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Thoughts that Free the Mind

Updated on June 28, 2010

Ways to Free your Mind

      In a society that has no privacy where there is a great deal of thought-manipulation going on, it pays to think in un-conventional ways that would be considered "crazy" 20 years ago.  Methods have been developed to influence how we feel/think/act.  What comes out of your television, low-level microwave exposure, subliminal thought implantation and some very un-natural "vibes" make this world a "psychic jungle" where only very elusive personalities survive. 

     Start with this exercise in how to perceive our Scared New World.  Say/think to yourself: "I am aware of what I'm not aware of, yet still un-aware, aware, not aware, aware, not"......faster and faster.  Eventually, you burn out your ability to be surprised or shocked by anything.  We could be in the midst of an Alien Invasion and you wouldn't care one way or the other.  See, if you cannot be: shocked, humiliated, degraded, insulted or offended, you also cannot be mentally-invaded.  You are wary, yet oblivious at all times and in varying degrees that render you UNPREDICTABLE.  You can call this "guided innocence". 

      We are as comfortable as we can make ourselves, yet make the right moves.  We know on an intellectual level that things "just aren't quite right", then we calm our instinctive minds by denying that anything is wrong, whether it IS or ISN'T.  You've got to find a mental-state in which you are comfortable before you can even start to free your mind from your "Programming Environment".  Any reality, mental-image, song you can give your mind to think about will push out/jam the wave of people/energy that is constraining your conciousness.  Temporarily changing your neurochemistry will make you harder to nail down.  I stress TINY amounts here or they will "kill" your mind by cutting you off at un-predictable times and then hitting you with all they've got. 

      PERCEIVE YOURSELF as living like a burning fuse.  You are a bright, ever-changing burst of energy moving constantly forward, constantly DELETING your memory so that it doesn't get PROGRAMMED.  "They" work by constantly jarring your mind with fake emergencies, anything to cause EMOTIONAL STRESS/PAIN.  Just keep forgetting: that way those "little shock" memories don't pile up on you and slow the natural inertia of your OWN mind.  Learn to laugh at your predicament, that way you have two layers of protection from their "rain".  Then you won't be MENTALLY WEAK/ open to being supplanted by a PATTERN instead of a PERSONALITY. 

      Be re-born every few minutes or so.  That will lighten up your day.  A new mind is able to enjoy/endure a lot better than an old mind.  There is no way for them to stop a person who doesn't think he/she knows what they are doing ON PURPOSE.  When they call you a "conner", "liar", "cheater" obliviously happy and keep on remembering/knowing nothing.  This will eventually DEPROGRAM your mind, bringing back the color and randomness to your personality.  After all, what is a personality without FREEDOM.........probably a program. 

     Seek a purely un-defined reality: no assumptions, no concepts, no words.......just an empty mind seeking to expand.  In this state, you cannot understand the disparaging messages they are somehow sending your mind.  If you also have a positive attitude, you may not even notice the most vicious of their mental attacks.  You cannot train a mind which doesn't understand their commands.  By simply staying alive inside, we disrupt this over-planned, mechanical society because being free feels better than being a slave.  It is in our laugh, our facial expressions and our passion.  It has a LIFE of it's own!    

      You can evolve upward just by rendering yourself un-trainable.  They remove quite a chunk of you when they have you in their "net".  They will call you a "monkey"/"dinosaur" for refusing their precious programming.  Well, let me tell you how it feels to be programmed: 1. Dead inside 2. miserable outside 3. living in constant fear and 4. wondering if you even want to keep on living.  They came close, but they were never able to break me.  Life simply sucked, now with my counter-measures and ideas I enjoy my life.  The world often looks just like it did 15 years ago - the way it ought to look now! 


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    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 7 years ago

      O.K. Jimmy.......I'm curious. I get electronically-harassed for doing things normal people did just 10 years ago. I think "joining" would probably involve the LOSS of enough of that thing you call "a Soul" to justify my NO vote. I'm working on being a Christian because we just might GET ARMAGGEDON with all these peeps SO TIGHTLY CONTROLLED.

      They made me feel just like I was dying replete with chest contractions/pain and subliminal images of my funeral AT WORK. I've had people lay "when you die" advertisements near my door. They rigged my car so that it couldn't slow down and pointed guns at me. I don't back down to this mind-control B.S./threats and my quality of life improves as I learn to elude their tricks. Whoever controls these people really ought to tell them to back off because I'm not dying anytime soon.......and I'm not shutting-up, either!

    • Captain Jimmy profile image

      Captain Jimmy 7 years ago from WV

      I've been there, There is a better way!