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Three women claiming to be a dead man’s wife and fight for his legacy

Updated on September 23, 2011

Upon the death of a man, three women stood out to claim as his wife and it turned out two as his lawful wives. Beijing Morning Post reported.

Over 50-year old Mr Ma passed away due to overdrunk, because he didn’t leave any will, his huge legacy caused a trial. When Ma’s unlawful son sued his first wife, things started to get complicated. Another woman claimed as his lawful wife took a daughter and son to arrive at the court. Now three “wives” and five children got together to fight for his legacy. As reporter said, the trial begins on October 13rd in Shun YI court in Beijing.

A wealthy man’s death and an emerge of a son

Mr Ma has been engaging in the business of tourism and real estate for a long time and has a dozens of houses in SHUYI and nearby counties and a resort. His real estate company got compensated a few million dollars because of demolition. He also contracted a few thousand acre land in HeBei province and has a dozens of cars. Mr Ma suddenly passed away in 2009 due to overdrunk, he didn’t leave any will thus arousing a big trial.

The plaintiff named Qiang claimed to be his son gave birth from his unlawful wife required to claim his huge legacy, but he does not want to share any part of it. Because he is not an adult, his mother Miss Li appeared on behalf of him and sued Mr Ma’s lawful wife Miss Jin to share the whole legacy.

Miss Jin has no idea Mr Ma has a son and a wife besides her. She said she has a son and a daughter with Mr Ma and they are all grown ups. They should all participate in the lawsuit and afterwards the two arrived at the court and requested the legacy.

Another lawful wife appeared.

Out of everyone’s expectation, when the court was ready to open to judge the lawsuit, another woman claiming to be his wife came with a son and a daughter. She said she is the real wife and strongly requested the share of his legacy.
  Miss Tian said she is the lawful wife and they have certificate and a daughter and a son. So she requested that the share of Mr Ma’s legacy as his lawful representative.
  It is reported that Mr Ma divorced in 1999 from his first wife but remarried in 2002. But during the marriage is in effect, Mr Ma took the divorce certificate to marry with Miss Tian in Feb 2003 in ChengDe. Later they had a son and a daughter. Mr Ma and Qiang’s mother were not married but cohabited together like a couple. Now, who is real owner of the legacy is still unknown.


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