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Time for Trexit

Updated on July 5, 2016

See Trump Run, See Trump Go; Now Would Be Good

Hurry, hurry, step right up to the greatest show on Earth, at least for the time being. It has been quite a spectacle, this campaign for the American Presidency. A bombastic businessman has captured the hearts and minds of many American citizens tired of political correctness, lying politicians, and a deceitful government forwarding covert agendas in the shadows and through backroom deals. And never has an American political candidate for national office shaken his own chosen party like a ragdoll, bullishly persisting until he gets what he wants despite the damage. Is this guy Hercules-strong or is the RNC Wimpy-weak? The message has been made clear to Donald Trump: he can take what he wants and damn those in his way.

Trump has spent decades refining his business acumen and skills of persuasion and salesmanship and he revels in proving himself. Self-confidence is admirable in an entrepreneur but there is clearly a dark side here. The American public for a hundred years has shown itself all-too-receptive to influential advertising campaigns designed solely to sell them things they don't need and, sometimes, would be better off without. Trump is hawking himself on the domestic stage, predominantly concerned with securing support despite stirring up divisive separatist emotions which he seems to consider a collateral side-effect, simply the bad with the good. His is not the culmination of a long and productive political career but more the challenge of an unconquered realm.

Trump shirks responsibility for attracting some supporters inclined towards segregating the country but he has certainly ignored the opportunity to refute the biased and racist beliefs they embrace. Indeed, he has welcomed and strongly peddled divisive ideology in his speeches. Making America great again cannot involve reverting to a time when people of color were beaten and denied a voice in democratic ideals. But, people get ready ‘cos there’s a train a-comin’ and America is decidedly stuck squarely on the tracks.

The Trumping of Humanity

Trump Wants the World and He Wants It...Now!
Trump Wants the World and He Wants It...Now!

Trump has displayed a deep disregard for his own chosen political party. Actually, he has shown contempt for much of the world’s population, like openly sneering at the neighbors and disrespecting their right to even live on the same block. Furthermore, he is doing something that any professor of business would advise against: he’s trying to start at the top. The only government experience he possesses is in financially finessing the approval of zoning and building permits for his real estate and commercial projects. While he’s done fine in the business arena despite bankruptcies and failed ventures, he has not spent any time on the political playground and he does not get how things are done at various levels, especially in the upper echelons. His savvy involves muscling through deals to get what he wants and he has no comprehension or concern for the dangerous results of his rash tactics. He neglects diplomacy now as he will when forced to negotiate with foreign government leaders.

Candidate Trump appears energetic and fired up and he imparts that passion to his audiences, instilling in them the idea that he will accomplish whatever he wants to. He is certainly not the first to promise greatness for America, to pledge absolute success where others have failed. But, there are often complex reasons on many levels why campaign promises are not kept including, but not limited to, Congress’ refusal to work with a sitting President, special interests financially drowning well-intentioned programs for the people, and bureaucracy bringing the wheels of progress to a standstill. It always depends on whether the outcome will benefit the powers-that-be. The public is often denied the full picture by subterfuge, disinformation, or the complexity of the issues. No President, including Trump, can climb over or break through that wall unless allowed to by those behind the curtain. It will be interesting to see if Trump’s VP choice hails from the Republican elite as the RNC likely wishes to have some concrete influence on him or at least closely monitor his Presidency. Of course he may opt for a second-in-command not currently hard-wired into any major party, naming a surprise running mate from out of the blue.

A Hot Temper Like Gas

Trying to contain it or letting it rip...
Trying to contain it or letting it rip...
Big "D" lacks self-control. How will foreign leaders react to his intentional lack of diplomacy?
Big "D" lacks self-control. How will foreign leaders react to his intentional lack of diplomacy?

