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Tila Tequila, Is she really a attention getter.

Updated on January 9, 2010

Tila Tequila

Do You Think She Wants Attention.

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Do you think Tila craves attention?

How much attention do you believe one person needs? The next question is, how much do we really need of someone standing and waiting for someone to take out their trash in order to catch a snap shot of what they look like when removing trash from their home. Do we really feel that we need to have that going on around us. Do you think we are contributing to the nonsense that goes on around the whole Hollywood scene.

I think that we do not have enough excitement in our own lives that we have nothing better to do than to stare at magazines that contain photographs of the stars in awkward moments with no make up or to find them in compromising positions in order to have something to talk about with our girlfriends over tea and cookies.

The whole problem with watching these things going on in Hollywood is that we are contributing to our stars who are trying to live their lives with out the media spotlight that when someone who comes along just looking for the attention, we jump on it. Just because some of the stars want their lives in the lime light does not mean that we have to stalk and what not the stars that do not.

What ever happened to respecting someones privacy? What happened to the days that we could take our trash out with out worrying that someone is right there just waiting to catch me with the wrong fashion designers on or without worrying about what my hair looks like for that short distance to our trash cans.

We should respect those individuals who are not like Tila Tequila, who obviously is lacking the love and support of her family and craves the attention of all the cameras and such.  Why do we feel like we have to have her every moment broadcasted across the internet either via Twitter or Myspace. Why do we contribute to her life that we feel that we have to sit back and just watch every waking moment that she is broadcasting across the whole internet letting everyone know what she is doing when she is doing it.

People like Tila Tequila are not who we look forward to for our children to grow up wanting to be like. We should be focused on other members who are worth our time and are better role models for our children. Do we really want to allow someone who does nothing but spend her time calling people trash, saying what someone is worth and what they are not worth. We should not be encouraging our children that it is ok to broadcast on the internet unworthy comments of our time and that there is no problem with this.

The problem is that it is also not just Tila Tequila who is doing this. There are other people all over twitter who are saying these rude comments about people that we should boycott the use of all the websites who allow this nonsense to go on. I know I will be focused on other websites other than just these social sites who allow these things to go on.


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