deliver culinary disgust. Claims that have no basis in fact are subliminally droned into the consciousness by people well versed in the subtle art of deception. Messages of pure stupidity which have nothing to do with their products are touted as cute and funny while in reality they are nothing more than diversions enlisted to create a false image.

Repetitiveness is the law of the land, it acts as a hammer driving a nail over and over again into a slowly yielding piece of wood. People have become so hammered by these assaults they don't even realize to what depths they have been affected. They have been conditioned to move through their daily lives with zombie like obedience and little resistance. It makes no difference what the product is like just keep it's name and image in the mind of the consumer and sell, sell, sell!

All Forms of Government are Corrupt

All forms of government are corrupt and the working class is always exploited. It makes no difference what form of government it is, they just use different methods of corruption. Some use brute force and strict adherence to rules, guidelines, regulations and laws, which they themselves are not bound by, others prefer a more indulgent approach but they all use their authority to increase their power and wealth.

Some make "backdoor" deals and meet with "lobbyists" who "donate money and other valuable assets" in attempts to "persuade the Honorable Sirs" to see things their way. Some stand before podiums and make speeches filled with words devoid of any substance and then applaud and congratulate themselves as if what they said actually made a difference.

Others control the masses by being their benefactor/father, dispersing to their indigent wards just enough to continue existence. Others, under corporate influence, turn a deaf ear to those who fall prey to the never ending cycle of ever increasing prices, exorbitant interest rates, and never ending indebtedness.

Note: We are told by our government that inflation is very low, of course if you remove the two main inflation causing factors, food and energy, what else would you expect?

They replace human interaction with addicting technologies and placate the working class by extolling the virtues of self and thereby doubting one's own sense of conscience. They numb the mind and stifle awareness by encouraging increased permissiveness and self-gratification. They appeal to the baser forms of human emotion and indoctrinate and cultivate fertile minds with the incremental suppression of moral values.

The "Devil is in the details" they say but don't let that sway you from evaluating the "Big Picture." Be aware of how the smaller resolutions of societal modifications when looked at as a whole, might reveal a larger more sophisticated attempt at imposing a little more authority and a little more control over society's freedoms and behavior. They could be an admonition of future exploitations.

Question "common knowledge," you know those little bits of wisdom that float around in the mind of society that many people quote and believe without questioning their origin. The best propaganda is a potpourri of truth and fabrication.

Is It Really Entertainment?

Under the guise of "freedom of speech" the entertainment industry has "spit in the face" of every American. They dictate what you see and hear. They believe most Americans enjoy watching people urinating and relieving themselves on screen and that they love to watch people being lustful and intimate and don't forget pervasive foul language and intense violence, this is a must, and oh yes, torture, we can not do without torture, and don't forget the movies with intricately woven plots of a virus that turns everyone into flesh eating maniacs.

Most action movies have no plot whatsoever. They begin with scenes of speeding military vehicles or cars, loud noises, then some scenes filled with massive killing and plenty of blood and dismemberment while all throughout they are sprinkled liberally with crude language, then maybe some momentary dialogue, then back to intense... well you know.

But, they have ratings, well, the problem with ratings is that the people who rate these films work for the entertainment industry. They are of the same mindset and bearing in mind that all things degrade, the ratings become more lax over time as to what is permissible for different age groups. In the past one could be fairly certain that a PG13 rating didn't allow any foul language, but today 4-letter words are becoming commonplace.

Do you really want some Hollywood flunky dictating to you what is acceptable for your child to hear and watch?

Greed in America

The greed in America is disgusting! To satisfy their never ending lust for more and more money corporations enlist overseas labor markets while down seizing the American work force effectually causing massive unemployment.

Foreign Customer Service call centers are manned by people with such heavy accents that it becomes difficult to understand what they are saying, that is, after you get through a maze of computer menu selections meant to annoy and frustrate you. Illegal aliens are permitted to invade the country with the government's approval because they work cheaper and don't expect any benefits and as we are told, "they do the jobs Americans won't do." Well, I didn't know that Americans were that lazy or arrogant especially when it comes to putting food on the table.