The U.S. Must Be Respected and Taken Seriously

It is entirely possible that other countries would acquiesce to America’s might out of fear but that would only promote their dissension and disdain in the long run. Consider the U.S. relationship with the Middle East as an example. Peace and stability result from reciprocal solutions to shared problems. Harmony is strengthened by mutual respect. Trump can be polite and respectful when he wants but anyone on his bad side can forget about him dispensing courtesy and consideration. He does not have the capacity to take a hit without coming back swinging and while that response may work in business strategies it would annihilate more delicate international negotiations. Principals involved must strive for productivity without angering, isolating, or threatening each other. It is difficult to imagine Trump maintaining the level of patience Henry Kissinger displayed during negotiations to wind down the war in Vietnam. And for those who consider those negotiations as a loss for America, please don’t neglect the number of lives saved by ending that maelstrom.

Trump lacks the discipline necessary to act presidential; to accept minor defeats along with intermittent victories in the quest for solutions agreeable to all. We are not alone in this world and must remain aware of how our desires affect others. Tit for tat. But, Trump will not, or cannot, hold his tongue. He is a verbal brawler, if not worse. There are necessary protocols in place when discussing international matters and communicating with foreign leaders. There is always the very real potential for misunderstanding, misrepresentation, and downright mistrust; many negotiations are entered into begrudgingly because those feelings already exist. Whether Trump would insert his foot into his own mouth or someone else’s would threaten any outcome beneficial to all parties and could incite conflict and jumpstart competitive aggression for decades. Future generations would be left to deal with our mess.

President Obama has made missteps leaving some of the American public, even those loyal to him, disenchanted. Actions by the Bush administration aroused questions from the international community as regards U.S. intentions. Tenuous situations in America’s future will demand a President able to refrain from declaring war when he doesn’t get his way. Armed conflict may sometimes be necessary but peaceful alternatives may often be exploited and can always save lives. America cannot continue angering other countries; there are other big kids on the block waiting to befriend those we bully. America needs her friends. She ignores her neighbors, good and bad, at the peril of her own tranquility. She requires an influential and persuasive leader, not one who chooses to badger and insult. Mr. Trump may have a strong personality but his weakness is in controlling it.

Trump continues to extol his own virtues and a significant number of Americans are rallying behind his hubris, mistaking it for a strong and defensive will that will safeguard our country. Nothing is further from reality. Trump’s election will immediately degrade the already-damaged perception of America throughout the world. Allies will find humor; enemies will be suspicious, and America will suffer. Johnny Cochran might have dramatically stated, "If the world gets annoyed, the U.S. gets destroyed."

Electing Trump is Asking for the Perfect Storm

Survivor America

Why A Trexit?

  • Intimidation is a favorite Trump tactic that he'll recklessly employ to get his way
  • Trump gladly and easily provokes aggression and welcomes friction and conflict
  • Trump's antics at best would be insulting and clownish to foreign leaders
  • Trump doesn't care about global warming, social issues, or much more than his ego
  • War is good for business and inevitable with Trump in command

Conflict aside there are concerns about Trump’s intent in office. He states that he wants a strong America but can we afford his price? Trump remains anti-global warming; he completely discounts the possibility and disregards the potential consequences of inaction. Whether the climate is in crisis due to human activities or this is simply a continuation of a long-established cyclical evolution, ignoring the dilemma will invite chaos and catastrophe upon the planet. Whatever the cause it’s effects must be addressed and the Donald appears not to be interested in doing so.

And how about that wall? Mexico does not seem ready to pick up the tab; how will he influence their government to pay for it? And should they? How about Muslims? Will he promote his campaign to keep them all from entering America? What about the ones already living here? Will he have them rounded up and placed into concentration camps or sequester them inside mosques? Will he outlaw Islam? Will he ban Buddhism because the color orange bothers him? Will he use his Presidential office to explore real estate deals around the world? If you believe western countries have ever invaded a foreign territory by force or politics in order to control oil or some equally favored asset, then consider what Trump may do to expand his personal empire, his brand, his own indelible mark on the planet.

