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Thoughts on getting beyond extraterrestrial confirmation May 01 2013

Updated on May 1, 2013

Rep Lynn Woolsey - "I'm going to go and find out why we can't find out"

Holism - consideration of the war on terrorism in terms of position, perspective, and context

Too many in our nation still do not see the value of pursuing the truth of matters. They are quick to accept authoritarian governance sourced explanations without verification effort. They only listen to half of discussions and formulate opinions upon their meager discoveries. They readily throw away their natural rights in addiction to the fear-to-pacification process which then leads to false sensations of security. And they don't understand the value of constructive criticism.

A recent political question with heavy implications has been asked, "The global war on terrorism may escalate soon, is it worth it considering consequences unforeseen?" ~ c mark walker in U.S. War on Terrorism at There's a loaded question whose answer depends a great deal upon perspective and position.

If your position is from within the uninformed or minimally informed population then it carries a different answer than it would if you were a viewing it from a position of provisional government, such as Congress or the POTUS or as a GAO analyst.

Again it would carry an equally different answer if you were examining the question from a position within the permanent government, or an affiliated corporation, or even as a member of the conspiracy research community whether of a straight corruption bent or even from one including the embargo on information concerning ambiguous or soon to be unambiguous extraterrestrial contact.

Position does indeed contribute to clarity in sight. It is the difference in seeing the recent acts of aggression upon the general population in the form of city lockdowns and house to house removals of occupants and warrantless searches as the System of our Constitutional Republic gone insanely-run-amok versus seeing beta-testing of public inclination to resist thorough control and disarmorment in the course of preparations for unambiguous contact which is believed by permanent government to be the catalyst for full unadulterated societal meltdown. This presents itself as a very vital contributor to the question of unforeseen consequences with regards to constructing a further evolution in escalation of the global war on terrorism. Position and perspective of those who dish out and those who are on the receiving end. Two way streets-where individuals and groups exhibit a preference for missing that little bit of imperative truth.

Mac's UFO News

Event updates and short video tapings (2-3 minutes each) showing the live Event.
Event updates and short video tapings (2-3 minutes each) showing the live Event. | Source

Confirmations, Green Dogs, and Unfinished Tasks: appropriate preparations to move beyond them

The recent 2013 Citizens Hearing on Extraterrestrial Disclosure which was streamed live to the world and attended to by retired provisional government representatives portrays at best a minimalist confirmation of phenomenon perceived by the general population and dedicated researchers, but does little to establish a real disclosure of current ongoing Contact that qualifies as informing the public. Particularly since it barely scratches the surface of the dialog necessary to reveal the interconnections between acts of self-preservation within our environment and the powers and influence of the two forms of government specified above, provisional versus permanent. It also does not open avenues of discourse between permanent government or the people, whereas previous attempts by system inhabitants were met by poor manners, bad blood, and a taste for recompense on the part of the general population. That however does not devalue the confirmation which comes in a number of forms covered in the Citizens Hearing, including about the Rendlesham Forest/Bentwaters AFB case from 1980 and other topics wound tightly round the merry May pole of the secrecy embargo, incessently over the years.

The problem with what has been called "retail UFO-logy" is an aversion to open dialogs that attend to the political, anthropological, sociological and spiritual contexts neccessary for civilization to view an end to human miopia with a holistic lens that maintains us far from the clutches of societal implosion. Retail UFO-logy, and even to a fair degree exopolitics is not comfortable with a marriage proposed by the broader Conspiracy which infects a corrupted system. Nor will it entertain another proposal of fosterage and redrawing of the social relationship with permanent government which after skepticism wielded as a sword of decapitation finds all who are not they as too toxic to deal with.

Three ways by which we interrogate our world.
Three ways by which we interrogate our world.

Inability to communicate equates to conflict among the uninformed

With so many groups in our story incapable of establishing real relations between themselves, truth, and position, I do wonder how human society will manage in the face of adding a whole community external to our current perceptions entirely. With so little time left to establish these necessary lines of communication, relational being, and greater understanding of our planet's predicament, I contemplate the genesis of our entrance under circumstances where the general population views not two parallel forms of government but rather one bent on locking them down, stripping them of their natural rights, weapons, food and then depopulating them, whilst on the "should have been" beachhead of knowledge there lies the definitive feeling by the most educated observers that UFOlogy should be deconstructed and UFOlogists put out to pasture. This isn't the recipe for a higher awareness taking root on this eccentric little blue world, unless it comes somewhere after the sudden stop at that bottom of the fall to be experienced by ALL parties in the mix.

Reason makes no deference for any victims of the unforeseen. Poor preparation is not something we settle for. Hiding in self-preservation at the cost of those to whom you are mutually beholden whether by Oath or other ethos not consciously defined by the mere holding of power and influence, is no better than New Age or fundamentalist accoutrements. Paint the dog green with purple spots and he's still a misbegotten dog banging the leg of the tree of life.

There are serious consequences involved when we construct our reality around deceptions, omissions and unfinished tasks. These things reinforce unforeseen misconceptions about actions and result in blowback that none may be able to afford. We are loath to think that muslim fundamentalists may be the least of our problems. Green dogs are easy. Sorting out complex truths take real effort, patience and a mature regard once in hand.

We as a planet on a short time allotment are in desperate need to move forward in our societal evolution toward a life that acknowledges we do not reside in a closed-system. What do we do in the face of those who move on with their tasks unfinished because fear of implosion, loss of position, or power or resources? What do we do with our own complicity in unforeseen consequences because a permanent government is left feeling incapable of completing those tasks?...because myopia is non-discriminatory and tyranny, no matter how prettily dressed, plows its own path which historically creates that which it was intended to prevent.

FiOs. All things in good time.


Pre-1970, "....they are a people of unimaginable potential!" (for good!)

1975, " them remember who they are!"

Exopolitical to Conspiracy Theory Relationship Background


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