Manufacturing has all but left America with quality of product being the least important aspect of production. Get it done as cheaply as possible, and charge the highest price the "market will bear," that's all that matters. Today superficiality rules and substance is of little value.

In the Beginning

The beginning of the corporate restructuring of America was in October of 1973. Foreign oil dependency was about 35% as OAPEC ostensibly in response to a U.S. weapons deal with Israel, imposed an oil embargo against America and some other countries. In March of 1974 when the embargo ended the retail price of gas had risen to 84 cents per gallon from 38 cents per gallon.

The contrived shortage sparked price increases for all products sold to consumers. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon and everyone claimed shortages as justification for their actions--the strange thing was if the consumer paid the price they were asking there was always plenty of goods available for sale. Corporations then seized upon this opportunity while silently, without notification, they began restructuring prices higher and redefining quantities and qualities. It continues to this day, with no end in sight.

Over a period of years consumers have seen a plotted steady incremental growth of exorbitant pricing with quantity reductions of 25% or more across the board. The pound has now been "redefined" to 12 or 10 oz, half gallon containers have been reduced to 59 oz, canned foods have been shrunk to 14 or 14.5 oz with a myriad of other reductions too numerous to mention.

This, coupled with decreases in quality, especially meats in supermarkets, which have now become tasteless and chewy, and bread under $5.00 per loaf translate into more revenue for the manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. If they give less and their cost is less (reduction in quantity and quality) the consumer must purchase the items more frequently.

Is There An Answer?

Well, the problem is many people don't care. They're either too busy with their daily lives and don't realize how they are being manipulated or they don't want to think about it because it depresses them. Some just accept it as a way of life, "that's the way business is" or "you can't fight City Hall."

If people would exercise restraint they would recognize the enormous power that is at their disposal. When using this "defense" against the "big bullies" either one of two things would happen. Either, the product would be taken off the market, which is unlikely, or, the price would go down. If things you normally buy increase in price or suffer from a quantity reduction or both, then don't buy them.

Think about it, America's economy since Nixon took it off the Gold Standard is simply based upon making a few people very rich. Consumers are told to spend money to create jobs and support a growing economic system. With greed growing like a cancer and moral decay fostering the debasement of human behavior it is no wonder that each new generation becomes more corrupt then the generation that preceded it widening the disparity between those that take and those that are taken.

As in the days of the conquering hordes that swept through and pillaged unsuspecting villages, ruthless people pillage from society that which enables their conquest advancing their rank, status, power, and authority as modern day conquering monarchs.

Is there really an answer? Well, revolution is one, and it's happening all over the world, but as soon as the revolution is over... it will all begin again!

George Orwell's Classic Prediction "1984"

Big Brother is watching you NOW! Don't let this happen here!


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    • Wickramshingle profile image

      Wickramshingle 3 years ago from East Coast

      tsadjatko thanks for the comment and support. In saying all governments are corrupt as you realized, I was not speaking of the principles on which they were founded but on a more abstract level: the corruption that taints human nature. The veracity of the statement lies within the reality that if no man can truly rule himself then how can he rule others? Man is, as you know, corrupt and corruption breeds more corruption.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 3 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      You do look at things from an interesting viewpoint which stimulates thought about your subject. That is good. But when you say "All forms of government are corrupt" I don't think that is really what you mean. Although a form of government can be corrupt in and of itself all governments are only as good as the people running it. It is people who are corrupt and who corrupt government. Although that may seem like splitting hairs it is as profound as the fact that guns are not the cause of mass murders, the murderers are.

      Governments are based on principles. In the case of the US these principles are anything but corrupt. What I get from most of what you wrote seems to agree with what I've said but there are those who will ignore all that and simply jump to the conclusion that yeah, govenments, corporations, religion you name it they are all corrupt when in reality they are abstractions from the real problem which is the sinfulness of all humankind. All mankind was corrupt from near the very beginning. I vote UP, USEFUL and INTERESTING and I'm following you. I like how you think.