Much as he has already demonstrated his refusal to employ self-control in public he will be uninterested in suppressing his ingrained interest in acquiring real estate on a grand level. It is what drives him. He has for decades awoken with and cultivated this yen in his gut and the Presidency would place at his disposal very aggressive means to extend his empire and that of the U.S. Some American nationalists may consider imperialism to be warranted much like the early pioneers claiming territory from Native American peoples with government support. America has a history of establishing beachheads around the world for military control and, specifically, in the Middle East for the purpose of controlling oil. True, the U.S. presently needs oil to grease our economy but fair trade rather than forceful tirade is a saner approach to satiating our nation’s need. There was once a leader that led us into war declaring that the enemy had weapons of mass destruction; that claim turned out to be a lie…not a mistake, a lie.

Does America miss looking over its shoulder? Terrorists already constantly demand our vigilance, and no one wishes a return to Cold War-like politics whether with Russia or China or some other rising power. Trump as president would encourage more tension, more drama, more rash actions and trouble from a variety of sources, probably too many to ultimately monitor and definitely more than could be kept in check. The last thing America needs is a ranting president making unfounded accusations which may never be tempered or apologized for while commanding the need for impractical and harmful segregationist ideals or demanding foreign powers to deal with the United States his way or the highway. If this doesn’t scare you, it should.

Sorry, Sad Trumpeldumpicus
Sorry, Sad Trumpeldumpicus

Don't Trump On Me!

America needs positive direction, passion, focus, and a practical and influential mien to guide her through hard and dangerous times without dragging her deeper into muck. America is a great country and needs great leaders. She has been fortunate to have a few over the centuries, and in this next election she is screaming for one. The voting public may not overall have that option this time around but it must not, under any circumstances, allow Mr. Trump to assume the mantle. The Presidency is an extremely stressful occupation; there has never been a leader who has left office without grey hair. It’s a given that, figuratively speaking, the weight of the world is upon the Commander-in-Chief’s shoulders from even before he/she takes office. That kind of pressure can conjure up a wild side, a dangerous side, and it is up to the American electorate to refrain from putting in office someone who will crack under that pressure.

War has been inevitable throughout history. Even before America existed wars were constant since the beginning of recorded time. The past 250 years have seen the American Revolutionary War, the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, the American Civil War, the Boxer Rebellion, the Russian Revolution, the Mexican Revolution, WWI, WWII, the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the Korean conflict, Vietnam, the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the Gulf War, the Croatian War, Bosnian War, the Kosovo War, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Ukraine, Syria, ISIS throughout the Middle East, and terrorism around the globe; please excuse me for omitting dozens of more geographically limited conflicts. Wars may never end and eternal peace may only be found after death but wouldn’t it be nice to at least limit the amount of mortal combat humans engage in? Seriously, electing Donald Trump is asking for trouble.

Taking the Public Pulse if America is Still Alive Out There

What Time Is It Anyway?

See results

Best To Say "Go Away"

Trumpty-Dumpty will fall off the wall, and when he goes he will take us all. We know that breaking up is hard to do, but saying good-bye is sometimes necessary for sanity, for peace of mind, and for a positive future. Ask the Brits who left the European Union despite warnings of calamity and hard-times as a result. It was a tough decision that they felt must be made to regain their former independence.

England's Prime Minister David Cameron, an avid supporter of Britain’s alliance with the EU, has even offered to step aside before his term ends to allow another leader more in tune with an independent Britain to take the helm and guide her through this transition. That is an honorable and somewhat selfless gesture. Trump seems like the kind of person who, when faced with a similar situation in which he must accept a decision contradictory to his own beliefs, would react drastically and be more likely to continue trying to repeal the decision despite its having been chosen by popular vote, somewhat like U.S. House Republicans who have now voted 50-plus times to revoke the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Talk about wasting time and energy, not to mention the other important issues that are ignored and go unaddressed during such frivolity.

America needs strong, firm, honest leadership; something we haven’t enjoyed in too long a while. We’re going down the road to a dark place where we will end up virtually alone in the world. America is strong, she is formidable, and she is caring. She deserves respect from the world community but her character and history offer no guarantees. Like many civilizations before us, our society can be subjugated and our government can be toppled. Arrogance, hubris, and refusal to treat others with respect will bring about a downfall, and our country has too much potential for us to let that happen. America cannot afford costly mistakes; America will deteriorate under Donald Trump’s presidency.

