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Time for the New...Citizens for Change

Updated on March 22, 2015

Joining Forces...From ALL Sides

After careful consideration, and speaking with others involved in the forum, we hear what everyone is saying. You are correct! This forum is getting off the original course, and we do not want to lose the momentum that we have begun!
In light of that, we believe it is time for a change, a new beginning, so to speak. Another group has been created, Citizens for Change. The group that has been working diligently behind the scenes to get some of your ideas into action, will be working together in the other forum, with one moderator. As we have said in this forum, there will be no political party affiliation, we do encourage those that are running in the Mayoral election, to join the group, but will ask that any type of campaign promoting, or self promoting, will not be tolerated in the forum.
Additionally, we will attempt to contact other forums, to coordinate all efforts in ELO; if you have a forum we will link together to provide the most accurate information for the citizens of ELO.
This is about community. We are coming together to provide a community that is bustling with economic resources, places for children to play, tourist attractions, and to stop the epidemic of drugs.
Our mission is to form a cohesive group that will be an asset for the Mayor, not a hindrance. Committees are already forming for restoration of the city including gardening and litter control. The Superintendent is pleased to hear that we want to get drug programs into the school.
None of this is going to be done, if we do not ban together, respect one another, and get the boots on the ground!
All of us have differing roles to play, our own uniqueness that we can contribute to rebuilding the city. It just takes a group of people dedicated to the mission...and might I add, regardless of where they live.

2015 Primary/Election Nominees

East Liverpool City: (Democratic primary will be conducted)
Mayor: 1 to nominate from each party
• Lucy G. Harris – 1925 St. Clair Ave., East Liverpool 43920 (REP)
• Brian E. Kerr – 803 Ohio Ave., East Liverpool 43920 (DEM)
• James P. Swoger – 975 Park Bv., East Liverpool 43920 (DEM)
President of Council: 1 to nominate from each party
• John A. Torma – 1740 Etruria St., East Liverpool 43920 (DEM)
Auditor: 1 to nominate from each party
• Marilyn Bosco – 1648 Park Ave., East Liverpool 43920 (DEM)
• Terry L. Sprague – 605 E. 5th St., East Liverpool 43920 (REP)
Law Director: 1 to nominate from each party
• Charles L. Payne – 1007 Smithfield St., East Liverpool 43920 (DEM)
Council At Large: 3 to nominate from each party
• Sherrie L. Curtis – 1727 Idaho Ave., East Liverpool 43920 (DEM)
• Russell Dray – 2126 Michigan Ave., East Liverpool 43920 (DEM)
• William C. Hogue – 401 Thompson Ave., East Liverpool 43920 (DEM)
• John T. Mercer – 311 W. 6th St., East Liverpool 43920 (DEM)
• Ernest Peachey – 1095 Pennsylvania Ave., East Liverpool 43920 (REP)
• Brian T. Vaughn – 2130 Lisbon St., East Liverpool 43920 (DEM)
1st Ward Council: 1 to nominate from each party
• Raymond Perorazio – 1061 Elmwood St., East Liverpool 43920 (DEM)
2nd Ward Council: 1 to nominate from each party
• C. Fred Rayl – 653 Bradshaw Ave., East Liverpool 43920 (DEM)
3rd Ward Council: 1 to nominate from each party
• Thomas J. Cunningham – 466 Orchard Grove Ave., East Liverpool 43920 (DEM)
4th Ward Council: 1 to nominate from each party
• Scott Barrett filed as an Independent and will not appear on May ballots

City Council Meeting Attendance

How many residents, regularly attend the East Liverpool City Council Meetings?

See results

Getting Involved With Your Local City Council

The key to accountability is making sure your voice is being heard. City Council meetings are of major importance in keeping the city administration on task by providing transparency.

"During city council meetings, decisions are made that formally set municipal programs in motion, enact ordinances, adopt policy, and authorize the expenditure of city funds" (McBride:

There is a trend, whereby people trust their elected council members to do the "right thing", so the citizens feel like their work is covered, just by electing an official. Not knowing the how and why of the city council, its function, and your participation, is a detriment to a well functioning city.

It is necessary that everyone involved in the community band together, within your wards, your neighborhoods, and start a movement! It all begins within the neighborhood, then it starts affecting the whole city, neighborhood by neighborhood. Block watches, gardening projects, litter control, and much more. It all begins within each one of us concerned with the ongoing plight of East Liverpool.

My homework assignment for you readers, familiarize yourself with the city council members, they are also your ward leaders. Reach out to them, assist them in anyway possible. Learn about new ordinances that affect the city. Here is a useful link to learn more:

Current Projects Underway!

Community Garden and Beautification
Community Trash Pick Up
Assisting School System Implement Drug Programs
Town Hall Meeting
Diamond Project
Information and Links are available on the forum! We will update this information as necessary; and provide details from the events!

How to Build A City

This organization is beginning because we see so many faces wanting to become involved in their community, but some do not know how, or where to begin.

That's why unifying the community is so important; everyone is affected! Not just one individual in the town is wanting change, many are rallying together to put the city together.

Taking a look through some differing resources, so many cities have faced the same challenges, that are plaguing East Liverpool. Abandoned buildings, drugs, and loss of economics, all are included in the downfall of cities. This is where the problems lie in East Liverpool. There is no one solution, but a multi-step process for the reestablishment for the city. But, the old saying, " takes a village...", is so very true in this scenario.

Would You Participate?

If the city of East Liverpool brought a program like Smarter Cities, would you be willing to participate?

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Your Input Greatly Appreciated!

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