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Three Ways You Can Support Military Personnel

Updated on June 9, 2016

America's brave men and women in uniform who serve our country with dignity and pride are to be honored, respected and supported. Whether you personally know a military person or not, there are ways in which you can show your appreciation by supporting their priceless efforts.

Here are three ways each and every one of us can show those in uniform that we, as Americans, care deeply about what our military men and women do for us and our country, each and every day.

Send Care Packages and Donations

If you,usually, have a jam-packed schedule and feel that supporting our troops in one way or another could be too time-consuming, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Anyone with a computer can log onto SupportOurTroops.Org and donate right on line. This public-purpose, nationwide charity is a venue, through which, anyone can build the morale of our troops at home and abroad via care packages, tax-deductible contributions as well as offering public support on the program's Facebook page.

Care packages are a bit hit and contain items you contribute based on requests from troops abroad. Special attention is given to those men and women who are on combat duty in some of the most-remote parts of the world. Books and magazines, music CD's, beef jerky and flavored coffee are only a few examples of the types of items that are appreciated, more than you know. And, at times, those who receive these simple gifts are in tears knowing someone back home genuinely cares. Additionally, personal letters to a soldier you may not even know is a morale booster that goes way beyond written sentiments.

Monetary donations, which are tax-deductible, support the program by helping to pay for shipping costs and other expenses associated with shipping packages worldwide. Monetary assistance also goes towards family assistance for troops returning home from war and, even, for K-9 Soldier treats. The US has more than 2,000 military dogs that serve a crucial role in missions around the world – many times, saving the lives of those they serve.

Empower Military Veterans and Their Families

Another wonderful organization to become familiar with is called Got Your 6 is intended to by synonymous with 'Got Your Back'; and this program partners with celebrities in the entertainment industry, nonprofit organizations, the US Government and private sponsors. Got Your 6 is a nonprofit campaign that unites all these partners to strengthen communities across the country and help people, like you, gain insight on how you, along with the other partners, can get involved with various opportunities that are military-related. This would include: 1) learning how to hire a veteran 2) getting information on how to participate in National Days of Service – such as Veteran's Day and others and 3) learning how you can make a difference with reintegrating and empowering veterans to utilize their unique skills to strengthen their respective communities.

As a supportive volunteer with Got Your 6, you will be connected with service projects and organizations that make a huge difference with how veterans transition back into the private sector; and with your support, our military men and women feel genuinely appreciated and valued.

Display Military Emblems

We see emblems that support sports teams and we see car and truck emblems on every vehicle on the road; but what about emblems that support our military? They, too, exist; and whether you know of someone who has served in combat, was in special forces, is a Vietnam Vet or is listed as a POW or MIA, remembering and acknowledging our military men and women by way of military emblems, is a loving way to show support for their valor and immense contributions to our country.

Metal, chrome-plated emblems are, especially, classy and can be attached anywhere on your vehicle and complement the lettering or logos already on your car, truck or SUV.

Supporting our military in any way possible – it reflects our patriotism and our appreciation, and is the American thing to do!


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