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Mouse O' Tears

Updated on February 14, 2010

 "Plenty sit still. Hunger is a wanderer."

Zulu proverb

Storytime mood music

Taken to the sudden & tragic demise of " Self-Loathing Mouse"
Taken to the sudden & tragic demise of " Self-Loathing Mouse"
One for all and all for one
One for all and all for one

This is a modification of the story
from "Catch Me if You Can"...

There were these three farm mice
living well for many years.
Then times got tough on the farm.

As the story goes,
while they were searching for food
they happened upon an urn
half full of cream.

Being as hungry as they were,
and try as they may
they just couldn't reach the cream.

The pessimist mouse,
being lactose intolerant,
decided it wasn't worth the effort
and suggested they continue searching.

The optimist mouse,
having a dairy fetish,
wasn't quite so willing
and suggested the other mice
hang on a moment
while leaned in to
wet his whistle on the prize.

The pragmatist mouse pondered,
concluded it was too risky
but only warned of the danger.

Being the optimist mouse
a excellent swimmer
the pragmatist mouse acquiesced,
none the less
going on the record
by shaking his head in disapproval.

As it goes the mouse
fell into the cream
and could only stay
afloat for so long.

As the optimist was going down
for the third time
the pragmatic mouse suddenly
jumped into the urn of cream.

He shouted to the exhausted optimist

Before long the cream in the urn
was churned to butter
and they simply stepped out.



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