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Tim Tebow Succumbs To Gay Pressure....

Updated on July 14, 2013

Tim Tebow Succumbs To Gay Pressure....

There are many Hollywood stars I see now and then on the religious channels (TBN and Day-Star) professing their faith in Christ Jesus and I would always say to my wife and mother that were you to ask most of them if they supported gay marriage… everyone of them would say that they do, contrary to the Word of God. The almost unanimous support for gay marriage by our pop heroes and sheroes are not only confined to Hollywood - but to many of our Sports heroes too. So when there was specious outrage on the part of gays and their supporters because of Tim Tebow's agreement to preach a couple of sermons at a Traditional Christian church in Texas, I knew that he would succumb to the pressure of those who wrongly labeled the Texas church as anti-gay because the latter via its preacher, Robert Jeffress, look at marriage through a Traditional Christian prism.

In watching the television reports on the Tebow decision to visit the church, we are told that Pastor Jeffress engages in hate speech from his pulpit because he dared to repeat the many admonitions - including that one that says marriage should be between a man and a woman - from the One God recorded in His Bible/Word that I among many read on a regular basis. When gay marriage was codified in New York, I wrote in a blog in this forum that the hold up was for the legislatures to carve out a safe-harbor in the law… so not to punish preachers like Jeffress who wanted to adhere to the Traditional teachings on the issue of marriage, instead of perverting the Word and saying that the Bible gives its assent to same-sex marriages. But what gays and their supporters could not do by legislation, they are doing by bringing pressure on those whose livelihood depend on the public support... forcing said public to coerce these wishy-washy-Christians to shun those of us who take a traditional, Biblical stance on same sex marriage and other issues.

Those Jesus believing actors and athletes like Tim Tebow give in to the pressure by gay groups and their supporters because these worldly Christians are afraid of the negative publicity, and, moreover, being labeled as haters, which then affect their wages. Another gripe about Jeffress is that he basically said that all other worship outside Jesus as Lord and Savior is idol worship - again, I dare anyone to show me in the Bible where Pastor Jeffress is in error! This anti-Christ position of punishing those who hold a Traditional take on the teachings of the Bible should not surprise anyone who reads his or her Word. What has been happening in England and Canada (that of punishing Traditional Christian preachers and labeling them as haters for adhering to the Word that says same-sex marriage is an abomination) is also happening here and it is going to get worse….

As a boy growing up in the hamlet of Saint Paul’s Saint Kitts, my grandmother taught me not to steal, lie, covet, and to honor my mother and father (who then was grandma), not to commit Fornication, Adultery, among other no, nos in the Bible - I think of the utter hate speech she engaged in for conveying the Word of Jesus. Grandma also taught me and she was and is supported by the Bible that Rosary Beads, the Koran, Mormonism, Buddhism, or anything other religion or teachings that do not recognize Jesus as the only avenue to God are indeed idol worship. I supposed that all of us who have been thieves, liars, Fornicators, Adulterers, among the other proscriptions above, can all sue grandma for hate speech too. These are the times we are living in and I would like to tell my Traditional believing Christian brothers and sisters that it is going to get better… but it is not going to.

The time is nigh when they will see fit to literally kill those of us who are Traditional Christians under the secular twin banners of Ecumenism and Political Correctness; and you may say, Verily Prime, what you are saying and predicting cannot happen here in a free America - but watch! I pray to Jesus that I have the courage of my conviction in His Word because witness how Christians like Tim Tebow are being forced to de-facto abandon the traditional teachings of The Word for the sake of earthly acceptance and mammon… and we must also be mindful that Tebow’s life was not threatened like the Biblical martyrs like Stephen, only the former’s livelihood. I beseech Christ Jesus that if He sees that in the future that I will betray Him by accepting another gospel or accept a perversion of His Word, which is just as bad… I ask Christ to mercifully strike me down, so that my immortal Soul is secured for His heavenly kingdom.


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