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Three good reasons why America is not evil

Updated on February 3, 2011

America the great

Many countries just do not like America, and many people around the world even consider America to be evil. Many call America the evil empire, or that America causes problems around the globe, or that the world would be a much better place without America. Well, there are many reasons why America is not evil, and lets go over three good reasons why America is not evil.

America gives, gives and gives some more

One of the biggest reasons why America is not evil, is the fact that America gives billions and billions of dollars in aide to countries that are poor. When major disasters occur in poor countries, America is donates more money than most other countries. America also donates a lot of food and other stuff that countries need, and most of the time, it is America that donates the most of everything.

America keeps the world safe

There are many people who believe that America makes the world a much more dangerous place, and that if America minded its own business, then the world would be much more safe, but this is not one-hundred percent true. America is pretty much the only country that is aggressively fighting terrorism. There are many countries fighting terrorism but America is the country that seems to be fighting terrorism with the most aggression. If America just sat back and did nothing, then terrorists would most likely target other countries much more often, more often than they do now.

America is still the land of opportunity

America is very lenient when it comes to illegal immigrants. America is still the land of opportunity, and immigrations laws are not as strict, or enforced, as many other western countries. Thousands and thousands of people come to America each and every year, and even illegal immigrants are well taken care of in America, when compared to how a lot of other countries treat illegal immigrants.


America may be hated around the world, but whether or not they want to admit it, America is not that evil, and the United States does a lot more good for the world than bad. Every country has their flaws, and so does America, but America is one of the most helpful countries in the world.


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    • onegoodwoman profile image

      onegoodwoman 6 years ago from A small southern town


      When the world needs a friend.......the USofA stands tall and ready.

      And when we are in the midst of a hardship........???