Trick or Treat Trumpkin

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  • John Frawley profile imageAUTHOR

    John Frawley 

    2 years ago from Southern California

    Thanks, everyone, for keeping the vitriol out of the comments here. I think we're already hearing enough of that on the campaign trail and I suspect it will only get worse. I apologize for not checking back on the new comments in a timely manner but I will endeavor to be more on top of it as this concern over presidential candidates will certainly run up to and through the election, at least until voters realize that whoever wins...has won...and we get on with a productive dialog for the future unlike the House which has attempted over 50 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act as if no one had told them that it's been voted in by the American public, done deal, and the House should have gone on to debate other pending issues of equal or more importance. That's just my opinion on the lame-duck Congress we've "enjoyed" these past several years. Anyway, all posters, thanks for keeping debate alive and comments "clean". Otherwise, let loose!

  • Alternative Prime profile image

    Alternative Prime 

    2 years ago from > California

    lol ~ How on this GOOD almost Green EARTH can any RATIONAL Individual AMERICAN or otherwise, NOT Maintain a BIAS Against Trump? He's a Delusional, ANGRY, Bi-Polar, Pyschologically UNFIT Racist, Bigot, Misogynist, WOMAN Hater, Hispanic/Latino Hater, he MOCKs Americans with Disabilities, he MOCKs Native Americans & African Americans, he Threatens to do the TERRORISTs work for them by DEFAULTING on OUR Debt & Arming Saudi Arabia with NUKES, within the boundaries of his Delusional little MIND a Nuclear EXCHANGE with any or ALL European Nations is ACCEPTABLE, he used OPM to open 3 Jersey Casinos & ALL 3 were Gargantuan FAILUREs, he's embroiled in a MASSIVE Fraud Law Suit for Operating an Unlawful FAKE University, shall we CONTINUE? And, Believe it or NOT, these are NOT the most SERIOUS of Offenses Charged Against him ~ Wait until U hear the LATEST ~ "Drumpf" Trump is making FOOLs of his FANz but fortunately, legally, he can't serve as President, at least not the President of the United States of AMERICA ~

  • profile image

    Miles Davis 

    2 years ago

    ahorseback Why is that people of your ilk (yes that is a word) always resort to insults; offering nothing constructive EVER. Take your republican party and go back into the sludge you came from. See? We can insult too.

  • John Frawley profile imageAUTHOR

    John Frawley 

    2 years ago from Southern California

    Cool! Thanks for your comments, Alternative Prime and ahorseback. CIVIL dialogue should be what America is all about.

  • Alternative Prime profile image

    Alternative Prime 

    2 years ago from > California

    Prior to the VOTE, Delusional CON-Man "Drumpf" Trump thought "Brexit" was a new "Chewing GUM" or "Breakfast Cereal", just like his IGNORANCE of what OUR "Nuclear Triad" was ~ NOT GOOD ~ Trump's a JOKE that needs to be taken SERIOUSLY ~ He ran a "Publicity STUNT" perhaps to RAISE CASH to pay for his MASSIVE Number Pending FRAUD Law SUITs and has been trying DESPERATELY to get out of it ever since but his Small MINOROTY of VOTERs are a little too DUMB to understand ~ "Brexit' was indeed a mistake and many who VOTED for it as a "Protest" are REGRETTING it now ~ MILLIONs have already SIGNED a Petition for a "Re-VOTE" but it might be too late, let's see what happens ~ As for Delusional DONALD? You can't become the President of the United States while Paranoid, Bi-Polar & perhaps SCHIZOPHRENIC as CON-Man Trump clearly is, but Democrats still need to "GET OUT the Vote" in NOV just in case as a Preventative Measure ~

  • profile image


    2 years ago

    Well , I guess if one wants to assume the bias against one candidate and not a history of Clintons and Obama's all but destroying America inside of twenty years , One would find this garble truth worthy , If you're willing to hub this then you must be willing to accept the criticism of people more patriotic than todays naive left . So my advice , grow up , learn some real truths independent of total bias and stop swilling the cool-aid of champions ! Maybe your next hub will be better !


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